Tarisland: Forest Altar Dungeon Guide

In Tarisland, you will find the fifth dungeon after you complete the Campaign is called the Forest Altar. This is a Forest Altar Dungeon Guide that can help you clear it by fighting enemies. There will be also strategies that are useful for running the dungeon.

Tarisland Forest Altar Dungeon Guide

Forest Altar Dungeon

So to start, let me give you a heads up on some information to remember before challenging the dungeon. Forest Altar dungeon will not be easy since it is the second to the last dungeon. In the normal version, you need to be at least level 33 with an equipment level of 66. And if you are up for a much more challenging version, try the elite difficulty. It requires you to be at least level 35 and to have high-tier equipment where the required power is 85.

Now, in both versions, you will fight three bosses which were bred as a synthetic organism by Zelo. So before entering the Forest Altar, try to exceed the requirements since it will be a difficult dungeon!

Florena (Thorny Princess)

Tarisland Florena

Florena is the first boss of Forest Altar Dungeon. She could leave a lily to anyone who approaches her.

Florena Skills

  • Summon Worker Bee
    • Florena summons a worker bee that will collect nectar. If the worker bee successfully returns to her, she will be enhanced and increase her damage.
  • Spikeweed Root
    • Florena selects a random player that inflicts AoE damage once in a radius of 2 meters around the player’s location every second, 5 times in total.
  • Nutrient Absorption
    • Florena inflicts substantial damage to all players and Nutrient Absorption status on them for 10 seconds. If the players have Nutrient Absorption, they will suffer from DOT or damage over time.
  • Kiss of Death
    • Florena inflicts a ton of damage to all players within a 3-meter radius of a random target. They will also share all the damage.

Challenge Strategy

Fighting Florena requires you and your teammates to stay together especially if she uses her skill Kiss of Death. By entering the skill range of it, you and your teammates will share all the damage which is good since if only one player took all the damage, it will be a huge problem to your team.

Tarisland Forest Altar Strategy

Remember to always kill the worker bees, especially for the DPS players, when they are killed, it will leave a Nourishing Field of 4 meters. When a player enters the Nourishing Field, players continuously recover HP. You do not want Florena to get her worker bees back since she will just get a damage buff.

Bilmer (Created Mushroom Bear)

Tarisland Forest Altar Bilmer

Bilmer is the second boss of Forest Altar Dungeon. It is a strong bear that was infused with the hallucinogenic poison of a mushroom which makes him a dangerous creature.

Bilmer Skills

  • Roar
    • Bilmer inflicts damage on all players.
  • Savage Dash
    • Bilmer dashes towards the farthest player, inflicting damage and stun to all players in the path.
  • Fierce Pounce
    • Bilmer inflicts damage in a fan-shaped area of 60 degrees within 25 meters radius.
  • Summon Poisonous Mushrooms
    • Bilmer summons a Toadstool that can reduce the healing effects by 5%. That is stackable and cannot be removed until eliminating the Toadstool.
  • Fearing Roar
    • Bilmer inflicts substantial damage to all players, entering the Berserk status that can enhance his damage more.
  • Roaring Bomb
    • Bilmer randomly selects 1 player and spits a Roaring Bomb toward the player. If got hit, it will inflict damage to him and nearby players.

Challenge Strategy

There will be an important task for all the roles to do while fighting Bilmer.

  • Healer
    • Perform less healing before the Toadstool got skilled since it can reduce the healing effects you bring to the team.
  • DPS
    • When Bilmer summons a Toadstool, quickly defeat it since your team will suffer if it is not beaten immediately.
  • Tank
    • As a tank in the team, it is your job to lure Bilmer to the area near the Electric Shock Device since it can deal damage to Bilmer and will be able to help you beat it. If it is already near the device, activate it quickly to perform the damage.
Tarisland Forest Altar Strategy

Kylin Lofeng (Lightning Druid)

Tarisland Forest Altar Kylin Lofeng

Kylin Lofeng is the last boss of Forest Altar Dungeon. Lofeng masters the lightning and wind and uses them as his weapon in battle.

Kylin Lofeng Skills

  • Thunderlight
    • Lofeng inflicts damage to the 4-meter radius of all the players. If his electro energy is enhanced, this skill inflicts electro damage 3 times.
  • Gale
    • Lofeng inflicts wind damage to all players that can knock them back 30 meters. After that, they will be silenced, cannot use any skills, and make a maze.
  • Storm
    • After 17 seconds of chanting, Lofeng deals a ton of wind damage to all players.
  • Blazing Combustion
    • Lofeng randomly throws a fireball to a player that deals DOT for 8 seconds. If his fire energy is enhanced, it will become 3 players.
  • Windblade
    • Lofeng randomly throws a whirlwind to a player that can blow away all the players in the pathway. If his wind energy is enhanced, it will be 3 whirlwinds to that random player instead.

Challenge Strategy

Fighting Kylin Lofeng requires a lot of running especially when he started using his skill Thunderlight. Just keep running around to avoid the range of that skill.

Tarisland Forest Altar Strategy

After Lofeng uses Gale and knocks you all back, quickly enter the maze and go to Lofeng in the center of the maze immediately. Since if you are there, you will be avoiding all the damage coming from his skill, Storm.

Clearing Forest Altar dungeon can be challenging but still, following those strategies above can make your life easier! We hope that this Forest Altar dungeon guide was able to help you. For more dungeon guides like this, just visit our website.


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