Hunting All The Species Of Sernuk In Palia

Want to meet all the types of Sernuk in Palia up close? Follow along and we’ll show you everything to know about each one!

Getting To Know The Sernuk In Palia

Before we proceed, let’s first get familiarized with the 3 different types of Sernuk in Palia. The Common Sernuk, Elder Sernuk, and the incredibly elusive, Proudhorn Sernuk.

Hunting: Get familiarized with the weaponry and equipment

The Sernuk and its 3 species can be hunted and farmed for resources using a Bow and Arrow. However, the hunt’s success depends on the power of one’s arrow against the Sernuk as the Elder and Proudhorn would require more firepower and patience. Below is the complete list of Paila’s useful arrow equipment players can use to hunt down and farm the Common Sernuk for resources.

Makeshift Arrow
Crafting recipe is obtained at the beginning of the game then through a letter from Hassian.Costs 0 hunting medals.Crafting:
-5 Sapwood
-1 Flint
Can be bought for 20 at Zeki’s General Store.
Standard Arrow
Hunting Level 10 is required. Recipe can be obtained from Hassian.Costs 3 hunting medals.Crafting:
-5 Sapwood
-1 Copper Bar
Can be bought for 100 at Zeki’s General Store.
Slow down Arrow

Hunting Level 10 is required. Recipe can be obtained from Hassian.Costs 4 hunting medals.Crafting:
-5 Sapwood
-1 Copper Bar
-1 Briar Daisy
Can be bought for 500 at Zeki’s General Store.
Fine Arrow
Hunting Level 10 is required. Recipe can be obtained from Hassian.Costs 5 hunting medals.Crafting:
-5 Heartwood
-1 Iron Bar
Can be bought for 1000 at Zeki’s General Store.
Dispel Arrow
Hunting Level 10 is required. Recipe can be obtained from Hassian.Costs 6 hunting medals.Crafting:
-1 Flow infused wood
-1 Iron bar
-1 Brightshroom
Can be bought for 2000 at Zeki’s General Store.


a running nuk

The Common Sernuk – A species of Sernuk that is more commonly spotted in Kilima Village grazing around Chapaa Crossing. These spotted friends…and food…can also be found wandering around Bahari Bay.

With a coat of brown, white underbelly and spots on its back, and a slightly darker shade of brown fur on its legs, The Common Sernuk can be easily spotted with its abundance and its distinct appearance.

For players to effectively take down a Common Sernuk, the Makeshift Arrow does a good enough job that it’ll take 2 firm hits to the creature in order for the player to claim their loot. To make the job easier, players can create the Standard Arrows which accomplishes enough damage to only need 1 hit to the Common Sernuk to make them fall and drop their loot. It’ll surely save players a whole lot more time instead of chasing the creature and potentially losing their tracks. Hunt smarter, not harder!


Much like any other creature, once hunted, the Common Sernuk drops several items that can be used for crafting, cooking, and even gifting to various Villagers in Palia. In this section of our complete guide to the Sernuk in Palia, we’ll talk about the drops of each species. Keep in mind that all of the items are also sellable for a decent amount of gold! Win-win!

Sernuk Hide
Sold for 13 goldN/A
Sernuk Meat
Sold for 13 goldQuality sold for 19 gold
Sernuk Antlers
Sold for 43 goldQuality sold for 63 gold

The best area to spot a Common Sernuk in Kilima Village

kilima village map - fastest sernuk loc

Want to know the fastest way to find a Common Sernuk? As shown in the image above, players can spot a herd of Common Sernuks walking around or grazing about the grass as soon as they exit out of their housing areas and look to the fields in the middle of Chapaa Crossing, Whispering Banks, the Mayor’s Estate, and Fisherman’s Lagoon. Sometimes, a herd of Common Sernuks can be found wandering around the fields with some Chapaas. Peaceful isn’t it? We are all neighbors! Common Sernuks can be found during both day and night.

Aside from the nearest and immediate locations, the Common Sernuk is also found in various other places all over Kilima Village. The Common Sernuk can also be found in Leafhopper Hills as well as Mirror Fields.

The best area to find the Common Sernuk in Bahari Bay

Aside from Kilima Village, the Common Sernuk is of course also found wandering about in Bahari Bay! The Common Sernuks’ main spawn in Bahari Bay would be around Pulsewater Plains. However, the Common Sernuk can sometimes be spotted outside of their main spawn due to players chasing them or random spawn chances. Pulsewater Plains is their main appearance location where players can be guaranteed to spot and hunt one down.

