Tarisland Rage Warrior Build Guide – 2 Important Elite Combo Tips

Tarisland is a non-P2W MMORPG created by Tencent. The game consists of tons of quests, awesome zones, and a bunch of classes. It features nine classes, such as Paladin, Mage, Bard, Priest, Fighter, Ranger, and Warrior. Each class has multiple builds that players can try out to find the best fit for them.

This guide will feature the Tarisland Rage Warrior Build. Warrior Class is a fierce and resilient frontline soldier, carrying strong weapons and representing strength and courage. It mainly serves as a Melee Tank/Damager that can switch from Rage Form to Warshield Form. For this guide, we will mainly focus on Rage Form.

Tarisland Rage Warrior Build

Tarisland Rage Warrior Build Skills

These are the main skills for the Rage Warrior. Cross Slash, Rage Warrior’s Basic Attack Final Attack and Fury Blade are Rage Warrior’s Core Damage Skills. Armor Pen: Apply armor reduction to your enemy. Blade Cyclone can be used to dish out AoE damage and clear waves. Finally, the Infinite Rage skill can buff your Warrior’s Rage generation and Damage Output.

Rage Warrior Build Guide

This build will make use of rage Warrior’s rage and combo mechanics. It will primarily be designed to slay bosses and provide high DPS. Warriors may harness their rage in battle to deliver lethal blows to their opponents.

Let’s start with the first half of Rage Warrior’s Talent Tree. On the First row, We Max out Rage and Rage Desire. These are great skills to increase your Damage through rage since Rage will increase your damage to 7.5% and Rage Desire will increase your max Rage to 130, which can greatly increase your skill damage.

Tarisland Rage
Tarisland Rage Desire

Next will be Enhrage and Berserk Blow. These skills are linked to Rage. So to unlock these talents, you will need to unlock Rage first. This will greatly synergize with Cross Assault and Final Attack, which will be the Bread and Butter for this build. Enhance Rage will increase your Speed to 5%, which can help you build Rage and Combo, and then using the Armor Pen skill will grant you instant Rage Status, which can help you unleash Fury Blade Faster. You can also level up the Blade Cyclone talent to increase your skill base damage to 40%, which can greatly deal continuous AoE damage.

Enh Rage
berserk blow
cross assault

This next set of talents will be the start of your combo routine. Furious Stab will now replace Final Attack. This skill can be charged twice, which can give you faster rage buildup and quicker Fury Blade Usage. Cruelty will give a massive 27% increase to your Fury blade after usage, and Enh Cross Slash will increase Cross Slash Base Damage. Alternatively, you can level up Inviolable Talent if you are struggling with the enemy’s crowd control.

furious Stab
enh Cross slash

For the Enh Fury Blade, Enh Armor Pen, and Enh Furious Stab. Enhanced Talents increase Rage Warrior skills base damage. Additionally, It also gives rage generation bonuses, which can guarantee continuous rage buildup and increase dps.

fury blade
armor pen
Furious Stab

Finally, We can now max out our ultimate talents for maximum DPS. Rage Mastery will provide a whopping 55% increase for every 150 Rage gain. Blinding Rage and Enhance Infinite Rage will support this talent through a 100% chance of gaining Blinding Rage and Increasing your Infinite Rage duration to 14 seconds, Meaning 14 seconds of limitless Rage. During this window, You can spam Fury Blade to deal massive damage; just don’t forget to apply Armor Pen first.

Rage Mastery
Blinding Rage
Enh Infinite Rage

Rage Warrior Combo Tips


Mob Clear Combo

Start out with Charge, then proceed to lure and group up enemy mobs while continuously hitting with Cross Slash. Unleash your Blade Cyclone to melt monsters HP, and finish up the remaining monsters using Furious Stab and Fury Blade. You can also use Armor pen on the Elite monster and proceed to the Furious Stab and Fury Blade Combo.

Boss Fight Combo

Start out with Charge, Check out the opening window, and Activate your Infinite Rage. Spam Armor Pen into Cross Slash, and Alternately use Furious Stab and Fury Blade. If you don’t have an opening to unleash this combo, You can use Blade Cyclone to actively dodge and deal damage to the enemy. This will net you a high DPS output while keeping you mobile and active while you avoid enemy special skills.



There you have it. We have run through the talents that will make up our Rage Warrior Build. We hope that this guide will help you conquer different bosses and make your adventure easier. You can always switch out builds from time to time. Furious Stab and Fury Blade are great in terms of dealing solo damage. I hope that during this beta, Tencent will give love to Blade Cyclone and give it more talent from the tree. We would love to see builds similar to Whirlwind Barbarian from Diablo IV and Cyclone Slayer from Path of Exile.

Check out MMO-WIKI for more Tarisland Content.


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