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Achieve the fun Music To My Ears Quest in Palia!

A slow, peaceful, quiet day in Palia screams for an adventure! What do you think about accomplishing a fun quest?!

The Music to My Ears Quest in Palia is a Friendship Quest that allows you to challenge yourself and gain a better understanding of the game. Badruu, a Majiri farmer from Kilima Village, tasks you with completing this quest to reach Level 3. As a farmer himself, Badruu is affiliated with the Gardening skill.

While Majiris resemble humans in many ways, they have purple skin and pointed ears that set them apart from us. Additionally, Majiris often have unique eye colors, like Tamala’s red eyes, although these may not be genuine. To spot Badruu among other Majiris, look for a male farmer with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Don’t forget to greet him with a friendly “hay” when you see him!

Palia - Badruu
Music To My Ears Quest in Palia

The Music to My Ears Quest in Palia offers a free concert as a reward for helping Badruu write his lyrics. However, he hasn’t completed his composition yet. Your mission is to assist Auni in creating a confidence charm for Badruu so that he can perform in front of his loved ones.

Items You Need for the MUSIC TO MY EARS QUEST:

  • 1 Firebreathing Dragonfly
  • 1 Flow-Infused Wood
  • 1 Silk Thread
Items Needed for Music To My Ears Quest in Palia

HOW to get the ITEMS you need for the MUSIC TO MY EARS QUEST?

Firebreathing Dragonfly – are found in many locations, including the Mirror Pond Ruins, Mirror Fields, and the Family Farm in Kilima Valley at any time of day. Catching them can be difficult, and you may have to do multiple visits to these areas.

Flow-Infused Wood – To obtain Flow-Infused Wood, one can cut down Flow-Infused trees. However, these trees are becoming scarce nowadays. It is advised to head to Bahari Bay Stables and cut trees in the surrounding areas. This would allow for Flow-Infused Wood Trees to spawn, rather than cutting down regular trees.

Silk Thread – To obtain Silk Thread in the game, catch Rare or Epic bugs. If you’re having trouble catching them, try going to Bahari Bay at approximately 7 p.m. and heading to the Flooded Fortress. You’ll encounter many Vampire Crabs there that will provide you with Silk Thread. Additionally, there are Iron nodes present, but they will yield millipedes that also drop Silk Thread.

Now that you have all the needed items for the quest, you can head to meet with Auni to get the Confidence Charm. Once you have your hands on the charm, you can finally head back to Badruu and give him the Confidence Charm to finish the Music to My Ears Quest!

Confidence Charm - Palia



Upon completion of the Music to My Ears Quest, you will receive Renown 25x, Blueberry Bush Seeds 5x, and Raspberry Beetle 1x in the quest Mail, as well as an improved relationship with Badruu, which is the most important reward.

Badruu’s Daily Schedule:

  • 1:00 A.M – Leaves Badruu’s Barn, and he walks to Delaila’s and Badruu’s Room
  • 4:00 A.M – He wakes up and walks towards the Farm
  • 9:00 A.M – He walks over to the Farm Shop
  • 1:00 P.M – He walks over to the Tavern
  • 5:00 P.M – He walks back to the kitchen at the Farm
  • 9:00 P.M – He walks back to Badruu’s Barn

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