Everything You Need To Know About Caleri

Caleri comes across as a serious and strict elf embodying the qualities of a diligent librarian who takes her responsibilities seriously. Caleri is very dedicated to her work and loves to learn. Despite her strict attitude she never turns away anyone who really wants to learn more.

Caleri's Appearance in Game

Caleri’s Map Location

Caleri personifies the traits of a diligent librarian who approaches her duties with a strong sense of commitment. Her presence is a constant within the library, situated on the upper side of the main village. It’s rare to spot her venturing outdoors and wandering through the village of Kilima. Caleri’s primary focus revolves around tending to the library’s extensive collection, ensuring that each borrowed book returns in pristine condition. As night falls, she sleeps in her quarters within the library for a well-deserved rest.

Caleri's Location on the Map


Caleri also has quite a significant amount of quests that are focused on getting resources for her and doing favors.

Friendship and Romance

In Palia, they introduce a distinctive aspect known as the Friendship Level System, providing players the chance to engage with the villagers. Friendship points can be obtained by players through two specific approaches. Firstly, by simply engaging in a conversation with any of the villagers who reside in both Kilima village and Bahari Bay. A fresh dialogue option becomes available every hour in real-time, granting you frequent occasions to chat with the villagers. The second method for accumulating friendship points is through gifting. You have the opportunity to give a gift to a villager once every day in the real world.

Furthermore, each villager maintains their own set of weekly desires, conveniently displayed on the Friendship UI. If you successfully fulfill one of their wishes, you’ll earn extra friendship points for that specific villager.

Caleri's Friendship Level System

After uncovering these items they appear in the weekly wishes section of the friendship user interface. As you attain specific friendship tiers with villagers, finishing their quests leads to a range of rewards. This infusion of excitement into the game arises from the uniqueness of these rewards, which can only be accessed upon successfully fulfilling the quests provided by the villagers.

Palia also features a romance option allowing villagers in Kilima to explore deeper connections beyond mere friendship with players once a specific level of closeness is achieved. Kilima has a cherished tradition of exchanging pins with your special someone symbolizing affection and devotion. Furthermore, in Palia, having multiple love interests or partners is completely normal and widely accepted. It’s important to note that you can only wear one pin at a time! Unfortunately, pursuing a romantic relationship with Caleri in the game isn’t possible perhaps because she’s fully immersed in her work and wants someone who deeply values their knowledge. Or she wants to spend more time with her sister!

Caleri's with her sister, Elouisa


That concludes our introduction to Caleri. Unfortunately, that is all the information we currently have for her. Who knows, maybe there’s more to come concerning her. Giving her a bigger role in the game might be a great addition to the story.

Just like Caleri, we’ll continue to work hard in obtaining new information about her and update this guide in the future as the game is still in closed beta. If you found this guide helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Palia on our Palia homepage!


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