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Conquer The Brand New Obstacle Course in Palia

As of Patch 0.170, developers S6 have brought in a brand new Obstacle Course in Palia! The Obstacle Course arrived alongside the Halloween themed Mysterious Register. Filled with fun, challenging puzzles, jumps and thrilling heights – Palia is more fun than ever!

New Obstacle Course in Palia!

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Some quick but important things to know about the Obstacle course is:

  • You can jump, climb and glide your way through this incredible looking course made purely with Palia-world objects!
  • There is potential treasure chests with Zeki Coins and some letters throughout the course.
  • The Obstacle Course in Palia can be accessed by interacting with a specific Arcade Machine within the Black Market.
  • The Obstacle Course was built purely for fun!
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A clearly experimental project within Palia, players are welcomed to come and try out some of the different approaches the developers want to try for the player base to play in Palia. Designed as bonus content, there is absolutely no pressure to complete it and you will not be gated from items or anything of the sort! However, for those that enjoy a good challenge however, or perhaps love puzzles and platformers – this is your chance to have fun and submit feedback to the developers!

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The Obstacle Course in Palia can be found by visiting the Black Market. Inside the Black Market you’ll come across a couple of specific arcade machines in the North East section. The arcade machine on the right of the image below is the machine to interact with to enter the Obstacle Course. The crane arcade machine to the left, however, has potential to be the gateway to a new feature in future!

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Here is a video guide below of completing the obstacle course, if you wish to check it out.

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Kelvin The Son of the Forest

Kelvin The Son of the Forest

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