Where to Find the Vampire Crab in Palia

Greetings, fellow Palian! Have you heard the legend of the Vampire Crab in Palia? It is one of the mysterious nocturnal creatures in Bahari. The legend spread out to the village and I am here to tell you that story. It goes like this…

In Twilight’s tender dance, a creature emerges. A symphony of shadow where mystique converges, With claws like crescent moons, and eyes aglow, The Vampire Crab enters a realm few dare to know. A tale of twilight, of nature’s delight, In Bahari’s depths, this creature takes flight.

How to Catch Vampire Crab in Palia?

Catching Vampire Crab in Palia

You can catch Vampire Crab in Palia using Bug catching skills. Bug catching requires a Smoke bomb. A standard Smoke Bomb is sufficient for you to have one of the mysterious nocturnal creatures in Bahari. However, if you prefer a smoke bomb with additional ability, you can purchase its recipe from Auni.

Begin your Vampire Crab catching by making a sufficient supply of smoke bombs!

Standard Smoke Bomb Recipe:

  • 1 Clay
  • 1 Sundrop Lily
Creating Smoke Bomb for catching Vampire Crab in Palia


Vampire Crab in Palia is only present on the coast of the Flooded Fortress in Bahari. They are only active at night between 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM Palian time. Thus, they are nocturnal.

Location of Vampire Crab in Palia


Be sure to differentiate Vampire Crabs from regular Bahari Crabs! It is a bit hard to distinguish the two during nighttime.

Vampire Crab

Vampire Crab in Palia
  • Vampire Crab has a dark red shell and red appendages.

Bahari Crab

Bahari Crab in Palia
  • Bahari Crab has an orange-red shell and light-red appendages.


Quests: “Vault of Waves”

In the quest of Vault of Waves you are required to look at a glowing mural at the Night Sky Temple. Where you are assigned to collect items known as Bundles. They are divided into four constellations with a different number of Bundles in each group.

Night Sky Temple Mural

The Vampire Crab is required on the first bundle, the “Spooky Bundle” of the first constellation, Fish Constellation.

Spooky Bundle requires Vampire Crab in Palia

Gives Silk Threads

Silk Threads helps you to build your dream home. It makes your furniture more elegant and luxurious.
It is used for crafting exquisite silk and the coveted Buzzy Jar. Vampire Crab gives you 0 to 7 Silk Threads when caught.

Vampire Crab in Palia gives Silk Thread

Market Value of Vampire Crab in Palia

Selling Vampire Crab is an excellent way to earn more Gold. It costs 145 Gold when you sell it. So, be sure to collect as many as you can to gain more!

Market Value of Vampire Crab in Palia

Well done fellow Palian! Catching a Vampire Crab is easier than we think. It is truly one of the most mysterious creatures in Bahari!

Watch the video down below for clarification!

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