Where to Find the Repair Station in Palia?

Here is a complete guide on where to find the Repair Station in Palia to repair your tools and ensure that they stay in top shape!

Within the captivating realm of Palia, a plethora of thrilling skills and activities await – from foraging, mining, fishing, hunting, bug catching, and gardening. As you embark on your epic journey, don’t forget to equip yourself with the coolest tools this world has to offer.  These trusty companions will help you complete your activities, collect resources, level, and conquer the wilds of Palia. 

You can upgrade these tools to elevate their quality and help you engage in-game activities more efficiently. The four tiers of upgrades are Makeshift, Standard, Fine, and Exquisite. Remember, greater upgrades come with higher gold and skill level requirements.

Of course, the passage of time and usage inevitably lead to wear and tear on your tools. You can always craft a new one, but it would cost double your money and effort – a fate best avoided! The Repair Station saves you from having to craft new tools.

Repair Station in Palia

The Repair Station serves as your tool-healing haven in Palia. It takes the form of an anvil that you can find in the Blacksmith Shop in Kilima Village and Bahari Stables in Bahari Bay. You can also construct your own Repair Station in Palia if you have attained Level 4 in Mining. Let me further guide you on where to find the repair stations.

repair station in palia

Blacksmith Shop in Kilima Village

If you haven’t reached level 4 in Mining or if you are away from home, the easiest way to find a repair station in Palia is through the Blacksmith Shop in Kilima Village. Sifuu, the local Blacksmith, usually resides here. Head to the town center and locate the unmistakable Blacksmith Shop. Should you find yourself lost, you can always rely on the trusty map and follow the marked path.


Your Plot to the Blacksmith Shop

Depart from your house and head to Kilima Village. Proceed straight and turn right when you reach an intersection. The right path will lead you to Kilima Village, while the left path will lead you to Bahari Bay. Continue onwards, and you will reach the center of the town. Positioned on the left, near the gateway, is the Blacksmith Shop.

Bahari Stables in Bahari Bay

If you are around the shores of Bahari Bay, you can also find a Repair Station in the Bahari Stables. Depart from your house and head to Bahari Bay. Once you are in Bahari Bay, cross the bridge going to the Ancient Aquadact to find the Bahari Stables. Again, allow your map to be your unwavering guide.

Own Repair Station in Palia

If you have achieved level Four in Mining, you can construct your own repair station! Track down Hodari and purchase the coveted Repair Station recipe. Craft it, simply place it onto your plot, and voilà – no more long treks to Kilima Village or Bahari Bay!

repair station

Your tools are now at your disposal, free to be wielded without the specter of breaking looming overhead!

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