Tarisland: Merfolk Swamp Dungeon Guide

Are you having a hard time clearing the Merforlk Swamp dungeon? Or do you want to know about the dungeon before entering it? Here is a guide for techniques and strategies to be known before entering it. We will also inform you about the enemies you will fight that are the product of the leakage of a huge amount of Mutation Potion in the lab of Merfolk Swamp.

Merfolk Swamp Dungeon

Let me give you some advice and things you should keep in mind before you challenge the Merfolk Swamp dungeon! You must have equipment level 59 and be at least level 27 to play in standard difficulty. However, if you want a more difficult game, try beating the elite version, which needs a level of 34 to pass. You must have some outstanding gear with an 80 level in order to do this.

Several low-intelligence aquatic animals began to emerge in the Merfolk Swamp dungeon. This led to the creation of the three bosses you will battle to escape this dungeon, so get your gear ready and be ready for whatever challenges you may encounter!

Tarisland Merfolk Swamp Dungeon Guide

Fraser (Trendsetter)

Tarisland Fraser

Fraser is the first boss of the Merfolk Swamp dungeon. He holds a conch that he uses to call out to his troops be help him during the battle.

Fraser Skills

  • Summon Merfolk Troops
    • Fraser uses his conch that summons all of his troops such as Merfolk Warrior, Merfolk Hunter, and Merfolk Leader.
  • Throw
    • Fraser throws his spear at a random player causing bleeding continuously.
  • Merfolk Assault
    • Fraser summons a large group of Merfolk Cubs that inflicts damage to the players in a range of it.
  • Ice Prism Trap
    • Fraser throws a water ball at the target that can wrap him, inflicting damage and stunning him for 10 seconds.
  • Healing Potion
    • Fraser heals himself, restoring 15% max HP to himself.

Challenge Strategy

Fighting Fraser will be easy as long as you know how to manage to attack and dodge his skills continuously.

For the support in the team, like a healer, rescue your trapped teammate by dispersing the effect of Ice Prism Trap.

Tarisland Fraser Skills

When he uses his skill Healing Potion, attack him consecutively in order for him to be interrupted and not be healed.

Vidu Deep (Kraken)

Vidu Deep is the second boss of the Merfolk Swamp dungeon. He is a common octopus who got mutated into a gigantic monster.

Vidu Deep Skills

  • Jump Strike
    • Vidu Deep jumps that inflict damage to all players and knock them back.
  • Shock
    • Vidu Deep inflicts damage within a circular range of 0-8 and 8-16 that roots the players within the range for 4 seconds at an interval of 3 seconds.
  • Water Wave
    • Vidu Deep inflicts damage in the shape of a rectangle in front of him.
  • Gush
    • Divide the field into 4 right angles, 90 degrees, and fan-shaped areas equally. Along those areas, Vidu Deep starts to gush in a random fan-shaped area that inflicts damage to all the players there every second.

Challenge Strategy

In this fight, the role of the tank is crucial since he is the one who will taunt and bring Vidu Deep to the field without Gush.

Tarisland Vidu Deep Skills

You need to dodge and stay out of his attack range in order to not take damage from his skills, especially Gush because of the poison. And also, be aware of the Shock since Vidu Deep will use it consecutively which can inflict a ton of damage.

Kanros (Darkfin General)

Tarisland Kanros

Kanros is the last boss of the Merfolk Swamp. He was once an elf who got huge changes after the Mutation Potion incident.

Kanros Skills

  • Flood
    • The field will be flooded with water. Because of the Flood, Kanros gains a buff that makes Tsunami inflicts more damage. Be aware that it is also stackable.
  • Sweep
    • Kanros inflicts damage ahead.
  • Tsunami
    • Kairos inflicts substantial damage on all players.
  • Water Bubble
    • Kanros summons 2 Water Bubbles at a random location. If he touches those Water Bubbles, he will gain a damage bonus.
  • Summon Personal Guard
    • Kanros summons two Personal Guard that destroy the Ice Pillars. If those Ice Pillars are destroyed, it will increase the water level.
  • Summon Minions
    • Kanros summons minions to assist in battle.

Challenge Strategy

While fighting Kanros, you need to multitask between attacking him and protecting the Ice Pillars. If it got destroyed, it will just increase the water level which favors Kanros because of the damage bonus it gives to him. If it got destroyed, you can use the Ice Crystals that appear in the field which fixes the Ice Pillar and stop the water flow.

Tarisland Kanros Skills

If Kanros uses Water Bubble, touch them first before him since it will just give him a damage bonus and you do not want that to happen.

We hope that this Tarisland Merfolk Swamp dungeon guide is able to help you at all. We put together an extensive Alchemist Guide if you’re into creating some Magic!


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