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Lore of the Hippogryph

Lore of the Hippogryph

Since ancient times, the hippogryph has been a symbol of noble and majestic strength for numerous cultures. They are cunning and fiercely independent creatures. A rarity it is, for one to have the opportunity to get close enough without being torn apart by their piercing beaks and talons.

However, those fortunate enough to form a bond with one will find them to be loyal beings, almost to a fault. It is a sight to see this creature and its rider leading the vanguard of a prestigious army. Such is the inspiration they bring.


The mainland hippogryphs that permeate the lands of Verra have evolved to be a hardy and resilient breed. This breed is named for their legendary prowess throughout countless conflicts. On the ground or in the air the Warwind hippogryph is quick to react, and is unexpectedly agile for a being of such prodigious size.

Befriending one is a precarious venture for they are highly temperamental around strangers. However, should one succeed, a person would be hard-pressed to find an ally as stalwart and deadly in all of Verra.


Nighthawk hippogryphs are bred for speed, and as such, they are granted to the Kaelar’s most distinguished outriders and cavalry. These particular hippogryphs are adept at swiftly exploiting an exposed enemy flank, where other hippogryphs may have already found themselves at the mercy of a deadly counterattack.

In addition, the Nighthawk’s striking hue and reserved temperament makes it perfect for staging operations under the guise of darkness. Few beasts are so feared when the sun falls beneath the horizon.


The famed Empyrean Winterhawks are a special breed of hippogryph, born to withstand frigid temperatures that would hobble even the boldest draught horse. Empyrean mountain strongholds are some of the most fortified, owing to their secluded nature and the ever vigilant watch of their taloned defenders.

Those who have survived an attack tell only of a blinding bolt of feathers with claws shredding and tearing their flesh, for the creature disappears as swiftly as it strikes. Due to their prowess, these hippogryphs are some of the most sought after in the land, and the Empyreans take great pains to keep them out of the hands of unwanted parties.

Iron Quillmaster’s Barding

This particular barding has been donned by numerous hippogryph riders fighting on the frontline. Experience in battle has taught the Kaelar that though armor is critical to survival amidst a sea of blades and broadheads, too much plating inevitably hinders the hippogryph’s ability to maneuver and fly in combat.

The design has been refined into what it is now, affording the hippogryph much-needed protection whilst giving the forelegs and wings clearance to move without hindrance.

Barding of the Brightbreaker

Empyreans have always had a taste for the grandiose, but even something as innocuous as vanity funnels into their combat doctrine. This striking gold and silver hippogryph barding protects its wearer, yet instills fear as sure as death itself.

Many an army has been struck still from the telltale glint of shimmering gold coming from the corner of their eyes. By the time they react, it is usually all but too late.

Hippogryphs are just one example of how our Animal Husbandry system will allow you to create a variety of creatures to utilize as pets and mounts.

Whether you prefer the agile feline limbs of the gryphon or the strong steed-like hind legs of the hippogryph, you’ll be able to enjoy a diverse spectrum of breeding options within Ashes of Creation.

We’ll have more information on the Animal Husbandry System in future articles. As a result, keep checking back here as we will have resources, interactive maps, a database and more come launch!


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