Palia - Worms and Glow Worms Farm

Where to get Useful Worms and Glow Worms in Palia?

Worms are a super important item in Palia. They can be helpful in fishing and in fertilizing alongside fertilizers themselves. In this guide, we will show you how to get Worms as well as Glow Worms. There are 3 ways to get worms:

  • Buying from the General Store.
  • Buying through medals.
  • Worm Farm.

Where to get useful Worms and Glow Worms in Palia?

First Option: General Store

The General Store sells worms for only 10 gold. The General Store is located in Kilima Village and is run by Zeki. The General Store is the easiest way to get worms which can be used for fishing or fertilizing crops.

Palia - General Store
Palia General Store - Zeki's Store
General Storm - Worm

Second Option: Worm Farm and Glow Worm Farm

The second way to acquire worms is by creating them yourself by using a Worm Farm or a Glow Worm Farm. It is important to remember that you have to craft the farm itself first, before getting the worms. To craft the Worm and Glow Worm Farms, you have to at least be at level 2 fishing to unlock the Worm Farm recipe from Einar. Once unlocked, you have to go to a worktable to craft items, making sure you have secured the needed ingredients for the farm you want to craft. Click the worktable and head to crafters, scroll down to choose which farm you want, either a standard Worm Farm or a Glow Worm Farm.

Similarly, you can use both standard worms or even Glow Worms to fish or work alongside your fertilizer for a better quality and quicker harvest. Both worms can be used for Raw foods, Gatherables, Campfire Foods, Cooking Recipes, and Pickles, also in Reth’s and Zeki’s Shops. Truly, having worms in your inventory is a great benefit because you can use it in many ways!

Once you have secured your Worm and Glow Worm Farms, the work gets easier from here on because all you have to do is put in crops and wait to produce not only worms but also fertilizers which you might also find helpful for your farm and recipes.

Third Option: Buy Worms through Medals

If you do not want to buy worms from the General Store or grow them yourself by using a Worm Farm, you can head to the Fisherman’s Lagoon which is on the lower end of the map, and meet with Einar. If you want to find out more information about the Fisherman’s Lagoon, Fishing Guild Store, and Einar click here!

Palia - Fisherman's Lagoon
Palia - Einar's Store

Once you meet with Einar, access the Fishing Guild Store to buy worms. For this option, you can buy Glow Worms for 10 Medals. Take note that Skill Medals can be earned after Skill Level 10 from leveling up and completing challenges.

Palia - Worms and Glow Worms
Palia - Fishing Guild Store

Aside from growing and harvesting crops and finishing food recipes, standard Worms and Glow Worms can be used as fishing bait and the results would vary depending on the bait you decided to use when you fish. There are three main options: fishing with no bait, with Worm, and with Glow Worm. 

When you decide to fish without any bait attached to your fishing rod, you will only be able to catch very basic fish. An example of a fish you might catch without using any bait is a Gillyfin, which is a very common fish found in Kilima Lake.

Palia Fishing - No Bait
Palia Fishing - Gillyfin

Adding a regular Worm to your fishing rod will allow you to attract a different fish with higher value. An example would be a Smallmouth Bass.

Palia Fishing - Worm Bait
Palia Fishing - Smallmouth Bass

Lastly, you can use Glow Worms as bait for you to catch a rare fish, with a higher value than the regular ones. An example would be an Enchanted Pupfish.

Palia Fishing - Glow Worm Bait
Palia Fishing - Enchanted Pupfish

Worms and Glow Worms are a great addition to your inventory. You can use the glow worms to fish for some food! Wanting to know what recipes you can do with the resources you farm and hunt? Check out our Complete Palia Food Recipe List!

For more information and guides regarding Palia, feel free to check this out for the MMO Wiki Palia Homepage, and a Discord server, here to be the first to know on new releases, news, and updates! Until next time, happy travels!


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