As seen on the map above, players are immediately greeted with a herd of Sernuks grazing just by Pulsewater Plains! They just have to do a bit of running and tracking and viola! A gorgeous hunt of the day! Sernuk in Palia!

The Elder Sernuk – This species of Sernuk has a higher rarity rate than that of the Common Sernuk which players can pretty much see everywhere.

The Elder Sernuk majestically struts around with its 6 pointed antlers, brown body with a darker shade of brown for its legs, and a striking yellow streak on its side which makes it hard to miss when it does appear to a player.

Compared to the Common Sernuk, the Elder Sernuk isn’t so easy to best. Players would need incredible precision, stronger equipment, and longer patience as this species of Sernuk runs away if the player is using lower-grade weapons such as the Makeshift Arrow and the Standard Arrow. Higher-grade weapons such as the Fine and Dispel arrows take down the majestic Elder a lot easier as it has more power and quality.


The Elder Sernuk is quite different from its common counterpart. It is more resilient, and quicker, and they are a lot easier to spot as well. Despite its striking appearance compared to the Common Sernuk, it drops pretty much the same items other than its antlers which is unique to its species. One tough hunt makes it worth the drops!

Sernuk Hide (Sernuk Hide)
Sold for 13 goldN/A
Sernuk Meat
Sold for 13 goldQuality sold for 19 gold
Elder Sernuk Antlers
Sold for 155 goldQuality sold for 225 gold

The best area to spot an Elder Sernuk

Oftentimes, the Elder Sernuk is found with a herd of Common Sernuks. However, this is a rather uncommon instance. Finding an Elder Sernuk in Palia with its herd is the only way to find one. Don’t let it get you down though! There is about 70/100 chance of spotting the Elder Sernuk. In Kilima Village, you just need to find a Sernuk that is completely different from its common counterpart! See which one stands out or is the special one! Another thing about the Elder Sernuk in Palia is that it also roams in Bahari Bay! The chances of a player finding the Elder Sernuk in Bahari Bay are higher than that of finding one in Kilima Village.

The fastest way to find an Elder Sernuk with its herd would be in the fields or as the marked location points out, in the fields right outside of the housing area. What’s the best way? Follow a Sernuk herd and hope for the best that you find its Elder!

The Proudhorn Sernuk – the most majestic of all the Sernuk Species. the Proudhorn Sernuk is considered the prized bull to hunt for hunters!

Strutting through the forest with its grey fur and striking blue stripe, the Proudhorn Sernuk is the toughest Sernuk Species to hunt. However, with its stunning large antlers, it makes a long hunt incredibly worthwhile.

The Proudhorn Sernuk is not an easy task! This beast would require the most skilled of hunters and the longest patience to be dispatched unlike the other species of Sernuk in Palia. With its majestic fur, it makes it easier to hit and chase as it stands out through the trees and lands that is, IF you spot one!


Much like its other variations, the Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia also drops a lot of valuable items that can be kept as trophies or sellable. The higher the quality, the higher the income!

Sernuk Hide (Sernuk Hide)
Sold for 13 goldN/A
Sernuk Meat
Sold for 13 goldQuality sold for 19 gold
Proudhorn Sernuk Antlers
Sold for 455 goldQuality sold for 682 gold

The best area to spot an Elder Sernuk

Spotting the Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia is itself, a challenge. Once you do find the Proudhorn Sernuk, you must stay vigilant, stealthy, and hidden. The Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia can be found where other Sernuks are also found and sometimes, the Proudhorn can be spotted with other Sernuks at night in Bahari Bay. As a bonus, during nighttime, there is also a higher chance that the Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia spawns in higher numbers. Once you target one though, you could cause the other to run away.

The Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia stands out among the other creatures and their environment but just using one arrow to bring the creature to its end isn’t the best idea. The Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia has a larger alert range so if players are not so careful, they can startle the creature and prompt it to run away. It is highly recommended to have multiple arrows. What specific arrows are for the Proudhorn Sernuk in Palia? Using the dispel arrows would give hunters an easier time to take down this beast.

Not to mention, the Proudhorn Sernuk has the ability to teleport over short distances to get away from threats more easily. Think it’s hard? Just keep at it and it’ll be yours to take home! Using the Dispel arrows disables this ability for a while to give hunters the chance to push the creature to its fall.


Overall, any species of Sernuk in Palia has its own difficulty in hunting. Hunters must find it in themselves to be patient, cunning, and intelligent when it comes to hunting these creatures. Despite the large effort, Sernuks in Palia are sure to be worth the push and chase as well as the straining arm of a bow. As long as you have the patience and the capacity to run along and chase this creature, you are guaranteed to get your fair share of goods. Don’t give up on them!

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