Palia Patch Notes 0.178

Patch Notes 0.178
📸Screenshot taken by Wren Dawnhaven

Flowers are in bloom, and so is this patch!

Spring is in the air, which is the theme of this week’s update, and you can see it with our new Temple, our new decor and an entirely new flowers and trees system. 💐

… Also, Palia has arrived at the Steam Station. 🚂 “Welcome Home” to all our new Palians!

At a Glance

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  • Explore the all-new Temple of the Roots. 🌱
  • Grow up your garden with the new Flowers and Trees System! 🌷
  • Love blooms when you find your special someone To Have, Honor, Love, Hold, Keep or Cherish. 🌸
  • Palia on Steam! 🛠️
  • Controller rebinding is now supported for both PC & Switch. 🎮
  • FROGBERT. ‘Nuff said. 🐸

Patch Notes 0.178 Details

New Features & Updates

The Temple of the Roots is now available for you to explore!

Temple of The Roots Full Image

The next big chapter of Palia’s story is here, with plenty of puzzles and hidden secrets abound. They hope players enjoy putting on their best spelunking hat and discovering all the details, big and small, that they’ve put into this earth-bound area.

⚠️ Beginning this quest line requires completion of the quest “Vault of the Gales” to begin. Speak with Einar to kick off the adventure!

A new vault has been added to the Temple of the Roots.

  • There is a very special reward for completing the bundle!

The final remaining pieces of the Emberborn Furniture set are now available.

178 EmberbornSet

You will receive the Emberborn Reed Planter recipe from completing the Temple of the Roots, and this will trigger inspiration for the rest of the items:

  • Emberborn Couch
  • Emberborn Coffee Table
  • Emberborn Large Rug
  • Emberborn Wardrobe
  • Emberborn Flower Planter
  • Emberborn Bathtub
  • Emberborn Small Rug
  • Emberborn Reed Planter
  • Emberborn Hanging Planter
  • Emberborn Side Table
  • Emberborn Armchair
  • Emberborn Floor
  • Emberborn Wall
  • Emberborn Wall Shelf

You can now obtain Flower seeds from Insects and grow them in your Housing Plot. 🌷

178 FlowersTrees

“We can’t wait to see all the beautiful gardens Palians will make with these flowers. And be sure to expect even more options in the future.” — S6 Nikhil

Flowers are grown in 2 stages, and will advance in their growth with (diligent) watering. They do not need to be planted in gardening soil, so plant them wherever your heart desires!

Every time you catch an insect in Kilima (not in Bahari), there will be a chance for it to drop a flower seed. Or, for those who are less insect-inclined, Auni will also be providing these seeds in his Guild Store. See if you can collect them all:

  • Gardenia Flower
  • Blue Hydrangea Flower
  • Pink Hydrangea Flower
  • Mixed Hydrangea Flower
  • Rose Flower
  • Anemone Flower
  • Grimalkintail Flower
  • Tulip Flower
  • Chapaatail Flower
  • Cottonball Flower
  • Lavender Flower
  • Forsythia Flower
  • Tiger Lily Flower

Additionally, tree seeds will work a little differently now. 🌲

Trees will now need to grow when planted. Seeds will still be dropped from chopped trees, and when planted on your plot they’ll start small. But planted trees will grow into their gorgeous adult sizes over time (and watering!)

Trees will have 4 growth stages and can be chopped down at any time. They also have 4 different types of trees to collect:

  • Birch Tree
  • Oak Tree
  • Pine Tree
  • Juniper Tree

A new springtime furniture set, from your favorite Bard.

Fresh from Badruu’s Crop Store are his picks for furniture: the Spring Fever set! This includes the:

  • Spring Fever Curved Lamp
  • Spring Fever Short Lamp
  • Spring Fever Wheelbarrow
  • Spring Fever Pergola
  • Spring Fever Chiminea
  • Spring Fever Rock Stack
  • Spring Fever Swing
  • Spring Fever Fire Pit
  • Spring Fever Arch Trellis
  • Spring Fever Flat Trellis
  • Large Spring Fever Lights
  • Medium Spring Fever Lights
  • Small Spring Fever Lights

And possibly even more exciting: a new invention Badruu calls “garden edges!” You can scoop up the following:

  • Spring Fever Rock Edging
  • Spring Fever Wood Edging



What does he want? Does he come in peace?

Several improvements to climbing have been made. 🧗

Overall, it should feel better! They know a lot of folks have given feedback on this, and it’s been an ongoing project that they can finally say is now in the game. Of course, there is always room for improvement, so they welcome feedback and suggestions.

Additional Controller Support features have been added.

178 KeybindSettings
  • Controller hotkeys can now be rebound!
  • Palia now has partial support for PlayStation DualShock and DualSense Controllers.
    • If you play on PC, you will need to redo any custom keybinds you may have had.
    • Some combinations of bindings may result in issues. If you see these, make sure to submit a support ticket.

