Top 5 Survival Games of 2023

Looking for a new world to hop into? Here is our list of the Top 5 Survival Games of 2023 to play for a quick escape and that adrenaline rush.

5. Day Z

Struck by an unknown virus, the world is now enveloped in zombies and dystopia. Your only task? Survive. Gather what essentials you can such as food, water, weapons, and more. Travel through the fallen cities and eerie forests and shoot down zombies trying to kill you from every corner! Remember!

Danger is everywhere and once it catches up to you, fight your way out to live another day or accept that death has claimed you! Day Z is a survival shooter game set in a dystopian world with zombies and other dangers. Like other games, you must hunt for food, gather supplies, and keep only one goal in mind. Survive.

Create groups and roam fallen cities together. Find loot and fight against enemies or survive alone in a harsh environment. Craft and shoot your way through survival and confrontations or sit on a hill and admire the view as death creeps closer! Hunt for rare goodies such as the rare SVD Sniper Rifle and so much more!

On the first few days of playing Day Z, players are probably going to die a lot but if you just keep going and going and playing, you’ll find yourself getting used to everything such as looting, watching your stats, and what you should do first as you spawn in.

First thing players should get familiar with should be their statuses such as Wetness, Thirst, Hunger, temperature, Blood, and Health.

Although in some cases, players may find their wetness status turning into a disease symbol indicating the their character has indeed caught something and may experience further damage.

The next part would be found on the left side of the player’s screens which would be their Stamina bar and Noise indicator or for some people, Visibility indicator. One of the exciting parts or Day Z would be the adrenaline once you get into the sneaking mode to avoid trouble and save yourself!

Typically, players should always try and find loot first or whatever they could find anywhere from the outside or moving into some small houses near where they spawn to pick up whatever they could find. As soon as players enter the game, their status bars may already be depleted. So, the first thing to do would be to find places such as cities, villages, or just lone small houses. The easiest way to find those would be, spotting rail and power lines as those always run through abandoned houses which do have loot for players to use.

If players cannot spot any rial or powerlines, they can also walk to near by beaches and run along the shore where they’ll most likely find a town. Once found, players may also use the road signs to pin point exactly where they are. Once done, they can put in their location on their map so they can see where they currently are.

Speaking of the Day Z map! One of the things that we love would be the fact that Day Z does not have map indicators for you or your friends since that gives players that sense of being careful, reality, and some suspense! With this, players have to avoid have casual conversations with players as not everyone can be trusted especially quite in a game like this!

As seen above, the Day Z Chernarus map complete with its locations of towns and places to loot depending on where you are.

If all else failed, players can also have the option to just walk along the beach and they may typically find empty boats that, most of the time, would have fish and other useful items in it.

That would be all for our starter guides to get players started on Day Z!

4. Rust

Set on a bare island, players are thrown into a world of pure survival. Entering naked and vulnerable, Rust is a survival shooter game where players must find a way to survive the environment by using whatever they can such as rocks, sticks, and other natural materials. Sort of going back to ancient times! The more you craft, the higher your chance of survival.

Hunt for food and build a shelter in any way you can. Travel and discover new buildings and locations to look through and loot for weapons, ammo, materials, and other equipment you can use to stay alive against all odds but keep in mind…You are not alone! There are enemies, other survivors, and wildlife you may find stalking you outside your home or residing in locations you may visit. Load up on ammo and watch your back!

Gang up with your friends and build a strong fortress to deter enemies, other players, and groups. Gather and build and increase your rate of survival by farming resources. Intimidate trespassers even! So many possibilities for survival! Learn to walk on your own two feet from nothing and build a name for yourself in a death cage of an island!

Once players start up Rust, they may choose a server they would want to spawn in. Our suggestion would be anything that isnt a server that has a population above 200. Doing this can give you more chances to find items such as food, stones, and other essentialls. An overpopulated server can be a challenge to live in considering the number of people reaping loots and resources.

When players have chosen their servers, they will want to start gathering some wood to get started on weapons such as a spear or other useful tools. This can be done by using a piece of rock to cut down trees. Once players pick up a rock, they may see a red ‘X’ mark on the trees indicating where exactly to hit to cut it for more wood per hit.

Once players have gathered 300 wood, players may create a spear for self defense and gathering food. They can use the newly made spear to throw or poke at your enemies or even hunt some food.

After doing so, it is a must for players to raise their health which starts at 60 with the use of gather food and some cloth. Foods players may find would be mushrooms that offer up 3 health or if players spawn at near by rivers, they find naturally spawning corn and pumpkin which gives more health than that of mushrooms. If not, they may also use their map to guide themselves to go to rivers. During that travel to one, they may find other stuff to use to keep their health stable for the mean time. Although, not every map is the same! Some servers may have different default maps or custom maps but 100% of the time, players can find rivers for food and water!

