Return To Moria Quality Of Life Update 2023

With the Return to Moria Quality of Life update announced by John Paul Dumont of Free Range Games, a lot of changes and new quality-of-life updates were revealed such as Chest variations, Storage Sorting, and more. As we await the launch of Return to Moria’s PS5 version, let’s jump into everything on the update coming to Return to Moria for both PC and Consoles.

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Return To Moria Quality Of Life Update

Bug Fixes

As mentioned by the official Return to Moria team, part of the Return to Moria Quality of Life update is the bug fixes. A lot of players have voiced out that there were a handful of bugs such as missions that don’t seem to go away even though you’d finished them way before already.

To make every player’s experience on Return to Moria better, the team and devs fixed over 200 bugs found in the game. What is special about it, you ask? In the new update, players should expect a major and positive change in the game in terms of quality of life, immersion in the game, and bugs found in missions.

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Chest Update

The developers of Return to Moria revealed that as part of the Return to Moria Quality of Life update, the storage system of the game will be changed. Instead of having the eyesore of a bunch of loaded chests full of resources, the developers have now added 2 new chests all with increasing storage spaces. The better the chest type, the larger the space for storage. this will make storing your ores and wears way easier as well as making organization better where you do not have to fill your base with an absurd amount of wooden chests.

new rtm chests

Better Sorting System

In addition to the updated storage system of Return to Moria Quality of Life update, the developers have now added sorting systems to the game. The update comes with 2 new sorting system buttons.

  • Deposit Similar – this sorting button automatically takes anything in player inventories similar to what’s already in the designated chests. For example, a player has meat and Cranberries in one chest and once they click the “Deposit Similar” button, any food in their inventory will automatically be stored in the chest.
rtm deposit similar
  • Sort Inventory – By clicking the “Sort Inventory” or “S” on your keyboard, the chest will automatically sort itself as well as restack items for better organization.
rtm sort all button

Updated Item Collection

Ever get tired of Pressing “E” repeatedly since you have so many drops to pick up and take back to your base such as Scrap Wood, Scrap metal, etc after breaking down enemy structures? With the new update coming to Return to Moria, after breaking down enemy structures to rebuild Khazad-Dum, players can now just press and hold their “E” key on their keyboard and every item drop will automatically be collected around them.

This makes picking up items less tedious, especially after breaking down so many structures after a boss fight or after fighting a large horde.

Further Changes And Expectations

The team made it clear that they indeed intend to make every bit of Return to Moria as great as it can be for players. So with that, the quality-of-life of Return to Moria was increased, bug fixes were gone over and so much more. Now, what else are we missing? 

As part of Return to Moria Quality of Life update, the team mentioned they have also polished and improved a lot of the game’s story such as the end of the game and what else you can do going forward. The game now not only has a better quality-of-life as well as a better system for storage but it also has a better flow for the players to enjoy even beyond the story itself.

There will be more fixes, changes, and additions to the game as players continue to play and post their discoveries so it is 100% safe to say that we can expect a lot more to come from the developers moving forward!

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We hope you are just as excited as us as we await and welcome the Return to Moria Quality of Life update! If you’d like more awesome news about Return to Moria, feel free to dive into our official game homepage where you can find guides, walkthroughs, and so much more! Join our official discord channel to be the first to know of new releases, guides, and articles on Return to Moria or other MMO games. Until next time!


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