Everything we now know so far on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s Races and Classes

Everything we now know so far on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen includes all about what you need to know from the small and noble Dwarves to the giant and scholastic Elves and from the Cleric to the Monks and more! But before that, let’s dive into the information about the game itself!

Everything We Now Know So Far On Pantheon – What Is Pantheon?

Visionary Realms’ Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is an MMORPG game based on challenging gameplay and teamwork in an open-world and fantasy setting filled with wild animals, resources to mine, treasure to loot, and bosses to take on!

Who Is The Developer Of Pantheon?

Visionary Realms is the main developer of the game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. You may find other games such as Pantheon on their official site as well as how to get started on your journey into the arcane of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen!

When Does Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Release?

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, as of now, is in Pre-Alpha and has not been fully released. Developers are working extremely hard on the game and still continue to push out news and updates for the fans!

Players may only access planned Pre-Alpha sessions if they have purchased a supporter pledge package that allows access. While waiting for the full release of the game, Here is our complete guide into the world of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

Players can visit the official site to purchase a supporter pledge and see the available packages that can be purchased in order to gain access and help support the devs.

Here is a look into the world of Pantheon!

Pantheon’s Races

Like many other fantasy RPG games, Pantheon Rise of the Fallen has several Races for players to get familiar with! Here are the Races which are listed below with some descriptions!


In the story of Pantheon, The Archai was once created for the sole purpose of being slaves by the dark celestial lord of Roa, an ancient crystalline planet where the Archai were from.

Created from another race of pure beings, they were mercilessly ripped from their peace and reconstructed to be slaves and servants alike, but not long after, they had enough and started an uprising! From this uprising came their freedom and now, the Archai have completely broken from their chains and celebrate!

The Archai people in Pantheon have many unique attributes such as their incredible heights towering over the normal Human or Elf. This is because of their magical bond with their environment’s powerful crystals. However, despite their tall stature, they hardly go down without a fight!

Their physical appearances resemble the appearance of stone and, for those who look at first glance, you would think they are soulless husks of beings that once were. But, the Archai are not to be trifled with! As they may resemble stone, they have marks all over their body mimicking that of magma marks the glow! Males typically can be seen with bright orange/yellow glow streaks on their stone-looking bodies whereas females have more of a dark purple glow!

Everything we now know so far on Pantheon: Archai

Dark Myr

Hailing from Syronai, The Dark Myr isn’t one of the friendliest in Pantheon’s realm of legends. This race of people on Pantheon also carries hidden anger towards other races. Through the decades, their valor and nobility slowly deteriorated. At first glance, they may look typical or neutral to other races but hidden behind their calmness comes the deep-rooted disdain. As for battle, despite everything, their fearlessness and ferocity in battle have not rusted, unlike other attributes of their people. As old as their origin, their battle forms and strategies still hit as hard as some legends and myths tell about their people!

Regarded as one of the fan favorites of the bunch, the Dark Myr sport very aquatic features such as webbed ears, scales, and of course the most noticeable of most, their ghostly white and empty eyes.

Their armor also resembles that of a fish scale pattern that, when woven into other metals to form their bodily protection, their armor gives off more of their culture and where they’re from. Their weapons and clothing also have similarities to oceanic waves and water patterns!

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Dark Myr


The Dwarven King Khazas traded up his immortality to reign over his people in the icy Khadassa citadel. The Dwarven race is known for their altruism, and having one as a friend is more precious than having heavy riches for many lives. The Dwarves desire to hone their capabilities in smithing, the arcane, and fighting rather than establishing an empire because they believe that peace comes from strength and not blood split for land.

The Dwarven race is more of a diplomatic and peaceful race compared to other races in Pantheon. Due to their established reputation in all forms of battle, their compact shape is seldom confused with ponderous sturdiness

Upon hearing the word “Dwarves”, you may guess that this race of people in Pantheon isn’t like any other! They are small and different but their armor seems to be made by legendary smiths! Despite their size and blue skins, they are respected warriors and smiths and should be regarded with high praise!

Despite their skill in battle and smithing, they would not prefer to settle an argument or anything through bloodshed!

