Where to Find Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

In Palia there are many insects that stand out during certain times of the day and night. The Paper Lantern Bug is one of these insects as it glows brightly during the night time.

Paper Lantern Bug in Inventory

What is the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

The Paper Lantern Bug in Palia looks similar to the Bahari Glowbug. It is blue in color which makes you able to tell the difference between the Bahari Glowbug and the Paper Lantern Bug.

Paper Lantern Bug After Smoke Bomb

Locations to Find the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

You’ll find them gracing locales such as Beachcomber Cove, Lighthouse Lagoon, and Coral Shores. Additionally, they make their nocturnal appearance in the dense forests of north Bahari Bay, including the Statue Garden, Proudhorn Pass, the Thorny Thicket, The Outskirts, and the Flooded Steps.

Paper Lantern Bugs are most active between the hours of 6:00 PM and 3:00 AM.

Map for the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

Behavior of the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

The soothing blue glow of the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia is a common sight as night falls across much of Bahari Bay. These insects glide gracefully through the air casting a gentle light upon their surroundings. They are easily startled by player movement or the deployment of Smoke Bombs, prompting them to take flight.

Paper Lantern Bugs in Palia have a distinctive bouncing flight pattern which makes them a challenge to catch. While their movements are graceful, they are relatively slow, granting players ample time to take precise aim and unleash a volley of Smoke Bombs before the Paper Lantern Bug vanishes into the night sky.

Paper Lantern Bug Flying

Paper Lantern Bug Belt Type Catch Rate

The catch rate for the radiant Paper Lantern Bug in Palia remains consistent across different belt types with Makeshift Belt, Standard Belt, Fine Belt, and Exquisite Belt all boasting a 100% catch rate.

Belt Type

Paper Lantern Bug Rewards and Gifts

Capturing a Paper Lantern Bug in Palia offers unique rewards. While they don’t yield Silk Thread like some other bugs, these radiant insects are cherished by Auni and Elouisa, two names synonymous with admiration for their luminous charm.

Quests and Accomplishments

The Paper Lantern Bug is needed to complete some quests and in some achievements.

Value of the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia

You will need the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia for the Brightbug Bundle.

Brightbug Bundle

When selling a Paper Lantern Bug in Palia, you will get a base price of 16 Gold, while its gold star quality can fetch 24 Gold.

Whether you seek it for quests, accomplishments, or simply to witness its enchanting flight, the Paper Lantern Bug awaits your discovery along the picturesque shores and within the mystical forests of Bahari Bay. Equip your Smoke Bombs and venture out into the night to try and catch the Paper Lantern Bug.


1. Do Paper Lantern Bugs yield Silk Thread when caught?

No, capturing a Paper Lantern Bug does not grant any Silk Thread.

2. Which Palia residents have a fondness for Paper Lantern Bugs?

Auni and Elouisa are among the Palians who appreciate the luminous charm of Paper Lantern Bugs.

3. What are the key quests and accomplishments associated with Paper Lantern Bugs?

Paper Lantern Bugs play pivotal roles in various quests and accomplishments, including “Mine Mystery,” “Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector,” “Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector,” “Catch Bugs,” and “Advanced Bug Catcher.”

4. Is there a specific belt type required to catch Paper Lantern Bugs effectively?

Paper Lantern Bugs can be caught with ease using any belt type, including Makeshift Belt, Standard Belt, Fine Belt, and Exquisite Belt, all of which offer a 100% catch rate.

5. What is the significance of the Paper Lantern Bug in Palia?

The Paper Lantern Bug is a key component of the coveted Brightbug Bundle, making it a valuable treasure for collectors and adventurers alike.

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