A Guide to ArcheAge 2 and What We Know So Far on its Exciting Announcement!

As huge fans of Archage when it was first released, we were naturally excited for the launch of Number 2. This article brings us everything we know so far in the lead-up to the game’s launch. A guide to ArcheAge 2 and what we know so far! Before we get into the information on ArcheAge 2, let’s get to know the developers and the game itself first.

Who developed ArcheAge 2?

As of now, ArcheAge 2 is set to release sometime in the year 2024. However, despite the long wait, the developers are working very hard to perfect and polish the game for the players all over the world!

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What is ArcheAge 2?

ArcheAge 2, A seamless open-world Action MMORPG, is the follow-up to the widely praised ArcheAge, which debuted in Korea in 2013. ArcheAge 2 is a multi-platform game that will be accessible on PC, Xbox Series S/X, and PlayStation 5.

It was created by XLGames and distributed by Kakao Games. Currently, 2024 is the projected release date for ArcheAge 2. For ArcheAge 2, the payment scheme has not yet been made public.

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What is the difference between ArcheAge and ArcheAge 2?

According to Jake Song, CEO of XL Games and Executive Producer of the Game, A lot of fundamental principles found in ArcheAge will make a return in the new addition, ArcheAge 2.

ArcheAge 2’s setting will be the same as the first ArcheAge and Unchained. However, the players will now be traveling through a different time period as well as a different environment. Now, players can expect a whole lot of new things such as different creatures, new entities, and more such as different artifacts!

ArcheAge 2 has been revealed to be running on the Unreal Engine so with this, players can anticipate breathtaking graphics and amazing visuals. Not only this but the boss fights and quests will surely be a marvel to experience with the game’s powerful engine!

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Our guide to ArcheAge 2 will include the game’s features, what we know so far, and what we can gather from every piece of information included!

Take a look into the world of ArcheAge 2 through XL Games’ official teaser trailer showcasing the game’s expected features such as graphics and gameplay!

When will ArcheAge 2 Release?

As of now, the MMO ArcheAge 2 has been set and announced to be released somewhere in 2024 to console players with the Unreal Engine 5.

Players can expect lots of new graphics and new effects compared to the predecessor of the game as well as other games released by XL Games!

A quick history into the ArcheAge series!

Now that we’ve gotten to know the game itself and its developer, let’s dive into the history behind ArcheAge! Predecessors, new games, side games, and more!

The Beginning


  • XL Games started development for their next-gen MMORPG “ArcheAge“.


  • XL Games signed an agreement with Japan’s GameOn company for the ArcheAge license.
  • The game title “ArcheAge” was confirmed and screenshots were revealed and released to the public for the first time.


  • XL Games signed an agreement with China’s Tencent for the ArcheAge license
  • ArcheAge was presented in G-Star 2010


  • XL Games presented ArcheAge in China’s Tencent Game Carnival


  • XL Games presented ArcheAge in China’s Tencent Game Carnival


  • Announced license agreement for ArcheAge with Trion Worlds for North America and the European Region
  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for Korea
  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for Japan
  • ArcheAge receives a grand prize (Presidential award) in the 2013 Korea Game Awards


  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for Russia
  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for North America and Europe
  • Signed “ArcheAge Begins” with Gamevil for publishing agreement


  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for China


  • XL Games signed for ArcheAge IP licensing with China’s Zlong Games


  • XL Games signed an agreement with Playwith Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau for ArcheAge license
  • Xl Games signed for ArcheAge IP licensing with China’s Lantu Games
  • XL Games launched the mobile 3D RPG Game “ArcheAge Begins”
  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau


  • XL Games signed an agreement with Gamigo for licensing in North America and Europe


  • ArcheAge started to be distributed in Korean PC Cafes through Nexon Korea


  • Started ArcheAge commercial service for Southeast Asia
  • ArcheAge 2 was announced to be already in production and development


  • Taiwan transfers service to XL Games’ ArcheAge SEA service to form ArcheAge Asia Region Service
  • North America/Europe transfers service to Kakao Games Europe service

Does ArcheAge 2 have different player classes? Here’s a quick analysis using the game’s official trailer!

