Event System Overview Featured Image

Event System Overview Development Update

Event System Overview Featured Image

“On Friday, April 29, 2022, we broadcasted our Ashes of Creation Event System Overview Development Update live on Twitch with our Creative Director, Steven Sharif, and our Community Marketing Lead, Margaret Krohn. Viewers got an overview of our Event System, a teaser of our upcoming season technology, and an early look at one of our big world boss creatures. As always, we discussed what all of our teams have been working on from engineering to art. While we continue to develop, our recruiting team has been working hard to grow our family!

Reminder that Ashes of Creation is an open and transparent development project. As such, you will see work-in-progress art, systems, and mechanics. Leave us your thoughts on our progress in the video comments!

Event System Overview Footage

Thanks for checking out the Event System Overview Update. For more information on Ashes of Creation like previous updates, check back here for more! Come launch we will have an interactive map, database and more resources!


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