How to Get the Fishermans Brew in Palia

Greetings, dear Palian! Ready to embark on an aquatic adventure? Let’s delve into the magnificent Fishermans Brew – the Fishing Buff that has the potential to elevate your entire fishing escapade in Palia! Fishing is one of the essential skills in Palia.

Whether you’re looking to fill your pockets with gold, complete certain quests, win over some NPC buddies, or master the art of cooking delicious seafood dishes, fishing is your ticket to success. Regardless of your motivation for casting that line, fishing offers an escape in Palia. It’s precisely these moments that call for buffs to enhance your fishing experience!

The Fishermans Brew

The Fishermans Brew is described in the game as a suspicious drink with a strange odor that can only be characterized as ‘mossy.’ This consumable is considered uncommon, yet crafting and obtaining it is relatively straightforward. This brew serves as a Fishing Buff, increasing the size of the reticle or fishing safe zone for a short period. More space means more fish!

fishermans brew

Pay a visit to the one and only Einar, the esteemed local fishing expert at the Fishermans Lagoon. Chat with Einar and venture to his Fishing Guild Store to snag the Fishermans Brew Recipe. Keep in mind that this recipe becomes accessible only upon reaching Fishing Level 5. It also comes with a price of a whooping 1000 Gold. And, according to the Fishermans Brew recipe, you will need 1 Emerald Carpet Moss and 1 Crystal Lake Lotus to craft the brew.


  • Fishing Level 5
  • 1000 Gold

Fisherman’s Brew Recipe:

  • 1 Emerald Carpet Moss
  • 1 Crystal Lake Lotus

Obtain the Emerald Carpet Moss

Embark on a search for Emerald Carpet Moss across the land. These structures resemble carpets slightly protruding from the grass. Concealed like subtle treasures amidst the green, their shade is a tad darker than that of the grass. Also, their glowing aura makes spotting them easier. Press ‘F’ on your keyboard to pick up the Emerald Carpet Moss, and go around the land to score more Emerald Carpet Moss.

Emerald Carpet Moss

Obtain the Crystal Lake Lotus

Navigate the coastline to discover the enchanting Crystal Lake Lotus. These purple-colored blossoms gracefully float near the shore. Likewise, they will be glowing making it easier to spot them. Press ‘F’ again on your keyboard to pick up the Crystal Lake Lotus. And, explore the coast freely to collect as many Crystal Lake Lotus as you desire. Pro tip: Remembrance Beach is a Crystal Lake Lotus hotspot!

Crystal Lake Lotus

Craft the Fisherman’s Brew

After collecting a sufficient quantity of Emerald Carpet Moss and Crystal Lake Lotus, it’s now time to cook up the Fisherman’s Brew! Return to your plot. Utilizing the trusty campfire, whip up the Fisherman’s Brew by selecting it from the list and hitting ‘Make’. Wait for a few seconds – and boom! Your very own Fisherman’s Brew is ready to go.

Fisherman's Brew

Good work! You now have the Fisherman’s Brew. Grab that fishing rod, sip on that Fisherman’s Brew, and cast your line into the waters. Happy fishing!

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