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Dwarves


With great loyalty that is earned and worked for, Elves are wise and completely aware of how short and terrifyingly fragile life can be due to their close encounters with extinction themselves. Battles, wars, and other arguments made with other people, Elves have attained this knowledge and therefore made themselves more aware of what can happen and what can lead to happen from a bad choice in diplomacy or war. With this, they’re a people that isn’t so easy to trifle with.

Possessing great skill in the arts, architecture, magic, and battle, the Elves are also divided into two main but completely different groups. There are the Ashen elves who are vigilant and wise people while there is their sibling group, the Amber Elves who are more violent and would rather hunt down the root of each problem or darkness that lurks all around the realm.

A race focusing more on archery and scholars, Elves are not only regarded as one of the favorites in Pantheon, but Elves are also a massive fan favorite for other games!

Their clothing is more rounded for forest colors such as oranges, greens, and browns! With pointed ears, taller stature, and greater wisdom, Elves are unique compared to other races as they are the so-called “smarts” or the “brains”. Pantheon’s Elves are also very close to their creatures! Creatures that players can spot everywhere with the Elves once they cross paths! Elves carry scrolls and magic staffs or bows! Because of this, it should be known that Elves aren’t the weakest in the ladder of the realm in Pantheon! 

Powerful spells, strong bonds with creatures, powerful weapons, as well as powerful brains for both knowledge and combat!

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Elves


As another one of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s races.

Despite their size, the Gnomes possess great power and understanding of the arcane and its many forms! Contains great sarcasm huh? Even if they’re considered to be the smallest of all races in Pantheon, these beings do not have a physical form due to their history with their world. With this, the Gnomes are also deemed to be one of the most powerful among all of Pantheon’s many inhabitants.

Despite their size, the Gnomes hold great knowledge of the Arcae and its many forms. Even if they are the smallest race, they are beings not to be messed with as they are also deemed to be one of the strongest inhabitants of Pantheon.

These great elemental beings sport a more magical look with their masks and robes as well as their physical bodies, which can vary from elements like fire or lightning, etc. As with their unique looks, they also possess quite unique magic!

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Gnomes


Possessing the cunning traits of a wolf as well as the mischievous charm of a child, the Halflings don’t look as intimidating as they should! However, with their small sizes also come their strengths! When in battle, they can use their size to get the upper hand over much larger foes. Of course, they’d have to work for the chance to win at combat! Due to their size, it’s also easy to fall for the trap of being an “easy win” which could also lead foes to target and chase them first!

Halflings in Pantheon are more attuned to the wilder side of nature and its many wonders. With their magic and characteristics, this race of individuals has their fair share of history from glorious journeys to runaway adventures.

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Halflings


Pantheon Rise of the Fallen has a very very familiar race similar to you and me! Humans!

True power is impenetrable even though it does not speak. For almost 500 years, Humans have been represented by the city of Thronefast, and to see the capital, a breathtaking jewel in the early morning light, is to understand their heights of power. Their majestic navy, the best on the open seas, offers a glimpse of the extent of their power. Humans are students and masters of almost every art and discipline, but their average size and strength make them perhaps the only mediocre race; their frequently flamboyant pride does not wane in the presence of kings, ghouls, or dragons.

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Humans


As brutish and scary Ogres can be in other game realms, Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s Ogres possess a plethora of talents and have many more unique factors, unlike other games!

The Ogres of Broken Maw are dangerously regarded as primitive by those who lack knowledge due to their hulking presence and a culture that places a higher value on the brutal skills of battle than on refinements or leisure. But a careful examination would show a race that enjoys the dance of warfare strategies and that has an unmatched regard for bravery and bravery, whether exhibited by friends or foes. Ogres are cautious and considerate before acting when they are calm. When their emotions are upset, their immense size causes unpredictable consequences.

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Ogres


Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s universe has a wide range of creatures and beings to meet. The last but not the least race of beings to get to know is the Skar. Fearing only their gods, these beings are aggressive and scary looking with their small and thin stature. Resembling that of the undead, Skars have horns growing from their faces, weapons made out of bone, and other intimidating features that players may notice and might want to back away from…let’s say only the experienced should jump into battle with these beings!

The Skar would be unique if there was extreme opposition to every nice thing in every race. The Skar are suicidally violent and narrow-minded people who only have hatred towards their “Nine God” and fear them. Their lean, predatory build matches with a hungry urge to consume, and they attack rapidly to overwhelm, lacking exceptional endurance. Since their conflicts take place both inside and outside of Skargol, their place on the stage of Terminus is the least definite one.