Seen above would just be one example of a Rust map!

After healing, players must craft sleeping bags and some weapons. Using a sleeping bag can give players the chance to respawn where they last slept after they dying. To do this, players must get 80 cloth to craft a sleeping bag. Cloth can be farmed from Hemp bushes that typically spawn in grassy or forested areas of the map.

Once farmed, Hemp Bushes drop about 10 cloth and that’d already give players a good headstart. Sleeping bags cost about 30 cloth to craft!

Aside from sleeping bags, players may also combine 200 wood and 50 cloth to craft a wooden bow.

After crafting the necessary tools, players would now need to collect stones! Stones can be farmed from Stone, Metal, and sulfur ores. Stone ores give away useful stones for crafting tools and base building, Metal ores give away metal and high quality metal to create more advanced and quality tools as well as base building, while Sulfur is useful for creating ammo and explosives.

Doing this is pretty easy and simple. Ores typically spawn right by hills or other rock formations so players would need to head for the high ground to find stone ores! When starting off, it is highly suggested to focus on collecting stone first instead of metal and sulfur drops so players could start having better tools and weapons for the early game

And that should be it for a quick starter guide for Rust! The rest of the surviving is up to the players!

3. Minecraft

That’s right! Minecraft! Minecraft is a block survival game where you farm, craft, and survive! Aside from gameplay, enjoy the endless views, mods, and cute creatures you can meet along your journey! Discover dungeons, and secrets, and uncover the lore behind Minecraft’s long story.

Travel to villages and trade with their villagers to obtain rare items such as tools, weapons, armor, and a plethora of other items like precious gems and useful resources for your survival.

Travel to different biomes and realms like the Nether or the End, meet new creatures, and uncover new treasures, plants, and blocks alike! Be prepared and hide or stay and fight enemies as night falls and dangers come about in the form of mobs such as spiders, zombies, and more. Build a base block by block and, as the name suggests, mine materials and resources!

Play with your friends in your own worlds and mine, craft, build, and travel together.

Among other biomes and the abundance of resources, players can find, they may dive deep and discover underwater ruins and see if they can find any little treasures such as terracotta and glazed terracotta, andesite, diorite, granite, bricks, etc. In other cases, players may find coal, charcoal, diamonds and other gems, or even a treasure map that typically leads to a good haul somewhere!

In other cases, players may find coal, charcoal, diamonds, and other gems, or even a treasure map that typically leads to a good haul somewhere! Just like a classic pirate treasure hunt!

Buried treasure may contain goodies such as diamonds, gold, weapons, armor, and most of the time, the rare heart of the sea that can give the players unique ability effects once used correctly to form a Conduit which grants players the ability to breathe underwater and swim faster.

Aside from quests for treasure and other goodies players may find and uncover underwater, they may also find the powerful Trident that mostly drops from the hands of a Drowned, a hostile mob typically found underwater but roaming on land at night like most Minecraft mobs.

Enchantments! Players can have the chance to enchant their weapons and tools to up their strength, and durability, and even give other effects such as Flame effects or the Infinite enchantment that, once used on a bow, the player now has an infinite amount of arrows even if they just have one in their inventory. Enhancements can be found by fishing in bodies of water or finding secret chests in dungeons, ruins, and even through the use of a treasure map.

Among other biomes, one of Minecraft’s most famous biomes would be the Ancient City. As the name suggests, the Lost City is the ruins of a bustling community now taken over by green muck called the Sculk Veins which later develop into solid blocks referred to as the Sculks.

Aside from treasures and new blocks, the Ancient City is also home to the most powerful and terrifying creature known as the Warden. This mob has the title for the hardest mob to kill as it sports a whopping 250 hearts which is 5 times more than the favorite, Iron Golem.

This mob is also blind but mostly uses its sense of smell and hearing to locate players or any living thing it hears. The Warden spawns by a block called the Shrieker going off and making a guttural screech noise to summon the mob and the player goes blind. The Warden deals 22.5 hearts of damage to the player and when the player ran far enough, the Warden resorts to using its 20-block radius ability called the Sonic Boom where it unleashes a loud and painful roar that takes out 3 and a half hearts away from the player.

Now sit back, relax, and get into some blocks in Minecraft!

2. Subnautica

An aquatic survival game set in an alien world with small creatures, countless biomes, infinite resources, and terrifying predators lurking behind the murky and dark waters of the planet. Swim down its depths and discover unknown locations and unravel its secrets and its lore!

Tread lightly, the planet’s inhabitants aren’t all nice! Craft a base, tools, vehicles, and so much more using the environment’s drops! Travel to fallen bases and collect loot. See recordings and proofs of other survivors! Players can also collect parts for rare and powerful tools and tech such as a mech suit and so much more!

