Weather and Seasons Tech featured image

Weather and Seasons Tech 2021 Development Update

Weather and Seasons Tech featured image

“Our Weather and Seasons Tech October Development Update that was held on Friday, October 29, 2021 was packed with a ton of great content showcasing our progress on Ashes of Creation! We announced the Glorious Gourd Contest and Sweepstakes winners, which our team enjoyed voting on. There were some pretty epic ones this year! Then we moved on to talk about all the things the design and engineering teams are working on, including showcasing some animal husbandry information. For environment art, we had so many updates including technology for weather and seasons, props, and object placement. Finally, our character artists wrapped things up with a wonderful look into some amazing pieces they wanted to share, and talked about the other work they have been doing which we’ll share in the upcoming months!

Reminder that Ashes of Creation is an open and transparent development project. As such, you will see work-in-progress art, systems, and mechanics. Leave us your thoughts on our progress in the video comments!

Weather and Seasons Tech Preview


  • 0:39 Intro
  • 5:07 Reminders – Extra Life, Glorious Gourd Winners, and more!
  • 24:16 Studio Update
  • 26:45 Design & Engineering Update
  • 41:41 Environment Art Update
  • 55:33 Character Art Update
  • 1:06:05 Q&A – Didn’t hear your question in our Q&A? Check to see if it was answered over on our forums: click here.

“We appreciate your continued support during our development journey! If you haven’t already, please follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, so you can keep up with our progress. We’re also active daily on our Discord, and Forums!”

Thanks for checking out the Weather and Seasons Tech preview. For more information on Ashes of Creation like previous updates, check back here for more! Come launch we will have an interactive map, database and more resources!


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