Everything you Need to Know About Subira

As the Palia Developers promised their community through their October Developer Letter, The Kilima Villages have a new resident! Subira! A Watcher, from the Order, has been dispatched to Kilima Village to investigate and regulate the recent unusual occurrences of flow and magic in the Palia world. Players are encouraged to explore Subira’s character, undertake her time-limited quests, and delve into her storyline to uncover more about the Order’s role in the Paliaian universe.

A new resident has arrived in Palia. her name is Subira. She is a watcher from the Orde. She provides you with a new storyline. Thus, has a few quests you can complete.

Everything You Need To Know About Subira

Everything You Need To Know About Subira

As with its latest patch, ver 0.173. we got to interact with Subira. Her appearance looks like Eshe and Kenyatta. Subira plays a crucial role in Kilima Village. tasked with investigating and addressing the mysterious and paranormal occurrences that have been unfolding within the community.

Subira`s Time Limited Quest (Arrival Quest)

Everything You Need To Know About Subira

Subira, a dedicated member of the Order and, more precisely. a Watcher. has been entrusted with the task of investigating peculiar incidents in Kilima Village. These encompass the unexpected appearance of humans, adding an air of mystery to Palia’s atmosphere. In anticipation of Subira’s involvement, a series of time-limited quests has been introduced, providing players with the opportunity to delve into her narrative. To unlock this intriguing journey, players are required to first successfully complete Eshe’s citizenship quests, such as: 

  • Prove Your Devotion.
  • Prove Your Purpose.
  • Prove Your Generosity.

While the Singularity 6 team assures players that the discontinuation of these arrival missions will occur over an extended period, it is recommended to dive into Subira’s narrative sooner rather than later. The unfolding storyline promises a unique gaming experience. Even if players miss the limited-time questline, there’s reassurance in knowing that quest rewards can still be obtained in the future, ensuring that no Palian is left without the chance to partake in Subira’s captivating tale.

Gift Preferences with Subira

Everything You Need To Know About Subira

Just like other Villager. Subira’s Gift preferences range from “Love” to “Hate” and affect friendship points with villagers. Some gifts are Always Accepts. while others may depend on the weekly want’s list, updating every seven days. Players can give one gift per villager daily, and certain gifts may require reaching a specific relationship level.

Friendship with Subira

Everything You Need To Know About Subira
Frienship 1 Vigilant Watcher
Friendship 2 Confidential Contact
Friendship 3 Trusted Ally
Friendship 4 Capable Partner 

Quests of Subira 

  • All In Order
  • Illicit Trade
  • Pursuit of the Truth
  • Search and Seizure (Eshe)
  • Underground Affairs

Can you Romance Subira?

The current status regarding romancing Subira is a clear no for the time being. The developers emphasize the need to allow Subira to acclimate to life in Kilima Village before considering romantic interactions. there’s a glimmer of hope for romance enthusiasts. as the developers haven’t entirely dismissed the possibility of introducing a romance option in future updates. Palians are encouraged to exercise patience and anticipate forthcoming developments, fostering excitement for potential romantic narratives in the evolving storyline. Keep an eye out for updates that might bring new dimensions to Subira’s relationships!

I’ve got the lowdown on our newest villager, Subira! Are you hyped for the latest storyline quest? I sure am! Wondering how Subira will impact the dynamics with various Kilima Village residents. Is Subira’s arrival to have a connection with the new creature of Palia. Let’s find out and hop on to the game right now! If you are interested with other Palia Updates and Game Guides, do check out and join our Discord Server. The community would be happy with your arrival and presence! visit our Website for more tips and tricks for your challenging Adventures. See you there Palian!


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