Everything you Need to Know About Ashura

A pillar of Kilima, Ashura runs the Ormuu’s Inn. He’s always available and ready to help anyone in need and provide guidance when asked.

As soon as the game starts with your character being spawned in the world of Palia, Jina asked you to go to town and meet Ashura so that he can help you settle in the town of Kilima.


You can find him at Ormuu’s Horn which is the town’s inn. He is the resident innkeeper that will assist players in getting comfortable in the town of Kilima and can also serve as your guide to develop your foraging abilities as a mentor.

Kilima Town


  • Welcome to Palia
  • Learning the ropes
  • Plank by plank


He has introductory quests for foraging skills which you can learn in Palia and should you want to further your skill progression with foraging, it is wise to form a friendship with Ashura during your journey in Palia.

He also sells a plethora of items and recipes that can help players with foraging or building their home in Palia.

The best way to get to know Ashura is to befriend him and progress his questline and progressing means advancing your friendship level with him. Through these, you can learn and advance particular skills linked to each of them which in this case is Foraging.

Friendship and Romance with Ashura

The skills and friendship quests of these friendly faces in Palia can benefit the players for their overall gameplay progression. It’s worth noting that some of them can be romanced but players can opt out of it and would not miss any content or rewards that are linked to any gameplay progression. Instead these give players more give more options to their adventure in Palia.

Additionally, all villagers can receive gifts from players each day and they have a special type of gift that they are looking for that week called Weekly Wants which gives players bonus points.

The skill and friendship quests are separate but will be beneficial to the players gameplay progression once they master the knowledge and expertise of the skills that the villagers are connected to, which help players to complete quests available in-game.

To Romance Ashura, you need to achieve a level 3 friendship with the individual in question. Once that’s accomplished, you can go to Zeki’s shop to buy a box of chocolates. By giving this to the villager in this case Ashura; will clearly express your romantic interest, allowing you to start progressing your relationship with them.

We will update more information regarding NPCs in the future, in the meantime you can check out our Palia Homepage for more Palia Content!


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