Where To Find All the Hidden Chests in Palia

Players wanting to explore Palia can actually be rewarded for their eagerness, spending some time finding the hidden chests around the world of Palia can prove rather lucrative!

Hidden Chests in Palia

Different Hidden Chests in Palia

Usually, these hidden chests can be found in the corners and caves of Palia but sometimes they can also be found inside ancient temples or on top of various structures

Currently, these hidden chests in Palia are divided between the two available locations. Within Kilima village, you can uncover 18 chests, while on the opposite side of the map, Bahari Bay boasts 25 hidden chests, all dispersed throughout the area.

Kilima Village Hidden Chests

Map Overview

Hidden Chests in Kilima Village
MapChest NumberLocation
Chest 1In the Water Shrine, first room, behind the right waterfall.
Chest 2In the Water Shrine at the top of the stairs in the first room after gliding across the chasm.
Chest 3In the Water Shrine, drop down the edge of the cliff to the left of the statue, before the chasm.
Chest 4At the feet of the Phoenix Shrine.
Chest 5Near the base of Phoenix Falls, on the ruins in the center of the lake. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 6Near the steps going up to Phoenix Falls, behind the waterfall.
Chest 7Glide across the broken bridge north of Gillyfin Cove and climb up the vines. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 8In the small Ormuu stable at the Family Farm of Badruu.
Chest 9Under the bridge west of Kilima Village.
Chest 10Overlooking the southwest docks, on the clifftop above the campfire.
Chest 11Hanging on a hanger next to the boathouse at the southwest corner of the map.
Chest 12Various stones must be interacted with throughout the entire garden. Try every stone you can find because most of them are little. When you engage with the appropriate shrines, the chest will eventually appear.
Chest 13East of Remembrance Beach, glide to the wooden platforms in the sea. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 14In the Gazebo behind the Mayor’s Estate.
Chest 15Under the northeast pier of Fisherman’s Lagoon.
Chest 16On top of the ruins in the middle of the field north of Fisherman’s Lagoon. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 17Under a bridge in the far southeast corner of the map.
Chest 18At the southeast corner of the map, in the gazebo near Whispering Banks.

Bahari Bay Hidden Chests

Map Overview

Hidden Chests in Bahari Bay
MapChest NumberLocation
Chest 1The chest won’t show up until all 4 Phoenix sculptures have been located.
Chest 2In the Flooded Fortress, above the south waterfall.
Chest 3On the Flooded Fortress’s easternmost section of the shattered bridge. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 4Located to the northeast of Pavel Mines, in a hole in the Ancient Aqueduct.
Chest 5Against the Ancient Aqueduct’s northern wall, south of the Central Stables.
Chest 6Southwest of Coral Shores, on the northward-curving bridge projecting from the Ancient Aqueduct.
Chest 7Inside a minecart close to the big tree, east of Hodari and Najuma’s House.
Chest 8On top of the climbable ruins, to the east of Bahari Bay’s entrance.
Chest 9On top of a climbable pillar in Pulsewater Plains.
Chest 10Between Pulsewater Plains and Beachcomber Cove, on top of the mesa. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 11Halfway between Hideaway Bluffs and the Windy Ruins, in a cave south of the flooded ruins.
Chest 12On top of a crumbling arch at the Windy Ruins.
Chest 13Use Beachcomber Cove’s geyser to glide over the adjacent ruins. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 14On the small island east of Beachcomber Cove. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 15East of The Old Lighthouse, at the end of the pier.
Chest 16Underneath The Old Lighthouse, hidden behind some vines.
Chest 17After reaching the second floor of The Old LightHouse, descend to a broken platform.
Chest 18Northwest of The Old Lighthouse, on the circular ruin. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 19On top of a wooden platform, east of Coral Shores. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 20At the top of a series of platforms in a large cave near Coral Shores.
Chest 21In the hay behind the Central Stables. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 22East of Tamala’s House, tucked up amid the rocks behind a sizable waterfall.
Chest 23Northwest of The Outskirt fast travel sign, on top of a ruined door.
Chest 24On top of the ruined stone pillar. (Requires the use of a Glider)
Chest 25Inside the sunken boat southwest of Tamala’s House.

What Happens When You’ve Found These Hidden Chests in Palia?

By successfully locating and opening 12 of these hidden chests in Palia strategically placed throughout Kilima Village, you’ll earn the esteemed Kilima Caches achievement. Similarly, your efforts in uncovering a total of 30 hidden chests in Palia, cunningly scattered across the expanse of Bahari Bay, will be duly recognized with the impressive Plundering the Bay achievement. These accomplishments showcase your keen sense of exploration and determination within the captivating world of Palia.

Palia Hidden Chest Achievement


When adding these chests the development team gave us a great way of obtaining in-game items through exploration.

As the game is still in its open beta, we’ll work hard to bring you new information about the hidden chests and update this guide in the future. If you found this guide helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Palia on our Palia homepage!


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