Frequently Asked Questions about Palia in 2023

Palia is a cozy MMO that will get you and your friends having a blast exploring, adventuring, and hanging out together! As fun as it is the game is not very clear on certain things. With the hundreds of hours we have put in collectively, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions about Palia

Frequently Asked Questions about Palia

When does Palia Release?

At the moment there is no exact release date for Palia but the devs are currently saying Palia will be released Q4 of 2023.

Where to get Fabric?

Fabric can be purchased at the Material store in Kilima Village. It will cost you 190 Gold, or if you’re short on Gold you can refine it from Cotton in your Loom.

Where do you get Leather?

Leather can be purchased at the Material Store in Kilima Village along with Fabric, Silk and other materials. Leather will cost you 60 Gold each. Alternatively, you can kill some Deer (Surnuk) which drop hide, which you can then refine in your Loom to produce Leather.

Frequently Asked Questions about Palia Material

Where is Zeki’s Lucky Machine?

Zeki’s Lucky Machine requires lucky coins to use! You will get one via your questline early on and then later you will be able to purchase them in the Black Market!

Zekis Lucky Machine

What’s the Quickest Way to Make Gold?

There are multiple ways to make gold in Palia, the further you get in the game the more resources you are able to get your hands on and then subsequently sell. However, we have put together an early-game gold-making guide for you.

How to get to the Black Market?

Your first time seeing the Black Market will be when you increase your relationship standing with Zeki. You will be asked to find a secret way into the Black Market for the first time, which is via the sewers! Once you’ve done that you will always be able to access the Black Market in the back of Zeki’s General Store.

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