Expand Your Plot

How to Expand Your Plot in Palia

A Dream Home

Hey there, adventurous Palian! Are you eager to expand your plot in Palia and start building and customizing your dream home in this fascinating world? Well, worry not, ‘cause you’ve come to the perfect place!

One of Palia’s most exciting features is the ability to create your very own home! You can craft lovely decorations and furnishings for your house, allowing you to customize your house both inside and out. Just picture it: a magnificent abode that truly reflects your unique personality!

Whether you desire a spacious house with numerous rooms, a flourishing garden for bountiful crops, or a peaceful pond adorning your property – anything is possible! The only limit is your imagination. However, keep in mind that all these options require expanding your plot.

Acquire a Plot of Land

Your house-building journey begins with meeting Hodari, a local miner who will provide you with a tent as a temporary shelter and mentor you on Mining Skills. Following that, you will be introduced to various quests. Once you complete these quests, you will be rewarded with a plot of land, waiting to be transformed into something extraordinary – your dream home!

Expand your Plot

Construct a Harvest House

After getting your starter plot, Kenli, the mayor, will grant you a building permit. However, you will need to contribute some sapwood planks and stone bricks, which can be obtained through mining and foraging. Gather the required materials and deposit them on your plot. Return after 8 hours to find your house entirely constructed, and now you can expand your plot!

Harvest House

Engage with the Locals

Press ‘H’ on your keyboard to see an overview of your plot and the unlocked land. To expand the size of your plot, you must purchase and unlock these lands using Writs of Expansion. To acquire Writs, you will first need to earn Renown. Engage in conversations with the locals, and you will be granted +5 Renown.

Mayor Kenli

Obtain Writs of Expansion

Once you have enough Renown, you can purchase Writs of Expansion from the City Hall. Click on the brown cash register sitting on the desk to access the City Hall Store and view all the available products. Simply click on the Writ to purchase it using the Renown earned from chatting with the locals.

Renown Writ

Expand your Plot

Now that you have acquired some Writs of Expansion, return to your plot to expand it further. Press ‘H’ again and select your desired land to unlock it. As you progress in the game, you can earn more Renown to purchase additional Writs and expand your plot even more!

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to building your dream home in Palia. With this milestone achieved, you’re on your path to becoming a legendary architect in the mysterious world of Palia! Let your creativity run wild as your exciting adventure begins!

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