Everything You Need To Know About Tamala

Tamala, an enchanting elf with unparalleled beauty, is cursed with a radiance unlike any ever witnessed. She possesses remarkable potion-making skills, capable of making anyone fall in love with her in mere seconds. Tamala is often seen alongside Hassian, with whom she shared a past relationship.

Tamala's In game Appearance

Tamala’s Map Location

Tamala spends the majority of her time exploring the other side of the map, known as Bahari Bay. She loves roaming and frequently changes her locations. During the night, Tamala stays at her quarters near the Outskirts, situated on the upper side of Bahari Bay. Apart from that, you may sometimes find her wandering around Bahari Bay, and she can occasionally be spotted in the woods near the Outskirts.

Tamala's Locations on the Map

Friendship and Romance

Every villager, including Tamala, has the opportunity to receive daily gifts, and each of them will also have a specific item they are searching for each week. They might directly inform you about their desires, or you may come to know through their friends! Developing a habit of frequent interaction with the villagers, sharing your cooking or collection, and building meaningful connections will enrich your experience.

Tamala's Friendship Level Status

After discovering what the villagers’ weekly wants are, they will be displayed in the friendship user interface’s weekly wishes section. As you reach specific friendship levels with villagers, you will receive various rewards for completing their quests. These items add excitement to the game as they are exclusive. They become available only once you have finished the quests they’ve assigned.

Tamala's Romance Level Status

A good number of villagers in Kilima, including Tamala, are open to forging deeper connections beyond mere friendship once you’ve reached a certain level of friendship with them. In Kilima, a tradition of exchanging pins with your loved one symbolizes affection and devotion. As you spend more time with someone, you might find yourself developing romantic feelings for them. In Palia, having multiple love interests or partners is entirely normal and widely accepted.


That is all the information we currently have about Tamala. For now, there’s very little information available about her in the game. Who knows, maybe there’s more to come concerning her character. Perhaps a potion shop? After all, she’s an expert when it comes to potion-making. As the game is still in closed beta, we’ll keep exploring the beauty secrets of Palia and update this guide in the future.

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