Introduction To Pets In Palia

Finally! Our new furry friends have arrived in Palia, ready to be your companion throughout your adventures! It is one of the most awaited additions to the game in the latest Patch Note version 0.166. Pets in Palia are more than mere pets. They are partners and allies in quests. They offer a paw when you feel tired and follow you through the depths. They are the most adorable creatures in Palia.

Pets in Palia

Palcats the new pets in Palia

Did you hear the news?! You can now have pets in Palia! Palia developers released their latest update, version 0.166, on August 16, 2023. They added new features, upgrades, bug fixes, and performance upgrades to improve gaming stability and quality.

One of the latest additions in the game is having pets to accompany you throughout your Palian adventure. Whether you are hunting, fishing, mining, foraging, or even relaxing in your home, they will follow you! Players will have a new inventory slot for pets on their character profile menu page. You can only equip one pet to this slot by adopting one.

Meet the Palcats!

The first pet in Palia is the adorable feline, the Palcats! There are four types of cats you can adopt:

 Sandy Palcat
 Island Palcat
 Nocturnal Palcat
 Snowy Palcat

How to Adopt Pets in Palia?

Adopting Pets in Palia qualifications

You can only adopt pets in Palia by having some Palia Coins, which can be purchased from Premium Store in Jel’s Tailor Store in Kilima Village. You will have a pet by qualifying for the following Palia Coin purchases:

  • First Palia Coin Purchase
    • You can get the Sandy Palcat for free “as a one-time bonus” when you buy any amount or bundle of Palia Coin.
  • 3,000+ Palia Coins
    • You can get the Island Palcat, Snowy Palcat, and Nocturnal Palcat after purchasing 3,000 Palia Coins

How to Equip Pets in Palia

After meeting the qualifications to adopt pets in Palia, you can now equip it by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Click “I” to access your Inventory.
Inventory- Pets in Palia
  • Step 2: Click the Paw icon under “Accessories”.
Pet icon in inventory
  • Step 3: Select your desired Pet!
Pets in Palia selections

Bravo! You made it to the end! You can now enjoy your adventures with your adorable pet! You will not get lonely as you will have a friend to accompany you throughout your journey! Whether you are mining, foraging, fishing, hunting, etc., your loyal friend will be there for you!

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As the game continues to get updates, so will our pets! We will also continue updating and bringing you more companions to familiarize ourselves with. Until next time!

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