What To Expect From Palia This 2023

Stoked about the cozy MMO game Palia? You’ve come to the right place to see what Palia is all about, and what to look forward to this 2023! Here’s what to expect from Palia this 2023!

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The Game: Palia

Before diving into the more in-depth side of Palia’s features and what to expect from Palia, let’s get to know Palia a bit more!

What is Palia anyway?

Palia is an MMORPG and life simulation game created by Singularity Six. Cool huh? Experience a life of adventure and magic through the world of Palia! Meet the locals, befriend the animals and so much more. In Palia, the possibilities are endless! Farm, hunt, and build your own life within the rich world of Palia and its people! Discover secrets and lost treasures buried in time! Lots to do!

What can we do in that game?

Within Palia’s realm, players can be whatever they wanted to be. Being a hunter, players can hunt and gather items such as meats and other materials. Being a builder, from the gathered materials, players can craft various items from house decorations to the house itself!

Players can also join forces and play with their friends to go on adventures, hikes, or just how you play the game but with more fun with friends! Want to play solo? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy the wonders of Palia as a solo player! Meet the locals and even learn fishing from Einar the fishing golem!

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A word from the developers!

Now that we know a bit more about the game, let’s take a look at what to expect from Palia, the up-and-coming game of 2023 made by Singularity Six, Palia!

Despite the various hiccups and fixes the developers had to do to make Palia as perfect as it can be, the developers are still working tirelessly to bring us as much fun content! With the Bete tests running, the devs can find out just what the game needs and what the fans want to see through feedback!

Speaking of, let’s dive into what differences and changes Palia has undergone through the past tests!

What to expect from Palia: What do we need to look out for?

While the developers are working to constantly release new and fresh content for Palia players to enjoy, they will make sure everything within Palia as well as their service such as servers and feedback are working smoothly! Perfecting Palia in every single way. While they are working towards a greater game, here is a list of things and new additions to look forward to this year!

Themed events

  • That’s right! You heard it correctly! As part of what to expect from Palia this year, the game will have themed events complete with challenges and worthy rewards for players to work for!
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New quests and storylines

  • Aside from the typical storyline for players to follow, Palia will sport a bunch of stories and quests for players to jump into. Hunt for various objects, bring them back to people, and so much more. Help out the locals of Palia! Or better, yet, players may even find unique and rare items through their journey!
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New villagers and friendships

  • Aside from the multiplayer option to play with closest friends, Palia will now have more villagers and locals for players to interact with, talk to, and even befriend! Happy neighbors!
  • The locals aren’t the only residents you can befriend! There are also animals to take home and care for and have as companions! Neat little pets to have with you on your journeys or just at home!

New decor and furniture

  • As part of what to expect from Palia, of course, there will be more creativity in the mix! Players are able to build their own homes and bases! Aside from that, they are also able to craft various decorations to give their house a bit of character! Paintings, furniture, tables, and so much more!

New crops and recipes

  • As Palia is also a lifestyle game, players are of course, able to plant and grow their own crops as well as make their meals. With this, as part of what to expect from Palia, there will be more crops to grow as well as recipes to learn! Hungry for some good grub after a long day of adventuring? Dig in!
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More character customization options

  • Creativity is a must with everything! This gives players more opportunities to have more of themselves in what they build or make. Part of this is the opportunity to create their character within Palia’s realm! A chance to be more of themselves in a new world to experience and live in.
  • Have your very own look, clothing, and style! Be creative with how you want to look and more!
what to expect from palia - character customization


  • As part of the character customization option update of Palia, players will be able to have…drum roll please…BEARDS! That’s right! As part of what to expect from Palia, players will be able to show off different styles of beards and styles through Palia’s new customization options that will be added to the game! Talk about a stunning and mighty fine beard!
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Nintendo Switch release

  • For now, the Beta is only available for PC, however, the full release of the game will also be available for the Nintendo Switch console! Want to find out more? Visit our very own article on Palia being released to Nintendo Switch!
  • As part of what to expect from Palia, players can expect to have way more opportunities to play the game elsewhere as well! Until then, it is only available for PC and Nintendo Switch!

Full controller support

  • Woah! Right?! Aside from the fact that Palia will be available for the Nintendo Switch as well as PCs, players can enjoy the comfort of a controller as they play Palia and live in its realm without trouble! No more needing third-party apps just to use a controller for a game or having to mod and program every single button! That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what to expect from Palia!
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More quality-of-life improvements

  • Palia, being a bit of a slice-of-life game or a lifestyle game, of course, players will get to experience life in a new light! A magical light in a magical realm! With this, it is only right to have a better quality of life within the game! What to expect from Palia? Players can expect to get lost and comfortable within Palia’s diverse lands and inhabitants!
  • What does a better quality of life mean? This means players can have less trouble as they live through Palia’s world. Easy going on everything you can do! Planting, hunting, and so much more! For players, there will be more than just that on what to expect from Palia!

Bit of our Gamer Speculation?

For us on what to expect from Palia, even if it’s still in development and beta testing, will only get better and better from here! How can we be so sure? Based on the love it already garnered and the commitment of both the developers and the gamers, Palia’s full potential is something to behold! Constant updates, new stuff being added more and more into the game, and so much more to look forward to.

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What to expect from Palia? We expect a ton of fun and adventure! That’s what! Despite its current state, the game has already shown us quite a promising future!

We hope you enjoyed our latest on Palia’s features and what tricks it has up its sleeves! Want more of our Palia content? Check out our Palia wiki or take a peek into Palia’s gameplay footage through our very own Palia Gameplay Footage article! Want to join the Beta for Palia? Don’t fret!

We have just what you need to get started through our Palia Beta Info article! Be the first to know of our new releases on guides, news, and more by joining our official discord server channel! Come hang out and say hi! Game with us!




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