Dark and Darker A5 + Patch Download

So, as we’ve seen that the Dark and Darker Devs, Ironmace have just announced that you can play the game via a magnet torrent. Which is incredible, as so many fans have been eager to try another beta test, thanks to the huge success of the older tests.

Dark and Darker

We are big fans of the game and decided to create a Google Drive link with the game available to download from there. This is because you need a torrent browser to download the file from Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker A5 download link below – This includes the Latest patch – Patch A5

Dark and Dark A5 Main Game link


Dark and Darker A5 Patch 01 Link


Dark and Darker A5 Patch 02 Link


How To Install

  1. Download the files from all of the links above.
  2. Extract/move all files into a folder of your choice. If you do not know how to do this, please install Winzip or Winrar.
  3. Double click “Dark and Darker A5 Installer.exe”
  4. Follow the installation of this, after it is complete. close this.
  5. Now Double click “Dark and Darker A5 Patch.exe”
  6. Follow installation for this and launch the Patch.
  7. Now close the patch game.
  8. Double click “Dark and Darker A5 Patch 02.exe”
  9. Follow installation for this and launch Patch 02.
  10. Finally click the game shortcut on your desktop or the start menu and you can now launch the game with the latest patch.

(updated 17/04/2023)

Once on the login screen, it will ask for a Login and password, just put a username and password in that you wish to use and it will bring you to a registration part.

Latest Patch Notes

Patch Notes 01

Patch Notes 02

If ofcourse you do not want to use our link, you can check out the Ironmace discord and you can follow their setup for the torrent files in announcements.


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