Mage Alpha One Preview Featured

Blazing the Way – Mage Alpha One Preview

Mage Alpha One Preview Featured

Blazing the Way – Mage Alpha One Preview Part 1

As Verra brims with high magic, no party would be complete without a Mage. These masters of the arcane bring terrible elements to bear in devastating spells. If reality needs changing in some fashion, ask a Mage to help.

Mages tend to have the most direct relationship with essence compared to others, and they manage that bond with a singular will. Passive essence is converted into useful forms and patterns under their direction, which can then take the shape of nearly anything imaginable! Mages can bend space, summon light, or set the very air ablaze – applying force in all its rawness, or in any shade of their elemental fury.

Lets check out the Mage Alpha One Preview.

Endowed with Essence – A Mage’s Role

Imagination. Destruction. Power.

Mages cause devastation across large areas, and can apply elemental energies to break through any defense. While masters of mass chaos, Mages are also adept at focusing in on the foes at hand.

Pure Power – A Mage’s Abilities

As a Mage’s connection to essence develops further, their power will continue to grow, unfold, and take shape. Below is a select collection of the ways a Mage can display their brilliance on the battlefield.

Blazing the Way – Mage Alpha One Preview Part 2


Burst forth in a blaze of glory! Fireball unleashes a devastating missile of flame towards your target, dealing instant damage. Further strengthening this spell adds damage over time and an explosive area damage effect.

Lightning Bolt

Your power is shocking! Lightning Bolt shoots an electrifying beam that damages enemies in a line in front of you. As this ability grows stronger, it will knock down enemies and even chain to additional foes.

Black Hole

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0006 black-hole

Warp space to your will! Black Hole summons a gravity-defying void at your target location that slowly draws in your foes. Bolstering your Black Hole increases its pull strength and radius, and eventually adds explosive area damage at the end of the pull.

Drain Essence

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0003 drain-essence

Their life sustains yours! Drain Essence saps your target of energy, converting their health into mana for yourself. Developing your Drain Essence will increase its damage and mana conversion percentage, and even allow you to deplete targets near to your foe.

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0001 blink

Now they see you, now they don’t! Blink allows you to bend space, warping you forward in the direction you are traveling. Cover even greater distances by powering this skill up more.

Lava Storm

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0007 lava-storm

The battlefield burns bright! Lava Storm creates a swath of molten flame at your target location, dealing additional damage in the center of the ability and area damage around you upon casting. Strengthening this skill increases both its overall damage and duration.

Meteor Storm

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0008 meteor-storm

Let the heavens rain! Meteor Storm summons forth blazing comets from the sky, dropping several fireballs at your target location that deal large area damage upon impact. Mastering your Meteor Storm increases its damage and the number of impacts, also stunning your enemies as they hit.

Prismatic Beam

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0005 prismatic-beam

Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down! Prismatic Beam shoots forth an enormous ray of energy that can be aimed around you. This ability deals large damage to your foes and slows their movement while being hit, even more so after being developed further.

Gift of the Magi

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0000s 0004 gift-of-the-magi

Sometimes it’s better to give than to receive! Gift of the Magi transfers some of your mana to your targeted ally. Specializing in this skill will increase both the amount of mana transferred and its mana transfer efficiency.

Blazing the Way – Mage Alpha One Preview Part 3

AlphaOne Mage Screenshot 03

Might and Mastery – Testing the Mage

As you wreak your elemental havoc across Verra, our team will be looking out for your feedback on a few important notes:

  • Do you feel like you have enough of a choice between opting to specialize deeply in just a few skills versus broadening your knowledge with a wider variety?
  • As you and your abilities grow more powerful, what stands out to you as problematic or unexciting?
  • Are there any powers you find absolutely essential, or others you avoid?

While Verra may hold many untold surprises, a Mage’s robust arsenal is always equipped for the task at hand. Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Alpha One previews featuring more of the archetypes we’ll be testing!

Blazing the Way – Mage Alpha One Preview Video

Thanks for checking out the Mage Alpha One Preview. For more information on Ashes of Creation like previous updates, check back here for more! Come launch we will have an interactive map, database and more resources!


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