Where To Find Silverwing Eggs In Palia – Temple Of Gales Complete Guide

Silverwing Eggs in Palia, are one of the most challenging items to find but are certainly worth the parkour. As part of the brand new update for the game, players are to find the eggs in various places for the “It Takes a Village” Quest with Zeki. Need a hand to look for all 10 of the Eggs for your mission? Let’s take a step-by-step route to the Silverwing Eggs in Palia and their locations. Keep this in mind! These eggs are incredibly fragile so tread lightly, traveler!

silverwing eggs in palia

Silverwing Eggs In Palia

There are 10 eggs as part of this quest. If you’d like a special reward, there are an additional 5 eggs to find scattered around the Temple of Gales.

Egg Nest 1

To begin, after accepting the quest, start your travels to find the first egg of the mission. From the nest where you will compile the eggs (as in the first image below), proceed to make your way to your first obstacle of the hunt. The Air Rings. You can find this set of obstacles Southeast of the large nest and portal where you will begin.

starting nest
first egg obsta

Complete the set of Air Rings with your Glider until you see two floating Islands connected with a narrow bridge as shown in the image below.

island bridge

After making your way to the floating islands, walk up to them and jump off to get to the next obstacle which is another Air Ring at the end of the two islands. The next obstacle is shown in the image below.

air obstacle

After passing the Air Ring as shown in the image above, you’ll see a temple piece that has a mill on top to the right. The Temple mill is marked in the image below. If you look closely, you’ll see that the Mill has a tiny nest. After spotting the nest, look around and you should be able to spot a Silverwing Egg near the nest.


Egg Nest 2

From the first egg nest, to find the next Silverwing egg, proceed to the next set of obstacles from the first location. It should be a set of gliding obstacles right in front of the first nest location. The next obstacle is marked in the image below.

next island obstacle

Get through the gliding obstacle until you reach the set of vines. Climb up until you reach the top of the platform.

vine obstacle

Once you reach the top, you’ll notice another floating island with large pillars just across your current position as shown in the image below. Jump off the edge and proceed to carefully glide over to the Island.

next obstacle

After landing on the island, you’ll notice behind the ruined pillars, a small Silverwing nest! That’s Silverwing Egg number 2!

Treasure Chest Location

As part of the hunt, secrets! Here’s how you can get to the secret chest from the second Silverwing Egg location! After picking up the second egg from the nest, look behind the pillars and there should be an air boost for you to use. Get on the air pump and reach the top of the pillars.

pillar obstacle air
pillar top palia

Once you’ve reached the top of the pillars, take your glider and jump to the neighboring island as marked in the image below. It is suggested to use the air boost to give you more height as you glide through the air and avoid being short on reaching the island.

tree on an island

As you land, you’ll see a lone chest right under the tree of the island. Claim your prize!

hidden chest

Egg nest 3

After taking the hidden chest on the lone island, look northwest of the island. Do you see an air boost? Take the boost and reach the next location which is to the left of where the 1st egg was found.

air boost

Carefully land on the platform where the Flowstone Gate and Caleri are. This spot will give you more of a look at the area. The platform is as shown in the image below.

After landing on the platform, proceed to jump to the marked platform.

next location platform

To reach the third Silverwing Egg in Palia, climb the object at the end of the platform, turn right, and follow the path to the edge of the area. The area is as seen in the image below.

next loc palia

From there, look Northwest and you’ll see a small island with a single tree. Glide over to the small island and the third Silverwing Egg should be snug in its nest under the tree.

next egg loc

Egg Nest 4

From the fourth egg’s location, go back to the area marked below and get up to the platform. After doing so, you’ll notice waterfalls coming down to a small river. Cross the water and climb up the platforms until you reach the top.

Here is a reference on where you should be on the platform in the image below.


Once you’ve reached the top, look ahead to the temple structure. The next egg should be to the left of the temple hidden behind the bushes. The location is as marked below.

marked 4th location
4th egg

Egg Nest 6

After picking up the 5th egg, return to where Zeki is or go back to the middle of the map using the Flowstone Gate. After making it back, head for the mountains.

6th loc

Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, head right and run to the back of the structure where you’ll find a fallen pillar. At the end of the pillar is the 6th egg of the bunch.

6th egg pillar

Empty Nest and Egg 7

For the seventh of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia, you must journey to the other side of the current mountain where you picked up the sixth egg. When facing the mountain, to the left of it, proceed to the marked area in the image below.

next location 7th egg

Once you’ve reached the circle of the area, run past it and climb the vines up the pillar.

vine obstacle

Once you reach the top, jump to the next obstacle and climb to the top platform to proceed.

climb obstacle

From there, walk to the end of the bridge where you’ll spot an empty Nest.

