Exciting Palia Halloween Update and What to Expect

Boo! Did I scare you? If not, Palia sure will! Paila’s devs has finally announced its Palia Halloween Update so get strapped in and tied to your seats, gamers. We’re going for a scary ride through the catacombs of the new update and discussing what to expect.

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Palia Halloween Update: Release on Epic Games

Recently, the developers of Palia dropped a short but juicy sneak peek at the scary Halloween update of the game as well as announcing Palia’s official release on the Epic Games Store. Mark your calendars, adventurers!

  • October 24, 2023 – Release of Palia to Epic Games
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The spooky stuff! Boo!

Now that we’ve got everything on the side. It’s time for the big announcement! Palia is getting a Halloween update! That’s right, Gamers. Palia will have many new Halloween-themed items such as decorations, wallpapers, and lots of other goodies to collect and display around your home.

What To Expect

Based on the sneak peek dropped by the Singularity Six developers for the Palia Halloween Update along with newly released photos, it is to be expected that we not only get a bunch of items and new goodies, but we’ll get a lot more like a possible new skin, decor, and more. All on that in just a second!


Found in more of the Palia Halloween Update sneak peeks, pumpkins! Of course, what’s Halloween without some pumpkins? Spooky pumpkins! That’s right, Gamers. Palia’s gonna come bearing some pumpkins and other spooky goodies. Not only do you already have a wide selection of decor to put all around your land, but with Palia’s Halloween Update, you can get into the spirit of scares with everything pumpkin. Carve, design, decorate.

palia halloween update items

Not only do you get a bunch of pumpkins to play around with, but you also get to decorate your chosen area with candles! Set the scary mood with floating candles and create your own horror house! There are loads of candles to choose from. Floating, stand candles, even some jack-o-lanterns to light up the streets and your room with the looming light of spooks.

Parkour Update

Don’t think it ends there just yet! There’s a whole lot more. Aside from the festivities, the parkour obstacles also get some love and attention with a new obstacle course for players to conquer and master. Think that it’s time for you to try out the thrill of parkouring? Look up and only up! Prepare your arms and legs because it’s going to be one heck of a doozy for the new obstacle course won’t be like anything you have seen before.


Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some dressing up. We all know that one! So, Palia won’t back down on the fun and frights with its very own set of Halloween-themed costumes for players to choose from.

A secret character or outfit?

Palia’s developers recently dropped a bombshell of a sneak peek for the Palia Halloween Update. In the video released by the Palia developers, a character in black is shown to be in the game itself. Is this a new character in the game? Does a new limited edition outfit fit for the Halloween event? Or is it a new neighbor to get to know?

There is a high chance that the new character is just a brand new outfit but even so, there’s still a lot of excitement surrounding that release! The skin could be a limited edition skin but then again it could be a normal Halloween-themed outfit for players to wear proudly.

…We think it’s a new character…What do you guys think? Is this special ‘being’ a character or an outfit? Feel free to speculate as much as we are! We will all know the mystery behind the sneak peek on the Palia Halloween Update!

We hope you enjoyed our spooooky word on Palia news update! To enjoy more of the coziness of Palia, visit their official site and play it yourself for free! Want to be the first to know about our new releases, news updates, and more video game guides? Join our official Discord Channel to keep yourself at the top of every release! Until next time, gamers!




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