SAND Announcement 2023 – An exciting “All you need to know” about SAND

The long-awaited SAND Announcement was finally released by its publisher Tiny Build Games with developers TOWERHAUS and Hologryph! SAND is a vast, open world PvP-PvE game where you explore the fallen planet of Sophie. Build gigantic Tramplers to conquer this hostile environment, filled with mystical anomalies, monuments, and other players.

Hologryph is also known for one of its hit games, Secret Neighbor. A Multiplayer Social Horror game playable on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS consoles, and also available on the Apple app store!

Here’s all you need to know on SAND:


Tiny Build Games released the reveal trailer for SAND, a PVP/PVE Shooting game set on a dystopian planet called Sophie. Shoot your way out of trouble and come out on top as the ultimate survivor!

Take a look into the world of the recently announced and highly anticipated SAND!

What is SAND?

SAND is a PVP/PVE shooting game where players will find themselves fighting and shooting their way to survival and in the end, VICTORY!

Hologryph’s SAND is set on a different planet as well as in a dystopian environment, players will have a plethora of guns in their arsenal to use such as shotguns, rifles, handguns, and even knives to achieve their win as well as machines and armor to maximize their chances!

SAND announcement - gameplay

Peek into SAND and its gameplay!

The story of SAND

In another version of our world, 1910 was the year when humans created highly advanced technology with the use of newly found energy sources which gave them the ability to travel through space. Of course, humans didn’t waste time and immediately dove into conquering other worlds.

Led by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the way to conquer new and undiscovered planets was carved and walked upon by civilization…but…due to an unknown great ecological disaster that almost destroyed planet Sophie, one of the worlds humans conquered, civilization was forced out of Sophie a now dying planet that became a shell of what it once was.

SAND announcement - looting

But…Called by need and desperation, the most spirited and most disadvantaged people from the empire journeyed to planet Sophie, seeking to stretch the limits and test their destinies, uncover the forgotten riches of Sophie’s grand past in the now barren wastelands, and change their lives for the better.


In SAND, players will get to meet a group of characters to be fond of and get to know! As of now, not much is known about these couple of goons and their story. But always keep this in mind! Every character is just as useful as the next! Each character of SAND is unique in their own way and has their very own skillset to bring into the world and of course…into battle!

Here’s a taste of the tale behind the SAND characters!

“The game’s characters originate from Galicia, a region within the Austro-Hungarian Empire predominantly inhabited by Ukrainians and Poles. During the early stages of colonization, the Kaiser promised the Galicians a significant portion of the planet Sophie, enticing them to volunteer as the primary labor force for constructing the cities that would eventually belong to them.

Despite the ecological disaster, the allure of owning their space territories proves difficult to abandon. The most resilient and desperate Galicians, who have little to lose, resort to semi-legal means of reaching the planet, driven by their determination to rectify historical injustices and claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.” – as per the official game site for SAND.

SAND announcement - characters

Quick FAQ on SAND

What kind of game is SAND?

  • SAND is a PVP/PVE shooting game where players would have to shoot to survive and live until they are victorious! If they make it that far.
  • A unique take on a shooting game! Yup! There are lots of shooting games but non are similar to SAND. SAND has so much more tricks up its sleeve such as unique guns to build, loot to look for and utilize for the battle, and so much more compared to other games!
  • SAND also has a unique story behind everything such as why you’re on a different planet, what happened, and more that shines light on everything players may see and notice. Aside from this, even the items themselves have stories behind them!
  • Aside from items being found and the stories behind the discovery and the item itself being uncovered, SAND is also a game where players can build a story of their own using whatever they can find such as tools, weapons, medicine, and heck! Even machines that seem to get bigger and bigger! As they say, there is always a bigger fish out there!
  • SAND is also somewhat of a survival game with players needing to use whatever they have to survive and to make sure their competition doesn’t!
  • In the world of SAND, it’s also only fair to recognize the type of world that players will be in as they play the game. SAND has a sort of “dog eat dog” world kind of feel to it! It emphasizes the need to find a way TO survive!

