Palia launches on Epic Games Oct 24th

Palia’s welcoming, playful, and wholesome community gets a little bit bigger when the game releases on the Epic Games Store on Tuesday, Oct. 24. Palia’s high-quality free-to-play gameplay, open world exploration, vibrant visuals, and low-stress online community sim multiplayer mechanics anchors a growing list of cozy gaming titles available on the Epic Games content distribution platform. Players eager to fish, farm, explore, build a home, and more via the Epic Games Store are encouraged to Wishlist Palia today and wait because Palia launches on Epic Games next week!

Palia launches on Epic Games next week

Palia launches on Epic Games next week

“Epic Games is a pioneer in establishing an accessible platform that publishes video game content that appeals to its community,” said Singularity 6 Co-founder and CEO Anthony Leung. “Palia is a perfect fit on the Epic Games Store, and offers the Epic Games community, and existing Palia players, an opportunity to make even more meaningful in-game connections via community-driven gameplay and life-sim mechanics that create a sense of belonging among players.”
Palia’s shared-world online multiplayer gameplay is driven by a sense of connectivity where players are encouraged to work together to explore and discover the mysteries behind the game’s deep lore. Palia’s mix of genre-defining cozy gameplay mechanics, community sim MMO features, and (playful) adventure underpins the game’s robust community engagement.

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New features

New and returning players have plenty of content to explore when the game releases on the Epic Games Store. Since Palia’s released back in August, the team at Singularity 6 has released a substantial amount of content through a regular cadence of updates (with another planned for next Tuesday!) ranging from new Temples, highly-requested romanceable villagers, spooky seasonal events, a straight-up obstacle course (literally), recipes and more! Check out some highlights below:

  • Scary Good Content – Autumn’s eerie embrace… or something like it… has descended on Kilima Village. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for a gourd-geous patch of pumpkins, and check out the chillingly sleek Vampiric Bundle.
  • Regional Expansion – Palia game servers are coming to Western Europe for better player latency. The servers turn on across the pond on Tuesday with more regions and language support planned for future updates.
  • “Hotdari” – For all you Hodari stans that signed the petition, your request has been granted. Fan-favorite Hodari’s romance questlines are now officially available for players to swoon.
  • Palia The Platformer – Palia is a… platformer? Not exactly. Palia is still the cozy game that you know and love. But the most daring adventurers are encouraged to try out the Obstacle Course where intrepid Palians may discover treasure chests loaded with Lucky Coins for Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.
  • The Temple of the Flames – Discover a fiery (but very cool) environment for players to explore. Palians can engage in spicy quests, puzzles, a unique maze, and unlock more bundles and recipes.
  • Puppy Love – Fur babies rejoice! Friendship is now available for everyone’s favorite Palian pooch, Tau.
  • Chic Fits – More than 150 customizable outfits are available for players, including the Bookworm Bundle, Patisserie Bundle, and Masked Doctor Bundle releasing next week.
  • Additional Surprises – Palians can also look forward to some more surprise and delight discovery moments, new quests, and other planned larger-scale updates. Players can expect new Temples, quests, villagers, Adventure Zones and more.
Palia launches on Epic Games next week

Wishlist Palia now

Palia is available to Wishlist on the Epic Games Store now, and is available on PC in for players in North American and Western European regions, with more regions coming soon. Languages supported include: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German, with additional language coming soon. Palia will also come to Nintendo Switch later this year, and is available to Wishlist on the eShop now. 

For more information on Palia, including the game’s referral system and rewards, please visit, listen to the Palia OST on Spotify, join their Discord server for the latest updates directly from the team, subscribe on YouTube and Twitch, and join the conversation with #playPalia on X (formerly Twitter), (@playPalia), Instagram/Threads (@playpalia), and TikTok (@playpalia). 




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