Best Way To Find The Crystal Lake Lotus In Palia

Are you searching for the Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to locate this elusive plant. From where to go to the best time to go, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive right in and discover everything there is to know about the Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia!

Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia appearance

As the name suggests, the Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia is a plant that is foraged near the waters of Kilima Village. It boasts a bright purple set of tall petals neatly sitting on its greenish-brown stem with roots reaching towards the ground. It’s surely hard to miss once you look around enough in the waters!

Time of spawn

The Crystal Lake Lotus is a rare plant that can appear during both day and night in Palia. However, it is not easy to find as it only spawns a few times each day and night. Sometimes it does not spawn at all, so be alert for a bright purple plant located near the water.

crystal lake lotus by fisherman's lagoon


crystal lake lotus by fisherman's lagoon

Fisherman’s Lagoon – the Crystal Lake Lotus spawns around the waters of the Lagoon as well as by the bridges in front of the pier.

One of the easier places to find the Crystal Lake Lotus would be around Fisherman’s Lagoon as the land around the stretch of water is visible and players can stand on the pier as they look around and try to spot the glow of the little lotus plant. The Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia gives off a glow that makes it stand out among the other flora of the water which gives players an easier time as they look for the lotus. Spot the glow!

crystal lake lotus by rememberance beach

Remembrance Beach – Aside from the Fisherman’s Lagoon, the Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia also spawns along the shore of Kilima Village’s Remembrance Beach.

In conclusion, there is no real way to look for the Crystal Lake Lotus but to look around the given locations. Once you have your hands on the little Lotus, you can make all kinds of items for quests, consumption, and more.


The Crystal Lake Lotus can be used for a lot of things. The Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia is mainly used for cooking and preparing food or useful resources for quests.

  • Fisherman’s Brew
    • Crystal Lake Lotus
    • Emerald Carpet Moss (commonly found by bodies of water)

You’ve reached the end! We hope you find the Crystal Lake Lotus in Palia and use it wisely for your adventures! Remember to keep on the lookout for more! Want to see more of our Palia-related content? Jump into our official Palia Homepage and join our Discord Channel to be the first to know about brand new releases, guides, and more in-depth step by steps on Palia and other games! Until next time, traveler. Happy foraging!




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