For Nai’o fans: he now has additional animations, especially when idling.

*“More characterization! More handshum. :3c” – S6 Vega *

They’ve also made improvements to the new player experience.

  • TLDR: New players won’t have to travel around as much as they’ve shifted key villagers around to be easier to get to while you’re finishing up those early quests.

The “Prove Your…” questline has gotten a few adjustments.

  • “Prove your Generosity” now requires only one (1) player request!
  • “Prove Your Devotion” now requires the tree grows to maturity.

Premium Store Updates

Three New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store, available immediately.

  • Featured Outfit: The Bridal Party bundle(2550/Outfit – 5100/Bundle) includes To Have, To Honor, and To Love outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat and a one-piece
  • Featured Outfit: The Well Groomed bundle(2550/Outfit – 5100/Bundle) includes To Hold, To Keep, and To Cherish outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat, top, and bottom.

When two or more Palians wearing an outfit from either the Bridal Party set or Well Groomed set are near each other, there will be a special effect! It grows as more people gather together in these outfits, up to five players. 🌹


A Wedding Glider Bundle is now available for purchase.

  • There are 4 new Wedding Party Gliders that can be purchased for 425 Palia Coins each, or get the set of all 4 for 1061 Palia Coins.

Got that dawg in you?

Hot Dawg
  • The Haute Dawg bundle (1700/Outfit – 3400/Bundle) includes Party Sausage, In a Pickle and Ice Scream outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a face mask and a one-piece.
    • S6 is not responsible for any injuries incurred while attempting to eat a cosmetic.

Four Additional Outfit Bundles will be added to the Premium Store on April 9th.

  • The Noble Guard bundle (1700/Outfit – 3400/Bundle) includes Clarion Champion, Gothic Logic, and Regal Eagle outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat, top and bottom.
  • The Motohead bundle (1275/Outfit – 2250/Bundle) includes Original Outlaw, Denim Daredevil, and Sew-On Scoundrel outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a top and bottom.
  • The Ready to Pop bundle (1275/Outfit – 2250/Bundle) includes Bubblegum, Electro, and Psychedelic outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a top and bottom.
  • The Shoulder Showoff bundle (850/Outfit – 1700/Bundle) includes Country Components, Swan Seams, and Argyle Aesthetics outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a top and bottom.
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Top Bug Fixes

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⭐ The Biggest Fixes ⭐

  • Cross-region travel, aka the ability to play with your friends worldwide, is officially fixed! 🎉
  • They have, for sure for real this time, fixed the last of the “Silver-Winging It” quest bugs. The final gust of wind should now activate, allowing you to complete the quest.
  • They’ve finally, gently, prised our villagers to move along from your housing plots. Villagers should no longer hang out on your plots while refusing to speak with you.

Gameplay 🏃‍♀️

  • Fixed an issue where Guild Store icons weren’t properly appearing for villagers with stores.
  • They’ve talked to Tamala about being welcoming and a good host to her human friends, and her house should no longer cause crashes.

Quests 🔍

  • The reward for the “Fishing for Answers” quest can now be sold.

Social 💬

  • Fixed an issue where players could not unblock other players. Go ahead – mend those friendships. They won’t stop you (anymore.)
  • Fixed chat formatting issues that were occurring when players were writing in Spanish or Korean.

Housing 🏡 -Fixed an issue where the H menu’s camera was zooming out waaay too much.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not save Housing Plot name changes.

Cosmetics 👗

  • Fixed a bug where players were not seeing their own character when trying on cosmetics in the Premium Store.
  • The Home Chef outfit had a thumbnail that didn’t look to be properly textured. This visual bug is fixed!

Visual, Audio, and Menus 👀

  • Fixed a bug where sinks were playing running water audio when the sink was off, and no audio when the sink was on! Spoooooky.
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Top Known Issues

⚠️ Achievement progress is not correctly persisting when accessing the same account on different machines, such as from PC to PC, or PC to Switch.

  • Rest assured: Your Achievements are still there, even if you can’t see them on a specific system.

⚠️ Players may see an error code “409” when adding friends to their friends list. This is due to players having more than 200 friends or pending friends. They’re working on adjusting this error to be more communicative.

⚠️Quality and SpeedGro Fertilizer do not boost garden crops, sometimes. It’s a little inconsistent when this appears, so make sure you’re submitting tickets if this happens to you!

⚠️ Face covers (such as masks) will continue to appear on your character when trying on other outfits.

⚠️ They are aware that there can be some missing input icons (or some wonky formatting) when navigating menus on a controller on PC. Their devs are hard at work clearing out these bugs.

For more Palia related news and guides check out our Palia section or if you have any burning questions feel free to join our community discord where our helpful community can lend you a hand.


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