Work your way through the unknown depths of an alien ocean. Pick up clues and information on the flora and fauna and meet little critter friends while gathering resources for your base and survival! While you find and meet critters, keep in mind, not all creatures may be friendly…There are predators and monsters that roam the dark side of the seas. Some are bigger than others and some are hidden way down in the shadows of the endless sea and its hidden cave systems.

on a quick guide, players must be aware of the materials they need to find to get started on their journey such as limestone drops, sandstone drops, shale drops, and other useful resources. 

Some may also be found on the creatures themselves such as the fan-favorite Reef Backs! Barnacles can only be spotted on the Reef Back. Other than organic resources, salvaging metals can also give players needed items such as titanium or even blueprints for other projects like ships such as the Cyclops and Seamoth, tools, and the rare Prawn Suit Mech and its arm attachments. 

Among other things players can craft using the environment’s naturally occurring materials, they may also use its many plants to craft anything from batteries to silicon rubber

Another example of what players can create with Subnautica’s endless resources would be the rare Reinforced Dive suit. This item takes down damage taken by 50% and the player’s heat resistance from 122˚ to 158˚

using the tools and vehicles made, players may also find themselves traveling down and into the depths. This may also prove to be useful for predators and other creatures players may discover as they go deeper into the waters. 

As they do so, they may experience high drops in temperature, increased water pressure causing damage, and more aggressive inhabitants such as the terrifying Ghost leviathan that guards the dead edge of the land or the nightmarish Reaper Leviathan prowling in almost every biome in Planet 4546B.

So constantly crafting tools and creating ships strong enough to handle the survival journey is a must! 

Aside from mining and hunting resources, players may also create indoor farms for plants and creatures by hatching or catching the creatures found EVERYWHERE. Although, finding creature eggs to hatch is a whole other piece of work itself! For plant gardens, players simply need to find seeds and place them in specific growers as seen in the image given.

1. Sons of the Forest

One of the top 5 survival games of 2023, Sons of the Forest, is dubbed as the successor for Endnight’s long-time survival hit game, “The Forest” released back in May of 2014. This follow-up game welcomes more into the universe which is set with a bigger map, more locations to explore, and more resources to collect and use for crafting whatever you need to survive through the night.

Once, the sun sets, you’ll face more challenges such as the creatures that lurk around the darkness of the night. Unlike the forest, Sons of the Forest has its own set of enemies called the “Cannibals” to worry about. Deformed and terrifying monsters roam even in the light of day or even right outside your door. Play with your friends and strive to survive together in a hostile and rough environment. Work together to

Sons of the Forest also gives you a taste of the outside by cutting trees, moving resources, hunting animals and chasing them, reaping the loot, and so much more but with the addition of scary enemies and lore to think about…

The updated environment also features a new array of resources such as mushrooms, aloe vera, and more to craft items such as consumables and weapons. As well as chest locations, buildings, and caves to look into.

Although Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, the Developers are hard at work consistently releasing massive and exciting updates to the game. Recently we saw the Knight V and Hangliders added to the game, alongside the fan-favorite Long Sled from the Forest.

top 5 survival games - sons of the forest

Sons of the Forest is a game we’ve covered extensively here on MMO-Wiki, mainly because we absolutely love Survival games, but also because we truly enjoyed playing The Forest. Although its not technically an MMO its a really fun game.

We’ve played it so much that we put together an interactive map that you can use to explore the game if you get stuck.

like Endnight’s earlier release, The Forest, Sons of the Forest offers some of the iconic resources for players to collect such as logs, sticks, and printer resin. Old and new players alike are all equally welcomed as Sons of the Forest is player-friendly and sports simple and straightforward guides and tutorials despite it still being in early development. 

Even so, the developers are working hard to produce endless and exciting updates for players to enjoy once it’s fully released

Players must survive and defend themselves using the tools they manage to create with the use of their resources such as wood and stone which can mostly be found along the shores of the beaches around the island or on the ground. Aside from crafting tools, wood or logs can also be used to build bases, walls, and campfires for cooking food and keeping enemies away.

Aside from typical resources players have to find, they may also explore and spot other resources such as mushrooms, loot boxes, aloe vera, and other herbs and materials. They may also find edible resources such as blueberries, blackberries, and salmon berries which are often harder to find than most berries and can be eaten and harvested for their seeds for a farm.

Once picked up, players may use all of their farmed recourses from food to everyday tools so nothing is ever wasted even from hunted animals! Animals can be used for food and skin hides that can be obtained by skinning a dead deer or moose which are typically found in every area of the island

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 5 Survival Games of 2023! Why not take a look at our Top 5 MMO’s You Should Try in 2023? Want to know more about other games, guides, news, and more? Join our official discord channel to be the first to know about new releases! Until next time,


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