Tarisland Frost Mage Build Guide

Tarisland Frost Mage Complete Build Guide

In the world of Tarisland players have many choices when it comes to picking their class to master, and here is how to conquer with our Tarisland Frost Mage Build Guide.

Players can use this guide to choose which class best fits their playstyles before selecting a class in the game or learning about the Mage class and its associated specializations.

Here’s all you need to know to master this powerful enchanter, The Tarisland Frost mage, scroll down below for our guide!

Tarisland Frost Mage Build Guide

Mage Specializations

Players have a choice between two specializations in this class. Each specialization has its own set of special abilities that players can easily swap between.

Only two characters in Tarisland can produce Pure Ranged-Damage without regard to their specialty, the other is the Ranger.

Ingame description: Frost left, flame right, arcane glow eternal, I control all order.

Tarisland Frost Mage

The Tarisland Frost mage specializes in damage and crowd control by freezing enemies. They are combo-focused and lean towards a kiting style that can trigger and stack energy through flexible movements. Besides the output-leaning “ice cone style” gives up some mobility to have more control over the timing. The accumulated ice energy deals incredibly high Ice dmg.


Here are the List of Skills for the Tarisland Frost Mage.

Icy Chill

Every time a Water Bomb is Cast, you gain 5 Water Energy. Every time Ice Spikeweed is cast, up to a maximum of 30 Water Energy will be converted to Ice Energy.

Icicle Storm you can increase the number of attacks by consuming extra Ice Energy.

Every 30 Ice Energy can increase the number of attacks by 1 additionally after you obtain Artic Icicle, 90 Will be cast instantly when your Ice Energy stacks up to Artic Icicle.

Water Bomb

Cast RangeCast TimeCost MPCooldownEffect
16mInstant700secLaunch 2* Water Bombs to attack the target. Each bomb deals Magic DMG equal to 46%* of your ATK + 80 and grants you Water Energy.
TAKE NOTE THAT, *= scaling per level

Water Spirit

Cast RangeCast TimeCost MPCooldownEffect
16mInstant7035secSummon a Water Spirit near the Target that will automatically look for the tarted and inflict [self-Destruction] on it, dealing Magic DMG equal to 4%* of your ATK+298* to the target and the enemies within 519*m around it. In the Next 3sec, you gain 15* Water Energy Per second.
TAKE NOTE THAT, *= scaling per level

Ice Spikeweed

Cast RangeCast TimeCost MPCooldownEffect
16mInstant700secShoot an [Ice Spike] at the target dealing Magic DMG equal to 53%* of your ATK+93*.
When you have Water Energy, it will consume up to 30* and convert it to Ice Energy in equal amounts. For every 1* Water Energy consumed, the DMG of the skill is increased by 5 %*
TAKE NOTE THAT, *= scaling per level

Icicle Storm

Cast RangeCast TimeCost MPCooldownEffect
16mInstant706secThis skill won’t deal with any Crit DMG/ Immediately generate 2* Icicles to attack the target. Each icicle deals Magic DMG equal to 100%* of your ATK+176*.
You can deal with extra attacks with this skill by consuming Ice Energy. Every 30* Ice Energy grants 1* additional attack.
TAKE NOTE THAT, *= scaling per level

Snow Storm

Cast RangeChannel TimeCost MPCooldownEffect
16m3sec703secSummon a Snowstorm to the targeted place, attacking enemies within the range 3* times within 4*sec. Each attack deals Magic DMG of 35%* of your ATK+65, and imposes a Crisp effect: slows down the target’s movement speed by 20%* for 3*sec.
This skill can’t be cast when moving ( will be interrupted by movement and jump.)
TAKE NOTE THAT, *= scaling per level

Ice Increase

Cast RangeCast TimeCost MPCooldownEffect
2mInstant7060secTrigger the ice power to boost your combo rate by 8*%, combo DMG by 10*%, and ATK by 10*. The effect lasts for 74*sec.
TAKE NOTE THAT, *= scaling per level


The ultimates for each of the mage specializations varies slightly from one another, however the Tarisland Frost mage variant focuses on their assigned element.

