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Ultimate Tarisland Priest Guide

Welcome to the Tarisland Priest Guide. We will cover info and tips for the priest class and its different specializations. The priest class is a healer-type class that benefits the entire party. Take note that this Tarisland Priest Guide will be the first part of the priest guide, there will be a separate in-depth guide for each priest’s specialization.

Tarisland Priest Guide Overview

Tarisland Priest Guide

Priest is one of the two available healers having the bard class as the second, this tarisland Priest Guide and the class is centered in AOE and single target heal there are also some buffs that can reduce damage taken and increase physical and magical defense.

In addition, the priest class is divided into two specializations: Faith & Pray.

Strengths and Weaknesses

High support due to a wide variety of skills that can give buffs such as Holy Energy Burst, Persistent Belief and Holy Guardian.Relies too much on mana and skill cooldowns.
Faith specialization has a high-skill combo that can be used for solo content.Too squishy, if your tank dies and you get the aggro you will die immediately.
High support due to a wide variety of skills that can give buffs such as Holy Energy Burst, Persistent Belief, and Holy Guardian.Can be hard to use during solo playthroughs (Pray specialization).


Leveling for a priest can be quite slow but still manageable, with the help of the Faith specialization you will be able to deal a high amount of damage due to the class’ skill combo and buffs. On the other hand, when you plan to stay as a Pray specialized Priest you will have a hard time dealing with the mobs from start to finish unless you have a party with you. The game also gives a buff for support-type classes which makes them have the higher outcomes in dungeon raids.


Every class has its own sigil that can be differentiated through specializations. The sigils can be activated by using a specific skill of each class, an example is the skill Torment which gives 1 Faith to the sigil when used. After meeting a certain requirement by acquiring points with the sigil it will upgrade one of the skills that you have and makes it better and more powerful.


Priest specialization: Faith

Tarisland Faith Priest

Not all MMO games provide a priest class with a specialization that focuses on damaging and buffing yourself. Tarisland’s Priest class was given a specialization called Faith, the Faith specialization is comprised of buff, heal, skill combo, and even DOT. Faith can be relied on doing solo farming (Dungeons and Overworld) due to the specialization’s skill versatility.

TormentHoly Missle
Agony TrialHoly Energy Burst
Holy ExplosionPersistent Belief
Foot of HeraldRadiant Barrier
Soul ChainLight Impact
Soul DisruptionForbidden Zone

For a more in-depth explanation and guides for the Faith specialization check out this full Faith Priest Guide!

Priest specialization: Pray

Tarisland Pray Priest

The Pray specialization focuses on a team-supporting playstyle, with the help of its high burst heal and AOE heal skills, it can sustain a whole party of 5. It can also provide a single target buff that can reduce the damage taken and gives an additional physical and magical defense. The only downside of Pray is that it has super low reliability when it comes to solo farming and solo dungeon diving, though this can be fixed with the help of your party members or friends.

For a more in-depth explanation and guides for the Pray specialization check out this full Pray Priest Guide!

Light WaveLight Healing
Holy GuardianHymn of Light
Heaven’s WingsRadiant Barrier
Divine SpeedLight Impact
Purifying LightGroup Purge


The priest class is a fun combo-type class that includes healing and dealing fast combo damage. If you are a fan of a high burst or high DPS scaling class, it is better to play the mage or ranger role as they are the two of the highest damaging class that is currently available right now. Although using the “Pray” specialization might be dull, remember that healer/buffer supports are always important. The most important part of being a priest class user is the knowledge of managing mana and skill cooldowns.

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