Where to find the Rainbow Tipped Butterfly in Palia

Get ready for a captivating journey through the enchanting world of Palia as you uncover the whereabouts of the elusive Rainbow Tipped Butterfly. This fantastical creature, a masterpiece of nature’s design, captivates your adventurous soul with its pure white body and wings adorned by iridescent tips. Possessing the revered “Epic” rarity, this ethereal being serves as a testament to the remarkable marvels that Palia’s realm holds in secret.

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Rainbow Tipped Butterfly Locations

Flaunting its vibrant hues, the Rainbow Tipped Butterfly delights observers as it emerges between the enchanting hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00 PM. This captivating bug graces the expansive fields and majestic cliffs of the southern Bahari Bay region.

Notably, its presence adds a touch of elegance to various picturesque locales, such as the sprawling Pulsewater Plains, the hidden tranquility of the Hideaway Bluffs, and even the airspace above the industrious Pavel Mines. For those who seek to experience the wonders of nature’s artistry, these diverse landscapes offer a prime opportunity to witness this splendid butterfly in all its glory.

Map Locations of Rainbow Tipped Butterfly

Rainbow-Tipped Butterfly Behaviors

Hunting down the elusive Rainbow Tipped Butterfly presents an exciting yet formidable task, as it stands as possibly the most elusive Epic Bug to track. Its rarity in spawning plays a role, but what truly complicates the search is its remarkable knack for camouflage alongside the more commonly seen Common Blue Butterflies.

The Rainbow Tipped Butterfly, with its white body and prismatic-tipped wings, is the key to its identification. As one ventures into the natural environs, one must be alert for these distinctive qualities. Even though it is difficult, this obstacle heightens the mystery surrounding the search for this alluring animal, making every successful sighting even more satisfying.

Few Tips on How To Catch The Rainbow Tipped Butterfly

The Rainbow Tipped Butterfly possesses a heightened sensitivity to the motion of players in its vicinity, as well as the dispersal of Smoke Bombs nearby. This heightened alertness prompts the butterfly to take immediate evasive action, attempting to flee from the perceived threat. Notably, once startled, it doesn’t pause in its flight but maintains a consistent and swift movement pattern.

Because of their mobility, Sticky Smoke Bombs have proven to be an effective tool for those trying to monitor this elusive monster. These specialized instruments are a useful tactic since they slow down the butterfly’s swift flight, allowing for a closer inspection and giving enthusiasts a chance to completely appreciate its amazing beauty.

Rainbow Tipped Butterfly Behaviors While Catching

Capturing the Rainbow Tipped Butterfly is no small feat, as it frequently avoids capture, often necessitating the deployment of numerous Smoke Bombs before achieving success. This inherent elusiveness positions the butterfly as an ideal candidate for leveraging the remarkable effectiveness of the Supreme Smoke Bombs, known for their exceptional feature of guaranteeing a 100% catch rate.

This specific device not only facilitates the capture of this soaring treasure, but it enhances the experience for enthusiasts by providing them with an enhanced opportunity to observe the alluring beauty of the Rainbow Tipped Butterfly up close.

Note: Do keep in mind that you don’t need the Supreme Smoke Bombs to catch the Rainbow Tipped Butterfly. Bringing around more than 40 of the standard smoke bombs can be effective.

Rainbow Tipped Butterfly Rewards

The Rainbow Tipped Butterfly ranks among the most challenging insects you’ll encounter in the game. Its epic rarity significantly contributes to its value, with each bug fetching around 360 Gold coins when sold. This value could arguably compensate for the effort expended in capturing one, considering the potential fatigue that might accompany the endeavor.

Rainbow Tipped Butterfly Information and Value

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