How to get a Shepp in Palia

As you get to know the different villagers you will be able to decide which ones you like most. Building a strong friendship with them is an important step to making them your Shepp. A Shepp in Palia is someone you form a really strong bond with.

At the heart of the Shepp bond lies friendship. In order to get a Shepp in Palia you will need to chat to and give gifts to the Villager you like the most. As you do these things your friendship will grow and become stronger opening up the option of making them your Shepp. We will look at how to do all this in this article.

NPCs in Palia

What is a Shepp in Palia?

Relationships in Palia are one of the core activities and focus. Shepp in Palia is basically like your mentor. It is an honored title to have among the Villagers.

This concept, beautifully encapsulated in Jina‘s words, “We’d be legally bound. Like family. Almost like we were married…but if that’s the kind of relationship you want then yeah, I’d be honored,” introduces players to a relationship that’s as meaningful as it is intriguing.

What is Shepp in Palia?

How to Find a Shepp in Palia?

To find a Shepp in Palia requires you to get your Friendship with the Villager to Level 4. You will also need to make sure you have completed all their quests. Chatting to the Villager and giving them gifts often will push your Friendship Level to 4 quickly. This process allows you to establish a profound connection that forms the foundation of a Shepp in Palia.

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Leveling Up Friendship

While you may be excited to obtain a Shepp you will need to reach Level 4 Friendship which takes some time to do. You will be able to chat to the Villager every Palian day and gift them weekly and daily gifts every 24 hours IRL. This means that it can take a few real-life days to get your Villager to Level 4.

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A Glimpse into the Unknown

While Level 4 Friendship is a significant step, the subsequent stages of the Shepp Quest have yet to be fully implemented. Reports from Palia’s official Discord suggest that players have eagerly selected a Shepp only to find that the next phase remains elusive. This development adds some mystery to what role a Shepp will play in Palias future.

Patch Notes 0.166

Unveiling the True Role of a Shepp

As the Palia community waits for S6 to complete the Shepp Quest everyone is wondering what having a Shepp in Palia will do for you as a player. Will a Shepp provide guidance, protection, or perhaps a special connection that enhances gameplay? All these questions we hope S6 will answer in due time.

Shepp in Palia still not fully known

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