Everything we know so far on Pantheon: Skars

Player Classes

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen has several classes for players to choose from as they begin their journey. There are endless possibilities for anyone who chooses to hop into the world of Pantheon!


It is the Terminal Frail Age. Communion with the Celestials is incredibly rare now, following the Deicide War. As a result, the Cleric can hardly directly rely on their Pantheon. Instead, they must rely on the venerable books of their Order, which contain the last traces of light left over from a time when the Celestials were nearby.

The healing arts of their Order have been perfected by clerics, enabling them to employ a variety of powerful healing techniques. But Clerics can also significantly strengthen their companions’ defenses by using potent signets, writs, and ethereal armor. Clerics are endowed with celestial power and are capable of amazing feats. Some expert clerics have been wrongly worshipped as genuine celestials for this same reason! The ability to transform undead and other cursed entities has been developed by the cleric because of their affinity for celestial light.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Cleric class

Role: Healer
Resource: Mana, Celestial power/Celestial bond
Armor: Cloth, Light and heavy leather, light and heavy chain, light plate, shields
Weapons: Club, War Hammer, Great Hammer, Mace, Great Mase, Ouarter Staff

Dire Lord

The Dire Lord is considered a myth by most. In the oral tradition of Terminus’ history, some legends speak of Dire Lords capable of mastering the crippling power of fear, with some ability to manipulate the very essence of their enemies.

The Dire Lord is a highly skilled warrior known for their speed and brutal melee attacks as well as their ability to self-heal. Not only do they have the ability to battle their enemies in a physical sense, but Dire Lords are also able to harness their magic to create horrifying phantoms and heal themselves by manipulating their blood. Dire lords can also steal their foe’s essence and manipulate them for their own will. By using the power of fear against their foes, Dire Lords are able to largely dominate in battle.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Dire Lord class

Role: Tank
Resource: Essence, Readiness
Armor: Cloth, Leather, Chain
Weapons: Sword, Great Sword, Edge, Great Blade, Axe, Great Axe


The Druid in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen with the wild eyes has heeded a perilous call: to embrace Terminus’s natural environment and explore its mysteries.

The geography of Terminus is incredibly diverse and dangerous due to the numerous pieces of other worlds and realms that have been brought here. Because of this, Druids are frequently admired as prophets who can see past the dispersed landscape and into Terminus itself.

At its core, the Druid is a light-armored mystic who can draw out aspects of the natural world and imbue them into other living things or project them into their surroundings. But there is a fine line they must walk as they gaze ever-deeper into the secrets of Terminus.

The Druids who learn to master these revelations are rumored to have incredible restorative abilities while wielding the power to command the weather itself. Surely, there is rarely a display as awe-filled as this kind of fury when kindled.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Druid class

Role: Healer
Resource: Mana
Armor: Cloth, Light Leather
Weapons: Club, Mace, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff


The Enchanter has the ability to influence their opponents through their minds. This class can subdue even those with the strongest of wills! The Enchanter is also skilled in using deceit to gain the upper hand of battle.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Enchanter class

Role: Support
Resource: Mana
Armor: Cloth, Arcane Shields
Weapons: Club, Mace, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff


The monastic approach promotes balance between the physical and spiritual selves. Monks have developed a strong sense of discipline that has allowed them to become hardy, living weapons that they may use to terrible effect against their adversaries.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Monk class

Role: Damage
Resource: Readiness, Chi/Chakra Gates
Armor: Light Leather
Weapons: Martial Fists, Fist Weapons, Hardwraps


The Paladin, who was formerly a Cleric, has sensed a call that goes beyond the strict traditions of the Cleric Order. The Paladins set off on their own to execute their just judgment as they see proper, guided by their convictions.