To find the Seventh egg of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia, from the platform where you found the empty egg nest, look Southeast where you’ll spot a floating island with a large tree. Before the Floating Island is an air boost you can use to get to the island. Use your glider carefully!

next island 7th egg

Under the large tree, is a small nest containing the 7th egg of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia.

silverwing egg 7

Egg Nest 8

We’re almost at the very end of this guide! To get to the next stop, from the island where you got the seventh of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia, there should be a smaller island right next to it. It’s fairly lower than your current island so gliding shouldn’t be a challenge.

next loc island

After safely landing on the island, your next task is to glide over to the main island right in front of you as shown in the image below. It may be a bit short so prepare to grab on the rock surface and climb up!

main island

Once you’re on the mainland, go back to the temple circle and go back up the vines until you’re back at the empty nest egg. Next to the bridge structure that you’re on is an air boost. If you look up the bridge, you’ll see another platform floating right above you. Take the boost and land on the floating platform.

next platform floating

This floating platform has another air boost. Take the air boost and land on the island right in front of it where you’ll see another nest with an egg. Collect your reward!

last island
egg loc island

Egg Nest 9

Second, to last egg, you’ll need to find for the mission! Great job so far! To get to the Ninth of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia from the Eighth egg’s location, look north of the small island the last egg was on. Notice another set of islands? Use your glider and land safely on the marked area in the image below.

nest platform island

From there, cross over to the main island using the floating pillars.

pillar parkours

On the last pillar, jump over to the air boosts you’ll see right in front of it. Refer to the image below for a better look.

air boost parkours

The boosts will then take you to a narrow cliff at the side of the main island. Carefully make your way over and land safely.

cliff side egg

From there, use the climbable object on your left side, as marked in the first image below, and climb up to where you will be greeted with the ninth egg of the bunch. One more to go!

left ladder for the egg

Egg Nest 10 And Flowstone Gate

The last of the 10 eggs you’ll need for your mission is not far from your current position! The Flowstone Gate is also near the final egg. To find them, cross the fallen pillar on the platform the ninth egg is found on and make a short climb up the ladder and to the surface.

egg 10
ladder to the surface

Once you’ve gotten yourself up, run around the corner until you reach the Flowstone Gate. From there, open it up for Elouisa where you can then have a chat with her.

elouisa chat
elouisa chat 2

To find the last egg for your mission, head west of where Elouisa is.

10th egg loc

As you walk by, you’ll see a climbable ladder on the side of the structure to your right. Take it up the structure and jump to the left as shown in the image below.

10th egg

Once you’ve found all of the eggs, take a journey back to Zeki and hand in the 10 eggs that you have found!

Bonus Portion!

5 More Eggs For A Sweet Reward!

There are 15 Silverwing Eggs in Palia. The first 10 will be for Zeki’s “It takes a Village” quest while the last 5 will just be for a bonus reward. Find the final 5 Silverwing Eggs in Palia to get a chest as a reward.

Bonus Egg 11

On the same main island where you found the 10th of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia, climb up high to the top of the structure and use the air boosts to get around. Keep your eyes peeled! the 11th egg can be found on one of the lone floating islands with no trees! To be more specific, the island the 11th egg is on is West in the compass! You should be able to see a tiny nest cradling the egg! Refer to the images below for a better look.

11th egg
11th egg on island

Bonus Egg 12

For this one, from the current floating island for the 11th egg, directly below the island is another island but this time, with trees. Use your glider to carefully make your way down and once again, go lower to the island right next to it. Refer to the images below for better reference.

12th egg island

Once you’ve landed on the next island, look below and you’ll see another island right behind it. Jump down safely and you’ll be greeted by the 12th of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia for you to pick up.

12th egg island 2
12th egg loc

After finding all of the Silverwing Eggs in Palia and placing them back in the larger nest by Zeki, you will have completed the In Takes a Village with Zeki. For more references, refer to the video down below and we’ll see you next time!

Silverwing Eggs in Palia are one of the most difficult-to-find items in the game but they are they are also part of the more rewarding items. Although not all 15 Silverwing eggs in Palia were shown step-by-step ways to get them, our video features a more complete path for you to follow! Keep your eyes peeled and leave a like and sub!

We hope our guide on the Silverwing Eggs in Palia helped you out on your quests! For more awesome Palia guides, jump to our official Palia homepage for more content! Join our official discord channel!




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