Where to Find Spitfire Cicada in Palia

The Spitfire Cicada in Palia is one of the harder bugs to catch. We will discuss where to go as well as what time you need to be there in order to catch the Spitfire Cicada.

Spitfire Cicada in Palia on a Tree

What is the Spitfire Cicada in Palia

The Spitfire Cicada in Palia is a lively native insect. It may be small, but its presence is known thanks to its distinctive features. This Cicada is known for its vibrant appearance, featuring yellow and orange wings that beautifully blend with the leaves, making it challenging to spot.

Spitfire Cicada in Inventory

Locations to Find the Spitfire Cicada in Palia

If you want to catch the Spitfire Cicada in Palia you need to head to Bahari Bay. Bahari Bay is home to a lot of insects and animals. If you enjoy fishing you can try out the many fishing spots as well.

Spitfire Cicada Locations

Identify the Spitfire Cicada


Spitfire Cicadas closely resemble their real-life counterparts. They have yellow wings with brown ends and bright yellow spots. They have brown heads and arms.

Location on Trees

These cicadas are always found hovering close to the trunk of a tree, typically at the waist to shoulder height. The good news is that you don’t need to chop down trees to find them. Simply listen for the distinctive bug alert sound as you approach a tree, and you’re likely to discover them without visual inspection.


The Spitfire Cicada in Palia will hide if anyone gets too close. This is normal for all insects. Approach it slowly so that you do not scare it off.

Spitfire Cicada Hunt Timing

You can spot Spitfire Cicadas in Bahari Bay during the morning and day.

Spitfire Cicada’s are most active between the hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00 PM. If you want to increase your chances of spotting one, make sure you’re on the lookout during these hours.

Capturing Spitfire Cicada

Catching Spitfire Cicada in Palia

The Spitfire Cicada in Palia are masters of camouflage. Their yellow and orange wings make them nearly indistinguishable from the leaves of the Sapwood trees they inhabit. As a result, spotting them can be a real challenge.

Once you see a Spitfire Cicada in Palia you need to slow and and get your Smoke Bombs ready. They’ll remain still attached to the trees until they sense player movement or the use of Smoke Bombs.

Sticky Smoke Bombs can be your best friend when trying to catch Spitfire Cicadas. They will slow them down so you can catch them easier.

For those seeking to enhance their bug-hunting experience, employing a Buzzy Jar is highly recommended. This special tool assists in locating Spitfire Cicada in Palia and other rare insects by tracking their presence in specific areas for a duration of 15 minutes.

Spitfire Cicada Rewards

When you successfully capture one of these insects, you can obtain Silk Thread, ranging from 0 to 7 threads per cicada.

Quests and Achievements

If you’re looking to complete the Brightbug Bundle in the Temple of Flames, catching Spitfire Cicadas is a must.

Brightbug Bundle

The Spitfire Cicada forms part of a few achievements. We have listed them below:

  • Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector
  • Master Kilima and Bahari Bug Collector
  • My First Rare Bug
  • Catch Bugs
  • Advanced Bug Catcher

Rarity and Valuables

Spitfire Cicadas are considered rare in the world of Palia. Their rarity draws all types of bug hunters to try and catch one.

When you capture a Spitfire Cicada in Palia, you’re not just collecting a rare insect; you’re also collecting gold. These bugs can fetch you a decent sum, with a base value of 145 Gold and a star quality value of 217 Gold.


1. Can I find Spitfire Cicadas in locations other than Bahari Bay?

No, Spitfire Cicadas are exclusive to Bahari Bay, so that’s the only place you’ll find them.

2. Do I need any special tools to catch Spitfire Cicadas?

While not mandatory, Sticky Smoke Bombs can make the process of catching Spitfire Cicadas much easier.

3. Are Spitfire Cicadas required for any in-game quests?

Yes, they are essential for completing the Brightbug Bundle quest in the Temple of Flames.

4. What is the best time of day to search for Spitfire Cicadas?

You’ll have the best chance of finding Spitfire Cicadas during the morning and day in Bahari Bay.

5. How valuable are Spitfire Cicadas?

Spitfire Cicadas are quite valuable, with a base value of 145 Gold and a star quality value of 217 Gold.

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