Tarisland: Camp Carlyan Dungeon Guide

Now that the closed beta of the game Tarisland starts, there are players who got the chance to participate in it. During the closed beta, you will be able to clear dungeons and be rewarded after finishing it. In normal difficulty, the third dungeon is called Camp Carlyan. This article is about the Camp Carlyan dungeon guide and it will help you to have information about what you will face and strategies for defeating them.

Camp Carlyan Dungeon

In Camp Carlyan dungeon, normal difficulty, there are two requirements before entering it; you need to be level 17 and have a combat power of 33. But in elite difficulty, since it is much harder, you need to be level 28 and have a combat power of 65. There will be three different bosses that you need to defeat before clearing it. Each of them has unique skills and strategies for beating them. Camp Carlyan dungeon guide

Camp Carlyan Dungeon Guide

Boomspike (Centurion)

Tarisland Boomspike

Boomspike is the first boss of the Camp Carlyan dungeon. He is a centurion that is serving in the Black Flag Army. It is one of the few Parker who is proficient in using dynamites.

Boomspike Skills

Blasting Grenade

Boomspike randomly sends 3 consecutive bombs at a player, inflicting damage on all players within a 3-meter radius.

Bursting Fist

Boomspike will deal AoE damage to the location with the largest number of players, dealing significant damage to all players within a 25*6 meter radius.

Summon Support

Defeating Boomspike alone is not enough, it will also summon some of his underlings riding a mine cart.

Challenge Strategy

For all of the roles, it will just be the same strategy that is needed to be done. First, dodge the Blasting Grenade and Burning Fist by staying out of its range. Some of the class has a skill that increases their movement speed and it will be a huge help in dodging attacks. If you did not dodge its skills, you will be inflicted a lot of damage and you do not want that to happen even if you have a healer on your team.

Tarisland Boomspike Skills

Pay attention when Boomspike uses Summon Support, you can change the destination of its underlings by clicking the toggle switch, it will change the course of their mine cart and you will be able to avoid fighting them.

Redpike (Commando Captain)

Tarisland Redpike

Redpike is the second boss of the Camp Carlyan dungeon. He is the one checking the middle management of the Black Flag Army. It mastered all kinds of weapons and equipment that were able to help him in combat.

Redpike Skills

Anesthetic Bomb

Redpike sends a bomb at the farthest player, mostly support or range DPS, dealing a little damage and inflicting anesthesia. If that player moves, he will be stunned caused by the anesthesia.

Sniper Rifle

Redpike will reload for 4 seconds, and will immediately deal AoE damage within a rectangular area of 40×8 meters.

Ammo Reload

Redpike will randomly drop an ammo box and if he gets it, he will be able to replenish the ammo for 5 seconds.

Fire Support

Redpike will call fire support to strike each player where they are located. It will cause significant damage in a 4-meter radius surrounding the target.

Bullet Storm

Redpike uses the weapon it last used to inflict significant damage on an area 12 meters in radius around itself for 6 seconds.

Challenge Strategy

You need to dodge and get out of range from its skills like Sniper Rifle and Bullet Storm. When you got hit by its Anesthetic Bomb, stop moving around in order to avoid triggering the stun.

Tarisland Redpike Skills

In its skill, Ammo Reload, go to the ammo box and destroy it before Redpike goes near it and replenishes his ammo.

Reggiepike (Treasure Hunter)

Tarisland Reggiepike

Reggiepike is the last boss of the Camp Carlyan dungeon. He was once a notorious pirate who got tired of looting chests and cracking trap mechanisms. His exceptional combat abilities are able to help him in leading the Black Flag Army.

Reggiepike Skills

Piercing Double-Blade

Reggiepike will attack using his 2 weapons at the same time, dealing substantial damage to the current target.

Poison Dart

Reggiepike will throw a Poison Dart at the player who is the furthest away, inflicting the poisoned status on the player and delivering damage to the player and other players within 3 meters for 8 seconds.

Blade Flurry

Reggiepike will throw daggers in a radius of 7 meters around himself which will inflict substantial damage within it.

Sneak and Sneak Attack

Reggiepike will launch a smoke bomb, entering the Sneak state, and leaving his weapon to continue attacking the players. He will suddenly emerge next to a random player and deal a ton of damage after his Sneak status expires.

Blade Dash

Reggiepike will charge toward the three farthest non-poisoned players in a row, dealing substantial damage to them.

Challenge Strategy

You need to avoid the range of Reggipike skills like Blade Flurry. For Blade Dash, you just need to move around the area to spread out the damage of it. Be aware of the surroundings since after Reggipike left the Sneak state, there will be a flying blade from the weapon he left.

Tarisland Reggiepike Skills

If you are a healer, pay attention to the health and status of your teammates since if they got hit by Poison Dart, they will be poisoned.

Is this Camp Carlyan dungeon guide able to help you at all? We hope so since there will be more upcoming content just like this. Please visit our official website to view more Tarisland content.


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