Where to Find the Stripeshell Snail in Palia

Are you having trouble finding Stripeshell Snail in Palia? Other snail species, like Garden Snails, are easy to collect throughout the game. Stripeshell Snails are a rare snail which needs to be caught at a specific time in the day. Fortunately, you are in a great place to increase your luck of finding one! Come and let’s go on an adventure on Where to Find the Stripeshell Snail in Palia!

Stripeshell Snail in Palia

Stripeshell Snail in Palia

Stripeshell Snail was once used as currency among early Majiri. It can be distinguished from the more typical Garden Snail by its dark purple shells and unique stripes pattern. They are relatively slow creature and will continue moving until it burrows into the ground when startled by players.

Stripeshell Snail vs Garden Snail
  Stripeshell Snail
  Garden Snail

How to catch Stripeshell Snail in Palia?

Stripeshell Snail Bug Catching skills

Stripeshell Snail in Palia is considered a bug. Thus, it is collected through Bug Catching skills. Bug catching requires a Smoke bomb. A standard Smoke Bomb is sufficient for you to have one. However, if you prefer a smoke bomb with additional ability, you can purchase its recipe from Auni.

Standard Smoke Bomb Recipe:

  • 1 Clay
  • 1 Sundrop Lily
Standard Smoke Bomb for Stripeshell Snail in Palia

Make sure to make a sufficient supply of Smoke Bombs! Because Stripeshell Snails are tricky to catch! Once you alert them or throw a smoke bomb, they will not stop moving. So, you have to throw additional Smoke Bombs as they are moving and before they burrow themselves into the ground.

Once you catch them, they will give you between 0 to 7 Silk Threads.

Catching Rate of Stripeshell Snail in Palia

 Catching Rate of Stripeshell Snail in Palia
 BELT TYPE Makeshift Belt Standard Belt Fine Belt Exquisite Belt
 Ordinary Stripeshell Snail20% 30%  40%   50% 
 High Quality Stripeshell Snail 10% 15%   20%  25% 

Location of Stripeshell Snail

Stripeshell Snail in Palia is found on the coastline of Bahari Bay. It rarely spawns at Coral Shores, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Beachcomber Cove.


Stripeshell Snails are nocturnal creatures and only appear from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM.


Quests: Vault of the Waves

In the quest of Vault of Waves, you are required to look at a glowing mural at the Night Sky Temple. Where you are assigned to collect items known as “Bundles”. They are divided into four constellations, with a different number of Bundles in each group.

Night Sky Temple glowing Mural-Stripeshell Snail in Palia

The Stripeshell Snail is required on the second bundle, the “Beach Bundle” of the first constellation, Fish Constellation.

Stripeshell Snails Beach Bundle

Gives Silk Threads

Silk Threads helps you to build your dream home. It makes your furniture more elegant and luxurious.
It is used for crafting exquisite silk and the coveted Buzzy Jar. Stripeshell Snails gives you 0 to 7 Silk Threads when caught.

Stripeshell Snails Silk Thread

Market Value

Selling Stripeshell Snails is also an excellent way to earn more Gold. An ordinary Stripeshell Snails costs 120 Gold and A high-quality Stripeshell Snails costs 180 Gold when you sell it. So, be sure to collect as many as you can to gain more!


Stripeshell Snail is related to the following Accomplishments:

  • My First Rare Bug
  • Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector
  • Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector
  • Catch Bugs
  • Advanced Bug Catcher
  • Expert Bug Catcher
  • Master Bug Catcher

Great job, fellow Palian! You made it to the end! Take with you the knowledge of these snails’ presence, the joy of seeking the unseen, and the reminder that even the tiniest creatures hold a place in the symphony of life. Let the trails of the Stripeshell Snail remind us that every corner of Palia is brimming with mystery waiting to unveil.

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