How To Easily Add Friends in Palia

Palia, is a new cozy sim MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game where every day is an adventure! Here, we’ll show you how to easily add friends in Palia, because where’s the fun in going on adventures when you don’t have anyone else to share the experience with?

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How To Easily Add Friends in Palia

When you are in the game, there won’t be any buttons available that directly lead you to the friends’ page. Instead, simply press “O” on your keyboard and that should lead you to the friend board. 

Welcome to your friend board! Once you’re here, you can find your friends’ usernames with the search bar by clicking the plus (+) symbol beside the manage friends bar.

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How To Join Friends in Palia

Now that you know how to easily add friends in Palia, you can join them in their game servers through the server sync option. Again, press “O” to access your friend board. Here, you’ll see your friends who are online, and offline, and player recommendations to add or join.

To play with friends, there are 2 steps: invite your friends to a server, and invite them to a group.

Inviting your friends to a server allows you to coincide with them in your world.

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Adding them to a group allows you to know where they are at all times by marking your friends with a green marker on the top of your screen.

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Removing your friend from a party removes the green marker, but they’ll continue to be within your server.

Keep in mind: you can’t invite or accept server invites when you’re at your house plot. Leave first to access invites or invite friends yourself!

Congratulations! Now you know how to easily add your friends in Palia and invite them to your server. All that’s left to do is begin.

Need Something? Gifting to Friends in Palia

Maybe want to give an item to a friend? Hop on requests to give and receive items and get the full experience on all your adventures! Now you can experience activities like hunting, gardening, fishing, exploring, and even dipping your toes in a little love with romanceable NPC characters together! All you have to do is call your friends and adventure awaits.

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