Ultimates Frost Mage

Dimensional Movement

Flash to a designated direction for 16m.

CooldownCast RangeCast TimeEffect

Ice Shield

Get an ice shield that negated DMG of 20% of your max HP, and lasts for 30secs.

CooldownCast RangeEffect

Ice Skin

You will be protected by the ice skin, reducing the DMG you take by 80% and the DMG you deal by 50%. The Effects will last for 8sec.

CooldownCast RangeEffect
60sec2mDamage Reduction

Ice Shock

Launch an Ice wave to make enemies within 4m Knockback.

CooldownCast RangeEffect

Spell Interference

Interrupt Target’s special casting.

Some Boss skills can’t be Interrupted

CooldownCast RangeEffect

Spell Restraint

Chant for 2secs and make the target confined for 15sec.
Chance of DMG negation: 100%
The ultimate can’t be cast while moving (jump or move)

CooldownCast RangeEffect
Tarisland Frost Mage Build Guide

Build Recommendations

Icicle Storm Build

Enhance Icicle Storm with flexible DMG output.
Suitable for battles that require frequent position-shifting.

Frosty Chill

After Icicle Storm hits, the following Water Bomb deals 3%* more DMG. This effect can stack up to 5* times.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm has a 15%* chance to make your next Snowstorm an instant Cast without MP cost. Casting Snowstorm DMG increased by %s. Instantly grant you 3* Water Energy.

Enhanced Icicle Storm

Icicle Storm deals 2%* more base DMG. When Ice Energy is consumed, 2.33% of the consumed Ice Energy will be returned after casting.

Build Breakdown

Frosty Chill = Use Icicle Storm to Trigger and StackIce Storm =  Gain an Instant Snowstorm, and attacks gain water energy for enhanced Snow Storm DMGEnhanced Icicle Storm = DMG Bonus & returns Ice Energy when consumed.

Arctic Icicle Build

Switch Ice Spikeweed to Arctic Icicle, which uses a special mechanic to deal with high DMG, and is weak in battles requiring movement.
Note: Plan your timing properly for high DMG Arctic Icicle and Icicle Storm.

Cold Energy

Casting Arctic Icicle instantly grants 1 Cold Energy, up to 3.

Burst Icicle

Casting Water Spirit has a 50% chance to replenish 1 Cold Energy and reduce the casting time of the next Arctic Icicle by 50%.

Enhanced Icicle

Instantly cast Arctic Icicle deals 16%* more DMG.
Arctic Icicle by spending 1*, 2*, or 3* Cold Energy, there is a respective 20%*, 50%*, and 100%* chance to gain 30* Ice Energy.

Build Breakdown

Cold Energy = Obtain energy for DMG BonusBurst Icicle = Gain Cold Energy for Chanting Time Reduction.Enhanced Icicle = DMG Bonus & Gain Ice Energy  
Frost Mage Ablilities


Tarisland Frost Mage in combat are pretty immobile, making it a little bit more difficult to dish out continuous DMG; but by being a Ranged-Damage class all you need to do is keep your distance. However, the Icicle Storm Build allows players to be more flexible with their positioning.

As you Level up, defeating mobs and bosses with the Tarisland Frost Mage will become a much easier task to do. Players receive crafting materials and equipment to help them raise their character’s stats as rewards from dungeons and world monsters.


Being one of the DPS focused classes in the game, The Tarisland Frost mage is one of the best assets to have in your party for boss raids and even daily exploration, with their crit-enhanced DMG getting by in the game would be a breeze once players get by their relative immobility.

After mastering your Tarisland Frost Mage, why don’t you check out our Flame mage build guide? Don’t hesitate to check out our other build guides and news about Tarisland on our main page MMO Wiki or if you want to discuss more about games, join our community discord!


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