Yes! ArcheAge 2 indeed has player classes. Despite limited information on Archeage’s many classes, let’s go back and discuss what we can see in the ArcheAge 2 official trailer!

Knight Class?

Based on what the official trailer showcased, the first class to be shown is what looks to be a Knight due to the fact that the player is only using a sword to fight an enemy entity. With this information, players may expect to be given the choice of wielding a powerful sword, using a bow and arrow, or using a magical staff to defeat their enemies and foes alike! Aside from the visible weapon, the character looks to be using some armor for protection similar to what Knights would often use in other RPG games!

Wizard or Mage Class?

Another spotted class would be the Wizard or Mage classes by a character using staff and some defensive and offensive spells! Like many MMORPGs, Players may also choose to journey into ArcheAge 2 as a Wizard or Mage using a magical staff or book to conjure many spells alike!

Warrior Class?

Yet another class was spotted! There is a high possibility that the game will include a warrior class that wields both a shield and an axe or any other heavy offensive weapon. Again, this isn’t confirmed but just speculation! It could just be a knight class with the ability of dual wielding! Worth the thought though!

Ranger Class?

This class is briefly seen in the actual trailer footage but it was a big enough information for us to know that there is indeed a ranger class! Judging by the bow the character wielded and the arrows in their quiver on their back, the ranger class will indeed be in ArcheAge 2 once it’s released to the public! Can’t have an RPG game without one of the fan favorites after all!


Like the classes of ArcheAge, not much is known other than the official trailers and posters which showed Humans and Elves. So far, nothing much is known about the races players may see in ArcheAge 2 but based on the first two that we clearly see, it’s highly speculated to include way more than just two! Possibly similar to the first game or with new sets of friends or does to get to know throughout your journey!

For ArcheAge 2, however, it is also thought to have either all of the original races or added new ones due to the fact that the game takes place in the same realm but different time period.

Game Features

ArcheAge 2 has a number of features that may catch the eyes of players as they stay in ArcheAge’s universe. Some features may be found in the original ArcheAge 1 but in ArcheAge 2, ALL features are way more enhanced and developed! An example of this development would be the updated and extraordinary graphics and visuals with the environment, armor, items, and even other beings in the game! Aside from this, updated mechanics can also be noticed in the new successor for ArcheAge 1.

ArcheAge 2’s list of features for players to anticipate can be found below:

  • Breathtaking graphics and visuals
  • Action gameplay
  • Raise a guild and player-run towns
  • Player housing and customization improvements
  • ArcheAge 1’s Improved Trade System
  • An open-world game with non-linear progression
  • Wide Storyline with great immersion

ArcheAge 2 is an Action MMO made in an Anime setting. Players may face creatures ranging from wild animals to fearsome beasts and bosses such as Ogres, the undead, and even dragons! Yes! Dragons!

ArcheAge 2 will come into the fray of the RPG world bringing lots of surprises once it’s been released! Compared to other RPG games, ArcheAge stands out with its amazing graphics, gameplay, and of course, the unique storyline behind the game itself.

Jump into the world of ArcheAge 2 and begin your very own legend as you find yourself traveling and surviving through the countless realms and environments in ArcheAge 2. Learn spells, forge epic weapons, march on, and build your own destiny bit by bit. Heck! Battle bosses and other beings head-on using a plethora of weapons.

Pick, trade, or even build the tools that fit your needs! From the fan-favorite sword to the powerful long-ranged bow, face creatures, and monsters alike in your journey!

More of a story-driven player? ArcheAge 2 has a compelling story for players to follow and walk through as they go on in the game. Use your own gear and uncover the secrets of Haranya, Auroria, and Nuia!

Aside from the storyline and features, ArcheAge 2 also has its fair share of roles for players to take on as they play! Based on posters and other promotional art, there are Humans, Elves, and other races! As of now, we don’t know much but that only makes it more exciting as the developers keep updating and working to perfect the game as much as they can!

a guide to ArcheAge 2 and what we know - world map

Check out more of our articles on other games or stay tuned for more ArcheAge news on MMO Wiki! We hope you enjoyed our list for ArcheAge 2. Want to know more about Archeage-related news and updates? Join our official discord server to be the first to know about game guides, news, and other MMO goodness! Until next time, adventurer!


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