Sons of the Forest Map Hang Glider

Hang Glider Location in Sons Of The Forest

With the latest Sons of the Forest update comes an array of new items, among them is the Hang Glider.
In this guide we take a look at the Hang Glider Locations in Sons of the Forest, and explain how to use it properly.

Sons of the forest HangGlider location

Hang Glider Locations

The new Hang Gliders can be found in a number of locations. From Snowy cliffs overlooking the western part of the map, to the beaches and forests. You can get the accurate Hang Glider Location by viewing it on our interactive map or through the images below.

Sons of the Forest Map


The Hang Glider is a deployed item within the Sons of the Forest map, you cannot store it within your inventory so if you loose one of them, its gone for ever. After pressing the interact button on it you can position yourself into a good location and attempt to launch yourself. The Hang Glider will automatically deploy after jumping off a high enough surface. Steering the Hang Glider is quite the task because the up and down directions are inverted, meaning if you press up you go down and if you press down you go up. Left and right steering works as normal.

Sons of the forest HangGlider location

If your interested in finding more items from Sons of the Forest’s first patch make sure to check out our interactive map and our Sons of the Forest page.


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