Back by Popular Demand, Endnight Adds the Log Sled to Sons of the Forest

The Log Sled was one of the most useful Items in The Forest – the precursor to Sons of the Forest. A simple tool used to pull Logs from Chopped Trees back to your base to help you build.

Log Sled Sons of the Forest

Although we have Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, there was a huge demand from players to re-instate the Log Sled from the original game, maybe because Kelvin isn’t always that helpful.

How to Craft your Log Sled

Creating a Log sled isn’t as hard as you may think. To get started open up your Build Menu with B and make sure you’re on the mode on the left, you can switch modes by holding down X.

As you can see in Sons of the Forest there are two types of Log Sleds this time. The Log Sled take is more study and requires more resources to make can hold more logs.

Basic Log Sled can hold 8 Logs

Advanced Log Sled can hold 12 Logs

Log Sled Sons of the Forest

In the latest Patch 05, you can ask Kelvin to help you fill your Log Sled up as well as get him to fill your drying rack with Fish and reset your traps!

Log Sled Sons of the Forest Kelvin

Once your Log Sled is full, you can make your way back to your camp with a stack of Logs ready for building your base!

Log Sleds Sons of the Forest

Don’t forget to take a look at our Sons of the Forest Interactive Map if you need help finding some items.


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