Palia Dev Update – September 2023

Palia Dev Update for September 2023! Are you ready for a jam-packed ride through the new updates in Palia?

Palia Dev Update: New Features

palia dev update - scenery

It has been one heck of an eventful month for Palia and its many updates through its time on Beta. As September nears its closing, the Palia devs made sure that we’d look forward to the month with a large bang! With the new September Palia Dev Update, realms, features, and even proximity chat have been dropped but we’ll get into more details later on. For now, let’s dive into each one of the new features one by one.


Through the time that Palia has been out to the public, people and gamers alike, of course, try to climb the highest heights of the game to get the kick of adrenaline you don’t get anywhere else. Aside from being a cozy game, players can enjoy some pakour once in a while too! With the new update coming to Palia, the game devs decided to add a little treat to the game for all the parkour and climbers out there!

That’s right! In the new Palia Dev Update, Palia will have a new Obstacle course for players to conquer and enjoy. However, there will be no reward or grand prize at the end of the course. The Obstacle Course is solely there for the completion of the challenge! Give the players that kick of adventure on conquering a tall challenge and at the end, that flow of accomplishment surging!

obstacle course palia

What’s there to look out for? At the time of this announcement, there have already been tons of changes to the new addition to the game so expect lots more challenges and tests to go through! Climb up high!

More Flow to the trees

As the devs continue to better Palia every day, they have seen that there aren’t many Flow Trees for a place where magic is everywhere. So, to remedy that little detail, as the temples rise from their silent states, more flow will come pumping to the trees and nature alike! What does that mean?

With the increase of Flow in the area of Palia, the number of Flow trees that can be spotted will also increase with it as well. This will give players a bigger opportunity to spot more Flow trees for farming or missions and make it less of a rare occurrence. However, the devs made sure to keep a small bit of challenge with it with the Palia Dev Update.

palia flow tree image

In the new Palia Dev Update, there will be more Flow Trees spawning in groups. This group can come in various sizes. Once spotted, players can notice a significant change with a more increased plume of flow compared to that of a single tree. This will make finding the group a whole lot easier for players.

Along with the new addition of Flare arrows and Proximity chat, finding rare resources such as the Flow trees just became 10 times easier for collectors, quest enthusiasts, farmers, or just a group of friends trying to find some rare material.

Flare Arrows

For the devs of Palia, communication is key when It comes to playing with your friends. For the new Palia Dev Update, not only have they added proximity chat to make things a little easier and cooler between a nice grouped game, but they have also added Flare arrows!

flare arrow palia

Flare arrows being added to the game finally makes signaling to your friends a whole lot easier especially when you have been separated during your adventures. You just have to aim up high and fire and your friends will be right there with you. With the new Palia Dev update, communicating has never been easier. Curious about how to make the new Flare arrows? Here’s a quick list for you to get started on your resource gathering for the Flare arrows.

1 Crystal Lake Lotus
5 Flint
5 Heartwood

Be sure to prep your materials as early as today to get the Flare arrows upon its bright release! The Flare arrows of Palia have 0 damage, have randomized colors, and do not scare away creatures nearby. It is simply a signal light that is shot high up in the sky. The Flare from the arrows stays in the sky to signal for one minute.

palia multiplayer

Proximity Chat

For communication within Palia, another feature that devs are working to stitch into the game with the new Palia Dev Update is Proximity chat. The addition of its feature will not only make communicating between your group a whole lot easier, but it’ll also give players more of that feel of being in the actual game with their friends. Communication is key especially when you’re going out into the wild and adventuring! So be sure to keep in touch with each other.

palia multiplayer 2

Ammo, Bait and Quest Pouches

Annoyed that you have to make a few trips back and out of your housing plot or are you tired of a messy and unorganized inventory space greeting you whenever you want to check what’s in your bag? Worry no more! The Devs with the new update worked on a new addition that would make managing your inventory less of a hassle. The new addition of Ammo, Bait and Quest Pouches.

palia inventory

The Ammo, Bait and Quest Pouches introduce a new way to organize and store your resources in a way that doesn’t mix around and become a mess in the long run. Having Ammo and Bait separate from Quest items, this new feature put organizing in Palia at a new level so players wouldn’t have to make so many trips back and forth to their destination and to their housing plot. It makes everything easier and looks way nicer eh? We love a nice organized player especially when it comes to a game like Palia!

palia new inventory

In the new Palia Dev Update, players will be able to access the pouches by heading to their player menu and toggling the specific categories for access. Like how normal inventories work in Palia, the Palia Dev Update featuring the new addition of pouches works the same way. Players start with one row and they can work up to 5 rows of inventory space. Upgrades are purchasable from Zeki’s General Store. Once completed, the pouches offer up to 40 free spaces for items.

palia workshop

However, the Quest pouch works a little differently than the Ammo & Bait pouches with its unlimited capacity. Players don’t have to expand the space for their quest items so you don’t have to worry about managing and organizing your quest items! This new feature in the Palia Dev Update also removes the need to go on multiple trips just because you ran out of space in your inventory. Players can have their quest items on them at all times!

Further improvements to the Workbench

As shown in the recent update with the devs of Palia, they have been working on making crafting more efficient for all players. With the drop of the new Palia Dev Update, improvements to the Workbench have been added in which players can now craft up to multiple batches of items rather than specific numbers at a time. For example, players can now craft up to 99 of an item so long as they have ample materials to do so.

palia workbench

Starstones and Mining

Of course, the devs would give Mining some love with the new Palia Dev Update! With the Moon and Stars being the bigger influence on Maji culture, the addition of Starstones to the game makes Mining more fun and special as well as the economy more beefed up for players to earn a bit more gold through mining and selling their yields. Players will be able to find Starstones in various rarities and colors as they mine nodes all across the land of Palia. In the new Palia Dev Update, players will get a specific Starstone according to their birthday or Lunasign.

Lunasigns and Starstones work the same way as Birthdays and Birthstones do in real life! Depending on your birthday, you will have a specific stone special just for you and players will be able to gift them to villagers which will invoke a positive reaction on the Starstone they like or prefer. Starstones sell for a high value in the market and with that being added through the Palia Dev Update, the economy will also take a turn for the better. Mine away! The developers will continue to work on this feature as it develops to its perfection so be sure to keep an eye out for future updates!

Cake parties!

In the 0.169 patch that will be released next week, The Celebration Cake will be worked on and rebalanced. So get ready for a big bake-off and sale! More details will be released regarding this update and fix next week upon the release of the patch notes but worry not, gamers. Cake Parties are here to stay! Things just needed to be adjusted to give everyone that perfect balance of everything. Sweetness, skill, and enjoyment all around!

palia celebratory cake


  • New skin tones and facial features
  • Kneeling (coming next patch)
  • Improvements to the request system in Palia
  • New creatures to hunt

With all things Palia Dev Update, the developers will be sure to continue their work towards perfecting the game to accompany enjoyment, adventure, and of course, fun as the game progresses into its potential. Be sure to be on the lookout for further updates and announcements and hold onto your seats cause this patch will be one to undoubtedly enjoy! Stay tuned for more, Palians! Happy camping!

We hope you enjoyed our latest word on the Palia Dev Update for the month of September. We are just as excited as you to welcome the new update and its spoils with wide open arms, gamers! Want to know more about the update or be updated upon new releases? Join our official discord channel where you will be fed game guides, new updates, and more! Don’t forget to check out more of our Palia-related articles on our official Palia Homepage in MMO Wiki! Until next time, Palian!




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