Everything You Need To Know About Elouisa

Elouisa is a fearless explorer of the supernatural, an investigator of unseen divinity, and a trailblazer of pervasive thoughts. Residing in the village of Kilima, she is a skilled philomath elf with an incredibly wide knowledge and an active imagination that greatly aids her studies. Elouisa holds numerous theories on a wide array of subjects and even entertains the belief that humans may have gone underground for survival rather than facing extinction.

Elouisa's Appearance in game

Elouisa Schedule

4:00 amWakes up to start her Day.
10:00 amFound near the Fisherman’s Lagoon.
3:00 pmSpends time with Caleri at Library.
11:00 pmExits the Library and Walks up to her house located south of the village.

Elouisa’s Map Location

You’ll come across Elouisa in different spots around Kilima. She is quite the explorer, often diving into the village’s deep caves and underground areas to broaden her understanding. Elouisa can sometimes be found wandering around the village of Kilima, and she can sometimes be spotted in the ruins just beside the village of Kilima.  Interestingly, despite her enthusiasm for learning, she’s frequently not seen in the same place as her sister, Caleri, who works at the village library. When night falls, Elouisa heads back to her home located at the Reflection Fields, just below the heart of the main village.

Elouisa's Locations on the Map


Elouisa’s quests involve extensive exploration throughout the village of Kilima. It requires a significant amount of time for the players to complete.

  • Crawly Conundrum
  • That Fishy Feeling
  • An Important Inquiry
  • A Scheme Involving Pyramids

Friendship and Romance

Palia introduces a unique feature called the Friendship Level System, allowing players to have interactions with the villagers. Players can earn friendship points through two specific methods. The first method involves simply having a conversation with any of the villagers residing in both the village of Kilima and Bahari Bay. A new dialogue becomes available every hour (real-time), giving you frequent opportunities to chat with the villagers. The second way to accumulate friendship points is by gifting the villagers. You can gift a villager once per day in the real world.

Elouisa's Friendship Level System

Each villager has their own weekly desires, conveniently listed on the Friendship UI. If you manage to fulfill one of their wishes, you will earn extra friendship points for that particular villager. Once these items have been located, they become visible in the weekly wishes section of the friendship user interface. Upon reaching specific friendship tiers with villagers, completing their quests will result in various rewards. This infusion of excitement into the game arises from the uniqueness of these rewards, which can only be accessed upon successfully fulfilling the quests provided by the villagers.

Palia also features a romance option, allowing villagers in Kilima to explore deeper connections beyond mere friendship with players once a specific level of closeness is achieved. Kilima has a cherished tradition of exchanging pins with your special someone, symbolizing affection and devotion. Furthermore, in Palia, having multiple love interests or partners is completely normal and widely accepted. However, it is important to note that you can only wear one pin at a time! Unfortunately, pursuing a romantic relationship with Elouisa in the game is not possible, perhaps because she is fully immersed in her pursuit of theories and knowledge. Or she wants to spend more time with her sister?!

Elouisa with her sister, Caleri, in the Library

Complete Friendship Quest

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

To achieve this Friendship Level 2, you need to constantly make conversation with Elouisa and also gift her gifts. This tutorial will also help you to reach the Friendship Level 2.

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

Elouisa will task you to catch a bug that is uncommon.

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

Once you accept the quest, you have to catch uncommon bugs.

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

Here is the map where you can catch the uncommon bugs.

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

Once you complete collecting the bugs, you need to go see Elouisa again.

Level 2 (Crawly Conundrum)

Congrats! The Quest is complete and you have reached another friendship level. 

Level 3 (That Fishy Feeling)

Level 3 (That Fishy Feeling)

For this quest, It is quite easy. Talk to Elouisa once you achieved the Level 3 Friendship. She will ask you to Catch 5 Star Quality Uncommon (or Higher than Uncommon) fish. 

Level 3 (That Fishy Feeling)

To Easily get Star Quality Fish. Find Ripples in the water and cast just above it. Also, For Uncommon Fish, It’s better to use bait for higher rarity of fish. Go back to Elouisa once you’ve caught 5 Star Quality Uncommon Fish.

Level 3 (That Fishy Feeling)

Elouisa will be overjoyed for your help! You will receive a Major Safe Zone Size Booster and Elouisa`s Key. Good Job Fellow Scientist! 

Level 4 (An Important Inquiry)

Level 4 (An Important Inquiry)

To reach this Quest, Elouisa and your Bond must be at Paranormal Pal. Check your mail at 6:00 am, In-game time to start the 4th Friendship Quest.

Level 4 (An Important Inquiry)

After you have checked the Mail with Elouisa. Go to her room to discuss the matter with her.

Level 4 (An Important Inquiry)
Level 4 (An Important Inquiry)

Elouisa`s Room is located south of the Kilima Village. Enter her room between 11:00 pm – 4:00 am to talk about the letter.

Level 4 (An Important Inquiry)

Elouisa asked you if you knew about Brighteyes. A creature that is spooky because it has empty glowing eyes. Her friend Gabrina and Her used to discover mysteries. After several choices, talk to her again and that’s it! Easy Peasy! The 4th level of Elouisa is complete!


That concludes our introduction to Elouisa. Unfortunately, that is all the information we currently have for her. She may not be that relevant at first, but Elouisa is one of the most important characters in the game. Her quests may unveil many different things we do not know about in the world of Palia.

Just like Elouisa, we’ll continue to seek new information about her and update this guide in the future as the game is still in closed beta. If you found this guide helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Palia on our Palia homepage!


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