Release date?

  • Since the SAND announcement is still so fresh the possible release date for the game is still up for debate, as for our predictions as to when it could be released into a full version for public gameplay. For now, our speculation on the game’s release would be late 2024 or early 2025! Again, these are just speculations judging on current events so keep your eyes peeled on official news and more!

Where can i play the game?

  • Players will be capable to play the game on PC! That is, once it’s released to the public or alpha testers! For now, players sign up for the Closed Alpha by following our guide on how to alpha test sand. Make sure your one of the first people to touch the warm sands of Sophie

Needed specs to play?

  • As of this time, the minimum specs for players to be able to play and experience SAND are:
    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 3.0 GHz, AMD FX-8300 3.3 GHz
    • Memory: 10 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, Radeon R9 270
    • Direct X: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Upon full release, SAND could have more information for specs to maximize the game’s graphics and performance but as of now, these are the only minimums! Anything beyond these would surely bring SAND’s potential for performance and graphics up higher. SAND is looking to impress!


  • SAND features a fun arsenal for players to enjoy and try out as well as melee weapons and armor!
  • SAND’s breathtaking graphics! Yes, that’s right! Graphics! SAND features an impressive and scenic environment that gives it that feeling of being trapped in an actual dystopian planet!
  • SAND also brings a compelling storyline for players to follow and live in.
  • The game will have complex and challenging maps as well as incredible sceneries to marvel upon.
  • Most important of all! Gameplay! That’s right! Prepare for SAND’s intense gameplay as well as exciting battles to be had! Who will win? Who will lose? You’ll have to find and find out!
  • Machines! SAND features a ton of useful and deadly machines such as the giant Trampler to control or even fight on! Take it into battle like a giant mechanical horse.
SAND announcement - gameplay 2

Some snippets of battle on SAND! Look out! Take cover!

SAND announcement - machine
SAND announcement - machine 2

The Trampler’s incredible size compared to a small and average human.

Who made the game SAND?

  • As a matter of fact! SAND is a game proudly made in Ukraine by Hologryph as well as TOWERHAUS and published by Tiny Build Games!

Where can I download SAND?

  • Players may download SAND directly from its Steam page as soon as the game fully releases for everyone! But for now, gamers, newbies, or pros alike, can sign up for the up-and-coming Closed Alpha on SAND’s official game website.

What else can we expect from SAND?

As of now, information is limited, however, developers are working hard in order to bring SAND to its full potential so expect a ton of great battles and tasty victories ahead! For now, sign up for the Closed Alpha and experience SAND firsthand!

See what kind of world SAND really is! Survival is a must!

Aside from that, players can expect to have lots of fun with every update and patch that developers will release! Every update will have lots of loot, events, and of course, lots of shooting! It’s a PVP/PVE shooting game after all!

PVP/PVE should also be expected to be challenging, intense, and fun considering the number of tools and machines players can use during battle such as the giant Trampler, shotguns, and other apparatus for

One more thing…Expect lots of machines, guns, wars, and of course…SAND!

Hologryph hits

Hologryph is a proud Ukrainian game company that is notorious for creating games like Secret Neighbor!

Based on the fact that Hologryph has produced some absolute hits like Secret Neighbor, it would only be right to stay tuned and look forward to SAND as being yet another one of their greatest games!

What else did Hologryph make aside from SAND?

Hologryph is known for making Secret Neighbor about escaping your mysterious and quite suspicious neighbor and surviving to tell the tale of your fight against the creep as well as Party Hard 2 which is all about you stopping parties at any cost! Talk about a party pooper!

We hope you enjoyed our article on all you need to know about SAND created by Hologryph and TOWERHAUS and its recent announcement! Looking to sign up for the exciting shooting game? Check out our very own “How to Sign up to SAND“! Stay tuned for more news and guides on SAND only on MMO Wiki! Fight, survive, and win! Join our official discord server to be the first to know about game guides, news, and other MMO goodness! Until next time, adventurer!


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