Temple of Gales Source of Food

Temple of Gales Source of Food. Need a hand to find the sources of food for the “It Takes a Village” quest with Caleri at the Temple of Gales? Welcome to our complete guide on each location and how to get there!

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Temple Of Gales Source Of Food

To begin and find the First Location for the Temple of Gales source of Food, from the portal (as seen in the image below), head southeast where you can then find a set of obstacles. It shouldn’t be far off.

palia beginning location snapshot
palia obstacle loc 1

After finding the obstacle, you proceed through every parkour set. To get to the first location, here is the path you’ll need to follow in the obstacle.

Source Location 1

As marked in the image above, the obstacle starts with a set of gliding rings as well as a climbing surface. After finishing the rings and the climbing obstacle, proceed to glide to the small pair of floating islands connected by a narrow bridge.

obstacle 1 loc 1

After landing on the platforms, run to the edge where you will find one more gliding ring. Get through the ring and you will be boosted to another floating island.

obstacle 1 loc 1 pt 2

After gliding to the island, turn left to the structure with a spinning mill. From there, go past the mill and head towards the floating island with pillars. It should be right behind the mill.

obstacle 1 loc 1 pt 3

Once you’ve found the island pillars, pass through them where you will then find a set of vine obstacles. If you’re looking for a challenge in climbing, climb through the obstacles to get to the top of the floating ruins above the vines.

However, to cut time, there is a shortcut to get to the top!

obstacle 1 loc 1 pt 4

Climb the first set of vines and get to the top of the platform as marked in the image below.

first vine platform

After reaching the top of the platform, you’ll notice a floating island directly across the platform after the first vine climb. Jump off and glide towards the floating island as marked in the image below. Not to worry, it isn’t far from the platform you are on so it shouldn’t be a problem to get there via glider to get closer to the Temple of Gales source of food 1.

Once you’ve glided to the platform, you should be able to see an air path that will push you up high enough to reach the top of the pillar on the floating platform. The air path and the top of the ruins are marked in the images below.

Once you’ve reached the top of the pillar, proceed forward using your glider until you reach the end of the next platform. At the end of the next platform, is the Fish Pool and the first Temple of Gales source of Food. The pool is marked in the following images below.

final platform
source of food 1

You can now fish in the pool and keep your catch such as the Ancient Cloudminnow.

ancient cloudminnow catch

Source Location 2

From the first pool location, look ahead and there should be a large mountain. Glide to it and climb to the very top of the mountain.

loc 2 source 1

Once you’ve reached the top, walk to the right of the mountain and there, you can spot another pool for fishing.

second fish pool

Source Location 3

From the second location, go ahead and turn around and walk towards the marked doorway in the image below.

next path

After passing through the doorway leading to an open area, go right from the doorway. Head straight to the cliff and glide down the lower neighboring islands as in the image below.

palia food source path

Once you’ve safely reached the lower platform, proceed to the heading northwest of the platform until you reach the cliff or follow the marked image below.

glide to next loc

After doing so, to find the Temple of Gales source of food location number 3, you simply have to look down. From there, carefully make your way to the pool and fish.

fish found

Source Location 4

For this Temple of Gales source of food location, from the third pool location, proceed to climb back up to the surface. To do this, to the right of the third pool should be a climbable object. Climb up and find your way back to the surface. The following images should help you find your way!

to the next loc
climb back up
climb up

Once you’ve gotten back to the surface or where the waterfalls were, opposite the third pool location, head to the marked temple areas in the image below. The temple areas should be right across the waterfalls.

temple area

Getting to the fourth pool it is advised to carefully and slowly make your way through the temple obstacles.

obstacle 4th loc

Carefully make your way through the obstacle. The final jump to the pool is the most difficult but rewarding jump to complete the mission. Once you’ve gotten to the other side with your glider, push to climb up the vines and after doing so, you have now completed and found the Temple of Gales Source of Food in Palia!

4th food loc
final fish caught

Talk To Caleri

When you’ve found all of the fish for the Temple of Gales Source of Food quest, head back to Caleri for a chat. Tell her about what you’ve found! After completing the It Takes a Village quest, you will now proceed to the Eye of the Storm quest.

caleri chat

We hope this helped your journeys through the many quests of Palia. If you want more awesome articles and guides, jump to our official Palia homepage. Join our Official Discord Channel!




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