The Paladin is a melee specialist with plate armor and heavenly power at its foundation. They can now use spoken rebukes to amazing effect. Paladins are known for their skill in defensive battle since they have dedicated themselves to the study of weapons and armor after enunciating the creed of the Cleric Order. The Paladin’s bottomless hate of the undead, which they have fueled into a never-ending chase, is perhaps their most defining characteristic. A Paladin is thus never more fierce than when they are confronted by the Undead.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Paladin class

Role: Tank
Resource: Endurance, Wrath, Reckoning Points
Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather, Light and Heavy Chain, Light and Heavy Plates, Shields
Weapons: Sword, Great Sword, Mace, Great Mace, War Hammer, Great Hammer, Club, Edged, Great Blade, Axe, great Axe, Polearm,


Rangers are compelled by Terminus’s wilderness to explore its mysteries. Rangers are developed into adaptable and fierce warriors in these wild areas of the planet, where they form a bond with the environment and the creatures they converse with.

The Ranger excels at both close-quarters and far-off combat, switching between the two with graceful ease. Rangers favor the employment of one-handed weapons over two-handed ones in close combat because they can deal severe damage with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

The Ranger may expertly use bows and crossbows to inflict devastating ranged damage, restrain adversaries, illuminate their surroundings, construct traps, or run from danger when they decide to withdraw from close-quarters combat.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Ranger class

Role: Damage
Resource: Endurance, Momentum
Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather, Light Chain
Weapons: Daggers, Short Spear, Sword, Great Sword, Edged, Great Balde, Axe, Club, Hammer, Mace, Longbow, Short Bow, Crossbow


In Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, Rogues are wanted for the faceless business of nations in the changing sands of this unstable age.

However, they rarely have any attachment to a flag or a belief other than their own. When the Rogue’s daggers are drawn, they are a terrifyingly quick and effective force that destroys their foes. Rogues are expert melee fighters who have trained extensively with one-handed weapons, but their main weapon of choice is a dagger that they thrust deep into the enemy’s back.

Even though they are masters of the dagger and blade, rogues stay out of combat unless it is on their terms. They are masters of deception, planning their move from the shadows to avoid being seen. They will either look for an opening or use their alchemical skills to create one on their own.

There aren’t many people on Terminus that can match a Rogue’s onslaught’s devastating accuracy when the time comes. And even fewer who can simply vanish in the aftermath of such devastation as if they never existed.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Rogue class

Role: Damage
Resource: Endurance, Prospect
Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather
Weapons: Daggers, Short Spear, Long Spear, Sword, Edged, Great Balde, Axe, Club, Hammer, Mace, Short Bow, Crossbow, Fist Weapon


They are able to perceive the energetic strands that run through Terminus’ past thanks to a second sight. This special talent enables Shamans to tell whether an opponent is a friend or an enemy, and they can use this information to unleash potent Boons or terrifying Banes.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Shaman class

Role: Healer
Resource: Mana
Armor: Cloth, Leather
Weapons: Daggers, Short Spear, Long Spear, Club, Mace, Stave, Staff


To reach a hand into a reality that is not your own is an odd thing. This is the skill of the Summoner, who then calls forth a variety of objects that were not there only a moment ago. The Summoner’s mastery of arcane conjuration is unmatched; at their discretion, they may call up food, tools, barricades, weapons, and even amazing monsters of incredible power and aptitude.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Summoner class

Role: Damage
Resource: Mana
Armor: Cloth, Arcane Shields
Weapons: Daggers, Club, Quarter Staff, Stave, Long Staff


The Warrior appears to transcend the bounds of physical strength, ability, and resilience much more than a soldier or mercenary. She sharpens her thinking as well, becoming a skilled tactician amid the chaos of war, not content to rely only on her fortitude.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Warrior class

Role: Tank
Resource: Endurance, Resilience, Battle Points
Armor: Cloth, Light and Heavy Leather, Light and heavy Chain, Light and heavy Plate, Shields
Weapons: Daggers, Club, Quarter Staff, Quarter Staff, Polearm, Fist Weapon, Short Bow, Crossbow, Sword, Great Sword, Edged, Great Blade, Axe, Great Axe, Short Spear, Long Spear


There are none who have so thoroughly investigated the mysterious and destructive properties of the arcane. While many Wizards are driven insane by this knowledge and frequently harm themselves due to their lack of self-control, those who survive the weight of such power wield a force that is almost beyond comprehension in awe and effect.

A Pantheon guide to the Rise of the Fallen: Wizard class

Role: Damage
Resource: Mana, Focus
Armor: Cloth, Arcane Shields
Weapons: Dagger, Sword, Club, Stave, Quarter Staff, Long Staff

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