How To Setup Your Palia Twitch Drops

Singularity Six recently came out announcing Palia will now have twitch drops, check out how to link and setup your drops here. Palia twitch drops currently consist of only cosmetic items. For additional help make sure to check out our community discord linked below

Palia twitch drops

Palia twitch drops

How to Redeem Twitch Drops Rewards

On December 14th, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged in on your Twitch Account when going to watch a stream with Palia drops enabled. Then, you should see a little info dialogue in the Twitch Chat of that stream that details the rewards, and length to redeem.

Once you’ve watched a stream for the required amount of time, you will see a popup in your Twitch Notifications. Head to your Drops Inventory to view the Drops that you have earned, see your progress towards any active Drops, and connect your Twitch account to your Palia game account if you have not already.

To claim your reward from the Drops Inventory, simply click on it, then open up Palia, and navigate to the “news” section of the menu to pick up your shiny new item.

For any additional questions of the workings of Twitch’s side of redemption, please check out this help article from Twitch.

How to enable Palia Drops for streamers

First, you will need to connect your Twitch account to your Palia account. This can be done by heading to, and connecting your account to your Twitch account.

Once you’re connected, head to your Dashboard and from there, click on Viewer Rewards and then Drops (or visit directly – to change your opt-out preference.

You can quickly turn Drops on/off through a toggle at the top of this page. You can now also opt-out from Drop campaigns at the individual campaign level while still participating in other Drop campaigns by other game developers.

For more information on how to toggle these, check out this article from Twitch.

Have fun, and happy watching!

December Twitch Drops

To start us off with these newly introduced twitch drops we are starting of strong with the Palcat set, this twitch themed set features two unique rugs a plushie a wall paper and a nice pair of new glasses all up for grabs by just watching a few twitch streams in the background.


Who should I watch?

Check out Palia Partners Stream Team on Twitch to view Official Partners – Or you can view anyone who has Palia drops enabled if you wanna give some love to non-partners too!

Who is eligible to turn drops on?

Anyone who has linked their account with Palia can stream Palia on Twitch and enable drops.

I missed out on the items! Will they ever come back?

Maaaaybe~ but it might be some time before you see them around to be obtained in another way.

Do I need to chat or engage with the stream?

It’s generally best practice to drop a ‘hello’ or a ‘/lurk’ in a Twitch stream you intend to hang out in, but most Streamers love and encourage ‘lurkers’! However, to claim your rewards, you will need to have your sound ‘on’ for Twitch to recognize that you’re viewing the stream.

Does the tab need to be active?

As long as your sound is on, you can have a different active tab.

Do the streamers need to be playing Palia?

Yes! The streamers will need to be playing Palia in the Palia category on Twitch.

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source: Singularity Six

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