Where To Find Stormseeker Medallions In Palia

Stormseeker Medallions in Palia. Have trouble completing the Stormseeker Bundle in Palia? Here’s our complete guide to finding all 6 of the Stormseeker Medallions in Palia to cut your time in looking and in the quest.

stormseeker medallions in palia

Stormseeker Medallions In Palia

Finding the First Medallion

Note: Finding the Stormseeker Medallions in Palia is easier using a Glider as some chests containing the Medallions are located in hard-to-reach areas on the map.

stormseeker bundle temple

To find the first Stormseeker Medallion in Palia, proceed to Bahari Bay. Using the Stables to travel faster is a better way to get to Bahari Bay without running back and forth.

first stormseeker medallion loc

Once you’ve arrived in Bahari Bay to find the first of the Stormseeker Medallions in Palia, proceed to this ruin and glide to the top of the debris. From there, you should be able to see a chest hidden on the top. It is suggested to have a glider ready to make getting up the ruined debris a lot better.

bahari ruines - first stormseeker medallion
stormseeker chest

Claim the loot in the chest and you now have the first Stormseeker Medallion in Palia.

first stormseeker medallion in palia loot

Finding The Second Medallion

To find the second of the Stormseeker Medallions in Palia, proceed from the first location to the marked location on the map below.

second stormseeker medallion loc

Once you’ve arrived at the location, the chest containing the second Stormseeker Medallion can be found on the edge of a cliff. Using your Glider or climbing, you can then claim the Medallion.

second stormseeker medallion
cliff chest second medallion
2nd medallion chest

Finding The Third Medallion

The third of the Stormseeker Medallions isn’t far from the second location. As marked on the map below, it is a close run from the second Medallion chest.

third medallion loc

The chest for the third Stormseeker Medallion can be found on the lower cliff next to the bridge. From there, head to the marked cliff where you can claim the chest and receive the third Stormseeker Medallion.

Finding The Fourth Medallion

Finding the fourth Medallion can be a little more challenging than the rest as you’ll have to jump into a mine and squeeze into small spaces. We like a challenge for good rewards, don’t we? To make it easier, we have marked the area where you can find the mine opening.

mine loc for fourth medallion
mine opening

Once you’ve found the opening, proceed to jump down into the mine.

Once you’ve reached the bottom, proceed to run through the halls until you reach the opening on the floor. Then, drop down.

After dropping down the opening, you should be able to spot vines on the wall. From there, pass through the vines.

vines fourth medallion

After you walk through the vines covering an opening, walk forward and turn right until you drop down and arrive at a small temple. From there, and beside the shrine, the chest containing the fourth of the Stormseeker Medallions should be spotted as marked in the image below.

fourth chest stormseeker medallion

Finding The Fifth Medallion

For the Fifth Medallion, it is also not so far from the previous Medallion. As marked in the map below, once you’ve exited the mine after picking up the fourth Stormseeker Medallion, you can then proceed to the next location.

Once you’ve exited the mine, you can find a couple of ruined debris. Hidden in the debris is the chest containing the fifth Medallion. You will need to look around a little more to spot the chest as it may be hidden behind the ruins. However, it isn’t as difficult. It just needs more elbow grease to spot!

fifth medallion chest

Finding The Sixth Medallion – Vault Of The Gales

Last but not least, the sixth of the Stormseeker Medallions in Palia, you will need to go back to Kilima Village and meet Zeki in the Night Sky Temple.

zeki mail
zeki quest
gales quest map loc

Once you enter the Temple, you should be able to spot Zeki waiting for you at the shrines.

zeki temple

Proceed to talk to Zeki about finding the Stormseeker Medallions in Palia. After talking to Zeki, he will give you the final Stormseeker Medallion which completes all 6.

zeki medallion

After receiving the final Stormseeker Medallion, you can then contribute all of the Medallions you’ve found throughout Palia into the shrines. This will complete the Stormseeker Bundle.

stormseeker bundle completed

We hope our complete guide to finding the Stormseeker Medallions helped you in your journeys. For more Palia content, jump to our Palia Homepage. Join our official Discord Channel to be the first to be notified of new releases, guides, and more news.




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